Saturday, January 09, 2016

Gun Control Proves the Moral Bankruptcy of the Socialist Left

Time and again we have heard those on the left site their reasons for keeping guns out of the hands of legal citizens of the United States.  Gun violence is at an all-time high, but so is every other type of violence as the signs of the times have increased as time rolls on. Trust me when I say that guns are not the real problem, evil people are the problem.

Controlling the type of guns citizens may own or even seizing  guns from law abiding citizens seems reasonable to the morally inept lefties, but a true examination of the issue reveals their real reason for wanting to seize people's guns, Socialism. Socialists love to power-grab, it's what they are best at. As with all people on power-trips, the day will come when they will implode on themselves, evil always does.

Black Lives Matter activists terrorize innocent civilians screaming "Black Lives Matter!" but offer no real solution, not even close.  They are just another George Soros anti-American hate group. This group of anarchists is getting really old and very annoying, it's time to shut them down.

While a mortician in New Jersey goes out on a street corner with his van and sets up his display for everyone passing by to see. His message is "stop the violence" and "Your swag doesn't mean a thing when you're lying in a casket".  His videos put the fear of God in you as he talks about taking a young person into the embalming room, undressing him only to find gang tattoo's on his body, and wrestling with the issue of telling or not telling his mama about the tattoo's.

This man preaches the truth about black on black violence in Americas streets and is having much success getting people's attention without committing crimes to do it. This is a Christian man with a real burden for the people and not part of a gang of black socialist thugs out to do evil. This man has moral values and a backbone, unlike his socialist counterparts that are mainly unproductive individuals looking for attention.

Mahamoud the Mortician gets his point across in a very strong way by setting up his 'buddy' on the sidewalk, a casket with a volunteer laid out in it pretending to be deceased. A few body bags and toe tags to get his point across and get the attention of those passing by.  Many black Americans feel the same way, they hate all the disrespect for authority, and the violence in their streets but feel powerless to do anything about it.

(BLM) Black Lives Matter is nothing but Mr. Obama's misguided children with no sense of moral conviction, and no common sense. All these people know is how to go around and terrorize other people with their message of banning all guns, and spreading disrespect for authority. Now our police officers jobs are even more dangerous than before because of the disrespect being cultivated by those on the left.

Encouraging violence against those whose job it is to protect and serve the public while forcing unconstitutional laws that infringe on the rights of the citizens to keep and bear arms shows how the policies of the left and everything they stand for is immoral, and unAmerica.  The socialist left creates an issue then offers a senseless and illegal remedy in order to push their power hungry socialist agenda upon law abiding citizens.

Now China calls for the United States Government to seize all of our weapons, and why would they want our Government to do such a thing?  Maybe they want to invade us and take over our nation by force and as long as the citizenry is armed to the teeth, they dare not attempt it?  Putin would love to come here and take out Obama and take over America also, and he would do it too!

Every time there is a black person shot in the process of committing a crime Obama uses that person's death as a reason to spout more of his socialist rhetoric.  Politicizing ones death also shows how immoral and unethical he is, and those on the left are. The policies have created poverty in the inner cities through the welfare system. Keeping poor blacks dependent on the Government for basically everything has created an entitlement mentality that plays right into the Democrats hands.

It is immoral to pretend to be compassionate towards the poor, then hand them more free food, clothes, money, and, of course, free Obama phones in order to buy their votes. If liberals had any real sense of morality they would cut back on the freebies, create jobs and require them to work for their sustenance while helping them get out of poverty and clean up their own neighborhoods.

Helping people out of poverty and giving them some self-respect and a sense of accomplishment would be the moral and ethical thing to do, and it would cultivate liberty instead of leading us all to big government tyranny.  People change for the better when they have to earn their stuff instead of having the Government hand it to them.

I'm not saying that there are not some folks in the inner cities that understand this and are working towards something better for themselves, there of course are, but not as many as there could be. Seems with each new generation the young people have become more distant from the things that made America great in the first place. Taking pride in one's success is great but it is not a cure-all for what is making society sick. Sin is our societies greatest issue, but the left will never admit to that.

