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English: Catholicism_Protestantism_and_Islam
English: Catholicism_Protestantism_and_Islam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Some major changes occurred when Pope Francis as he is called, took over as Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, this was no ordinary Pope as we have now discovered. They referred to him as Peter Romanus or the Last Pope.  The question is how long till will he reign as Pope, and what or who will follow him?

What I am seeing as an outsider, a non-Catholic disturbs me greatly, and it should disturb you also. I am called by God to issue this warning to every Catholic regarding recent events taking place before our eyes. I am not writing this to attack anyone or anyone's faith. I write this out of concern for the souls of millions who may be led astray by the message that Pope Francis is spreading across the globe.

This Pope leading many astray by preaching Climate Change (Global Warming), just as President Obama and many other socialists in American are also. Recently he has called for the formation of a One-World Government. That should get attention of many individuals as his visit to America is about to take place, and he is expected to go before the United Nations and talk about Climate Change, and again call for the formation of a one world government to lead this agenda globally.

Pope Francis is not preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and leading sinners to Christ when he is preaching Global Warming or praying in an Islamic Mosque. Undoubtedly many will condemn me for speaking out like this but Jesus never taught Pluralism which teaches that the religions of the world can co-exist together, Jesus taught repent of your sins and follow me. My personal opinion is that this Pope is the last one and that he is Apostate, having departed from the Truth of God to embrace false religions of this world.

This pope is leading many Catholics astray into perdition. How many will remain blind and follow him into the pit of Hell?

My Prediction is the Pope will eventually hand over the power and wealth of the Roman Church to Islam, and/or the anti-Christ who will be over the one world religion and Government the Pope is calling for. There is a school of thought among Biblical Scholars that the Pope may be the anti-Christ himself after he unites Europe, revives the Roman Empire, and signs the seven-year peace pact with Israel.

Jesus said "I AM THE LIVING GOD, the Way and the Truth and the Life; No man comes to the Father but by me alone."

The Scripture declares that dark and light cannot exist together. What do the Temple of God and the temple of Idols (which is what Islam Mosques are) have to do with one another, and the answer is nothing! Christianity is its purest form is based upon a relationship with God through Jesus His Son. Islam does not believe that God has a son, nor do they believe in a Heavenly Father either. Christianity and Islam DO NOT MIX! 

Looking at Scripture and knowing enough of the signs of the times, we are most certainly living in the last day's before the return of Christ our King in all of his Power and Glory to put down his enemies, and set up his earthly kingdom for One-Thousand Years.  These signs are referred to as 'birth pangs' and they are closer together every day. We are nearing the end of time as we know it, and certain events are unfolding before our eye's, as Biblical Prophecy is being fulfilled.

The sudden invasion across all of Europe by Muslims is at best alarming, and should grab the attention of every Christian who has even a little knowledge of current events in the light of Scripture. They are trying to escape being killed in their homelands by other Muslims, but they bring with them civil unrest, disease, and the scourge of Islam.

ISIS/ISIL has threatened to overtake Rome and the Vatican and behead the Pope, as well as the American President Obama. Whether or not they manage to do this or not is not the question, it will happen sooner or later as they are certainly embedded within the thousands of invaders flooding into Europe right now. Italy and several other European nations are in decline concerning their population growth, and soon Muslims will be the largest people group all throughout Europe, and then they will begin to wage Jihad against these nations demanding that everyone submit to their way of life, and their customs.

Europeans will have NO choice they will either convert to Islam or be killed, that is now Islam works. Christianity is Europe has been completely eroded and has been is in serious decline for some time now. The Churches in Europe are sitting ducks as they have no true spiritual power within them to hold back the forces of evil that are coming upon them. My Prediction is that Europe will become a blood bath as these Muslims invaders fight for dominance, and Europe will fall.

America will be the next big conquest for Islam as the goal of Islam is to make the entire globe submit to Islam and live under Sharia Law. Muslims in American are already imbedded in our Government, Schools, even in our Churches in the form of Chrislam, a heresy of the worst kind. Training camps are reported to be set up in different parts of the country where Muslims are readying themselves for a bloody Jihad against the People of the United States.

America will fall as well as a financial collapse is predicted to occur soon according to experts. At this current time, President Obama and his administration are hammering out a deal with our enemies to help them obtain  nuclear weapons capability. America - Can you say Screwed? Obama is thought to be the Leopard of Daniel Chapter 7, the one who paves the way for the anti-Christ by taking down the once great world power the United States of America.

Wake up Roman Catholics and DO NOT follow this apostate message of your Pope Francis, he is leading you astray. Instead turn and follow the Lord Jesus Christ who is the true head of the Church, and our only Salvation.

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