Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Shut Down Greedy Race-Baiter Al Sharpton

We have all seen him in action. Rev. Al shows up in a city or town, rallies the black folks with his divisive message, they all get worked up and march for what they believe to be justice, and he has only made matters worse, not better.  Rev. Al collects as much money as he can get from to poor black people, and goes home to his 6-bedroom home in Brooklyn, NY.

What Al does is to exploit situations in order to cause as much chaos as he can, and pocket as much money from the poor black folks as he can. This is why he has been called a charlatan, and a fraud even by black people. Al Sharpton is all about the money, and he knows exactly how to work people up into a frenzy, and trick them into filling his pockets with cold hard cash.

On top of all that Al receives funding from several big corporations. Companies rather give him money than have to argue with him because they know that if the do not, Al and his racist cohorts will rake them through the mud with all sorts of nastiness, and Al knows just how to squeeze their balls just hard enough to get what he wants. It's too bad Americas executives don't have enough backbone to stand up to this maniac race baiter.

Recently Al decided to join with other race baiting liberals to rid America of the Confederate Flag because they are claiming it to be racist, and therefore it's gotta go. America, this is only a test! They are testing to see how people in this nation will react before they go after the American Flag to rid us of it also.

Al Sharpton bit off a little more than he bargained for when he demanded that Southern Rock n Roller Kid Rock, dump the Confederate Flag to which Kid Rock replied, "Kiss my A$$!".  Now Al Sharpton is meeting with the folks and General Motors to demand that they stop sponsoring Kid Rock. If anyone should be defunded it should be Al Sharpton!

Kid Rock is a native of Detriot and is known for doing a lot of charitable work within the city. He has been super generous in helping our veterans, even giving one vet a house to live in.  What has Al Sharpton done? I say let's all examine each of these men's fruit and see who truly measures up!  I have a feeling that the Rev. Al Sharpton will fall way short, and I am sure there are many out there that would agree with on that.

Here are the companies that make Al Sharpton's hate campaign possible. Al uses coercion to force these companies to fund his hate filled agenda. If enough Americans come together and speak up we can force these companies to stop supporting Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and any other racist hate-monger who goes around stirring up trouble. Since Al is poking his nose where it does not belong, as usual, it's time for us to rise up as Americans, of all skins tones and backgrounds, and shut Al down once and for all!

Here is an article with a list also.

Why should any American with even half a brain tolerate the divisive agenda that Sharpton spreads around every time he opens his big fat mouth. Why do black folks buy into his line of bull? If they would just examine his motives a little closer, they would see how he is using them to make himself wealthy, and they just get beat down all the more. Liberal Al has done nothing positive for the black people in America, instead he and his liberals friends have done everything to keep them down, and keep them poor.

Liberals promise help to the poor, and what they deliver is more dependency of Big Government, instead of doing what Conservatives do which is to give people the tools to do for themselves, and pull themselves out of poverty. When people rely on the Government for everything they lose all their self-respect, dignity and wonder why they are poor. It's because they bought into the lies of the Democrats and voted again for their own demise.

We can make the changes necessary to bring back civility to our nation. All we have to do is shut down the racist black liberal leadership, people like Al Sharpton need to be stopped. Will you do something to help shut him down?



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