Wednesday, June 03, 2015

DieselTec On the Hotseat for Hosting Event

As if getting death threats, having your business vandelized, getting obscene phone calls in the middle of the night, and protested by the liberal hate brigade wasn't enough the first time. DeiselTec owner Brian Klawiter is hosting a God and Country Townhall Meeting with special speakers, Coach Dave Daubenmire of 'Pass the Salt Ministries', and nationally known speaker Bradlee Dean of 'You Can Run, But You Can't Hide Ministries' based out of Minesota.

The God and Country Townhall Meeting will be held at Jenison Public Schools Fine Arts Center, July 11 @ 6pm, and the God and Country hating socialists are coming out in full force too protest the event.  The event is free, no ticket needed, just come as you are. The sponsor is asking for as many people as possble attend this event, as our freedom is under assualt, and we need too take an informed stand together, and push back.

The freethinking, God-hating, disbelieving, liberal, socialst, homofascist groups are uniting to protest this event, and you can bet they will be out in full force, so my Christian and Conservative friends, we must fill that fine arts center to the ceiling, bring your Conservative friends, and lets show these liberal cronies that we are not going to take in anymore.

Even if you are like me and disagreed with how Brain Klawiter approched this subject, and expressed himself, you need to be there. Just like when the liberals went after Chick-Fil-A, and Americans rallied around the restaurant chain, and sent the lib's a message that we don't agree with them. Now we need to rally around this event and send a message to the lefties again we just don't agree.

How about the more recent Pizza Joint in Indiana where the radical homofascists crossed every line possible to make the owners lives a living Hell, much like they have here in Michigan with DieselTec. Again people expressed their outrage at the far-fringe left, and raised almost One Million Dollars for the owners of Memories Pizza. How many more Chick-Fila and Pizza Parlor moments does the left have to endure before they wise up and realize that the people in this country have had enough of their fascist crap.

If not enough people show up to support this event, the left will have won a victory, and will feel as though they can continue to harrass people, and cause problems. Praying and Hoping too see you there!


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