Christianity and God Moral Laws, not to mention the cost of liberty. Children who attend secular colleges and universities often turn their backs on God and Christianity by their first or second year because they are bombarded with humanism, evolution, and the gay rights agenda of all things. Many never come back once they cross over the dark side.  The Devil and his minions on the left know exactly what they are doing and are succeeding because they were able to dumb down the Christian Church first.

Men are more violent because they lack the foundation of the law of God, the Ten Commandments. The left successfully removed them from almost every public place they could be viewed. Simply seeing them tablets inscribed on granite slabs, or handing on a wall reminds sinful men that there is a higher power than themselves and reveals to them their sinful nature. They rid themselves of the symbols of Christianity and the Law of God in order to not have to face the truth, that they have violated the law of God, and that God must by his divine and Holy nature punish them from violating His Law by sending them to a very real place called Hell.

Men are controlled either extrinsically by the force of the sword or gun, or intrinsically by the Word of God and the Moral Law of God. He will either be controlled by an outside force or by an inside force. People confronted by the law of God will have some degree of self-control because they know the difference between right and wrong, and seek to live peaceably within society.

The socialist left knows the power of the Word of God, and the Law of God and this is why they hate these things so much because people who reverence God don't reverence the Government like Liberals want them to do. Removing every vestige of Christianity from public view removes the righteous reminders that there is a God who is Supreme Judge and there is a set of ten moral laws that help to control the actions of men.

Any right thinking sane individual realizes that taking away the guns only leave the people vulnerable to attack and unable to defend themselves. Citizens with guns help to ensure that some degree of liberty exists in the nation. Without our guns, we are sitting ducks waiting to be shot and stuffed. We know this and the left knows this also. Guns protect liberty, save lives, and keep us and our families safe.

I am convinced that those of the left are literally insane, and futile in their thinking.  Any right thinking person can see that guns don't shoot themselves, it takes a person with the intent of doing harm to another to pull the trigger and kill someone in cold blood. If they ban the guns it will not stop violent men from committing violent acts, they will find another weapon of choice, or the bad guys will have the guns and the good guys will be defenseless.

If we as a society are going to curb the violence taking place in our society, we must focus on the real issue which is people with violent tendencies, who seem unstable or we believe pose an imminent threat.  I believe that exposing people to God's Moral Law will help change the behavior of men. The left is morally and spiritually bankrupt and so they take aim at what they think is the problem which are the guns.  They will never do anything about the people who are dangerous or pose a threat because they lack any other means of controlling people.

I say that every Christian ought to learn to use the Ten Commandments to show men their sinful condition, that they broken the laws of God and deserve judgment, but God sent Jesus who bought a pardon for them so they do not have to suffer the consequences they clearly deserve. Christ offers to erase their criminal record and set them free from the penalty of eternal death, by giving them eternal life.

This is how to change the heart of mankind and stop the violence in our streets. This is why the Law was given in the first place, to show men their sin and shut their mouths from trying to justify their sin.  Just like with man's law when it is violated there is a penalty to be paid. No judge is going to excuse you or I when the evidence is insurmountable against us. He is going punish us according to the law as we rightly deserve, and God is no different in that respect.

Only a spiritual awakening in this nation can save it from destruction now. There is no other remedy except to ignite the body of Christ and unleash them into the streets armed with the truth of God's Word. Trust me when I say that the left fears such a revival, and the Devil fears it also. They will do anything to stop us, but we cannot be curtailed by fear, we must press on in faith.

First the Church must awaken! There must be a purging of all ungodliness and immorality from every local body, and the people of God must humble themselves, turn from their own sin, and cry out aloud to God for revival to come. One believer at a time until the whole congregation is revived, and then it will spread to others, and pretty soon the whole town will be revived, then the state, and then the entire nation.

Even if they take our guns they will never take away our faith in Jesus Christ!

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