Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ted Cruz Takes Heat for Opposing Ethanol Subsidies

Ethanol fuel plant in West Burlington, Iowa.
Ethanol fuel plant in West Burlington, Iowa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Here comes the establishment with another attack against Sen. Ted Cruz because Cruz opposes the US Government subsidising farmers who grow corn used in the production of ethanol.  The Governor of Iowa is even coming out now telling Iowans not to support Ted Cruz because of his position on corn subsidies.

These subsidies are nothing but a form of corporate welfare. The Big Corporate Farms are the ones receiving the subsidies, and they already have net worths into the millions per year. The smaller farmers are more likely to receive next to nothing and/or be put out of business, or forced to consolidate with larger farms. 

The original concept of farm subsidies was to help the local farmer, basically, a welfare system for farmers to keep them in business, but now it's become a way to redistribute the people wealth into the back accounts of major corporations like Cargill, Monsanto, and others.  Billionaires are receiving the subsidies if you don't, believe me, read this!

Billionaires receive unnecessary farm subsidies

The average farm family makes close to $80k per with the average American household making approx. $60k per year according to the USDA.  Many family owned farms have gone under because of the Governments meddling in the farm industry by paying out subsidies mainly to the big farming operations.

Farm Subsidies allow the Government to manipulate the prices keeping them as low as possible. Corn is used for creating ethanol that is mixed into gasoline and sold to the consumer at the pump, but reports are that ethanol damages engines. Without subsidies, farmers would be able to sell their crops at higher prices which would put the power back in the hands of the local farmer.

How can anyone honestly defend farm subsidies knowing where the money actually goes, and how it hurts the local farmer and the country?  The money used to prop up big AG could be used to help feed and clothe the poor, or for something decent that doesn't profit billionaires.  We're hurting for money to fix our roads and other things that are more important than making the rich richer, and putting the local farmer in the poor house.

How Pandering to Iowas ethanol lobby hurts America

So Ted Cruz is right to oppose these subsidies, and when he stated so in Iowa before a crowd of potential supporters they applauded him for his position on subsidies.  So what is the Republican Governor of Iowa's issue? Guessing he supports Trump instead of Cruz and does not like that fact that Ted is ahead in the polls in Iowa. Donald Trump is also attacking Ted Cruz for his position of ethanol subsidies.

Mr. Trump should learn how to control himself and make sure his own backyard is clean before attack Ted Cruz, but no Trumps arrogance gets the best of him far too often.  Turns out that Trump himself is a big recipient Big Corporate Welfare having received much help from the Federal Government by way of Tax Incentives and Subsidies, so no wonder he likes the farm subsidies. This is how Trump built his empire using our tax money, the schmuck!

I have no doubt that Ted Cruz will come out ahead on this one as well seeing that Ted is much more intelligent than Trump is when it comes to Government things such as this.  In the meantime, I urge everyone to support Ted Cruz for President!  

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