Saturday, November 28, 2015

What Liberals Will Hate the Most

Liberals hate a lot of stuff why they accuse others of being hateful.  Why is this? Are they naturally inclined to hate what is good, and love what is evil, of course, they are and this is why they are always on the wrong side of every issue?  Take the Bible, God, Jesus, and, of course, Christianity for instance. Liberals have gone out of their way to purge every instance of these things from the public arena, and in every case they make their actions as offensive as possible while claiming to be offended. What a crock!

It's not enough to just hate the Christians and the Christians faith, they feel the need to break in and change the fundamentals of the Christian faith into something that Christ would never endorse, why pretending that they are better Christians than conservatives are.  They have used every tool available to insult and assault every Bible-Believing Christian by assaulting Biblical values, creating wide-spread government dependence, and dividing people groups in order to further their radical socialist agenda.

Liberals love to give out freebies in order to keep the low information folks voting Democrat every election season. Now the poster boy of socialism B. Hussien Obama is forcing Muslim "refugees" on the American people knowing full well that they cause massive social upheaval in our nation.  Liberals always use people groups whether they are black, Hispanic, or Muslim to do their dirty work for them, then they come swooping in so save the day.  

The American people are an armed citizenry, and so here comes orchestrated attacks in order to bend society towards gun-control. Obama is threatening to seize the guns of law abiding citizens because he knows that the people are pissed off at him, and want him gone.  He has one more year in the White House and you can bet that it will get ugly as he imposes his evil will on us and forces every bit of socialism down our throats as he possibly can.  

What we don't learn from history we will be condemned to repeat it again, just like a student in high school who fails a required class must repeat it the next semester, or the next year, we will find ourselves being starved to death, without adequate health care, and targeted by the Government for speaking our minds. Unless, we can stop Obama from moving ahead with him plans to destroy America so that his socialist pals can remake it in their filthy image, we will all end up staring down the barrel of the rifle of Big Government Tyranny.

Hillary must not be allowed to get anywhere near the White House, and I question whether or not Mr. Trump is really just a plant or not?  There is a rumor going around that he may, in fact, end up handing the White House to her by throwing the election. If I am wrong. and I hope I am I will, in fact, issue a full apology to Trump and his maniac supporters, but not until I see the fruit of his Presidency. If he wins the Republican nomination and wins the General Election will he then make good on all of his promises?  He is sounding very conservative now, but will he govern that way later? Seeing that he is such good pals with the Clintons, and a former Democrat, I just don't trust what he says at this time.

I chose to place my support behind Sen. Ted Cruz, a Conservative Constitutionalist and Fighter for Liberty who is by the way absolutely eligible to be President!  The people that are railing against Sen's Cruz are Trump supporters who have too much time on their hands or are liberals with nothing better to do then claim that Sen. Cruz is ineligible to run for the office of the President. Those involved in this crusade against the Senator got kicked in the nuts when Ron Paul threw his support behind Sen. Cruz even though his son Rand in also running for the same office.  Ted Cruz is a Christian Conservative and scares the heck out of liberals of every kind. These people cannot stand a candidate that is intelligent, fiercely defends the Constitution, and is a Bible-Believing Christian at the same time.

These same people gave us eight long years of Obama who is by all means the worst President in the history of this nation, so it is only fair that we give them what they hate the most, a Christian Conservative Constitutionalist named Ted Cruz.  Revenge will be sweet when Ted takes his oath of office and then walks into the oval office, sits down behind the resolute desk and signs his name to several documents undoing a massive amount of damage that Obama and the Democrats have done to this country over the last eight years. Ted's plan for his first day in office includes repealing every word of Obamacare, undoing every illegal executive order Obama signed over his eight years in office, and ripping to shreds the Iran Nuke Deal that Obama is so proud of.

The looks on their faces as their socialist plans are shredded will be worth every minute it took to convince voters to vote for Ted, not Trump, or any other candidate. I believe that we can trust Ted to do exactly what he says he will do because Ted has very high integrity. I can already hear the shrieks of terror as Ted's pen skirts across those documents that will put a stop to every dirty deal they have made in the last eight years, and he will do something about all these Muslim invaders also. ISIS will tremble in fear as Ted orders real air attacks on them and send in enough ground troops to wipe them off the face of the earth.

I remember when Iran was holding American hostages during the Carter years, and just after Ronald Reagan took his oath of office a voice erupted from the crowd, "Mr. President, Iran has just released the hostages!".  Those Iranians knew that a Conservative Republican was not going to play games with them so they had better let the hostages go free or else.  An Iran with nuclear anything is a great danger to the entire globe. We cannot do another eight years of liberal policies like the last eight years, America needs a regime change and now!  Liberals are really gonna hate it when Ted Cruz becomes President!  

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