Monday, June 01, 2015

Obama to Force Homosexuals Upon Religious Groups

Western Journalism Reports that the Obama Admin is readying to force any religious group that receives a federal grant to accept applications for homosexual persons, thus forcing religious organizations to hire individuals whose behavior, and lifestyle violate Biblical teaching, and the Christian values of these organizations.

This just another step in the far-lefts play-book to destroy Christianity in America. They paint these type of political moves as being about equality, but forcing Christian groups too hire unrepentant LGBT people is not about equality at all, it's about tyranny of the worst kind.

Obama is not through rolling out his radical agenda, not by any means, expect more morally offensive moves before he leave office in 2016. Expect more lawlessness, and arrogant executive orders which violate our system of law, checks and balances, and the Constitution.

This order should not effect Churches unless a Church has Federal contracts, or a Federal grant. However, this move could result in many Christian organizations that feed and cloth the poor to have to close their doors, rather than have to hire a sodomite, but let me reason with all of you, and purpose a different solution for these organizations instead of closing up shop.

Maybe these religious organizations could look at this requirement as a mission field, instead of looking at this as a curse. If you have to by law hire a sodomite, then just accept them as a person, show them to love of Christ, and expose them to the Gospel until they repent, and turn to Christ. Preachers should be boldly preaching out those from their local Churches who refuse to repent of their sin, and continue to live in rebellion to God and His Holy Word.

Homosexual sin is simply same-gender adultery, and fornication. How is that any different than Heterosexual adulterers, and fornicators?  Churches are loaded with straight people essentially committing the same sexual sins, and all too often Church Leadership does nothing about it? So go about things Biblically by approaching the individual in sin, and confronting them in a loving way, if they refuse to listen, try it again with a couple more people, and if that does not work then take it before the entire congregation.

We are told in Scripture to separate ourselves from people like this, and pray for them to repent, and then they may come back and be restored to the congregation. Why would we treat sodomites any different? If they never hear the Gospel, how will they ever have a chance to change? The Church really needs to change the way in approaches the issue of dealing with homosexuality, stop outright condemning and chasing these people away, and start loving them enough to help them change.

So this should not be a surprise knowing the way Obama, and the far-left operate. We just have to find a way too take the lemons the hand us, and make lemonade out of them.

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