Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Obama Calls Islam "Our Religion", NOT!

President Barack Obama speaks at Cairo Univers...
Once again the coward and chief shows his true colors by calling the bloody, violent religion of Islam "Our Religion", as if it was the official religion of our nation or something. I think he and his cohorts are trying to establish Islam as a state religion, and that has been his aim all along, to undermine our Christian Heritage, and establish an Islamic Theocracy here in America.

 I'll tell you what! That sucker has gone to damn far with his far-left wing agenda, and the time has come for him to leave office, and move back to Africa! We just can't sit by and tolerate this crap anymore, the heart and soul of our nation is at stake no thanks to the blind fools that elected this clown 2x in fact.

Obama's Presidency is the result of many good people sitting around with their mouths closed to long while the hard- left indoctrinated multiple generations of our young people against the very things our nation was founded upon. Now we have a big freaking mess on our hands, and no way to clean up and fix the issue plaguing our nation.

Christians why in the Name of the Lord have you sat around in comfort while society went straight to Hell? The younger generations do not appreciate the Christian Faith anymore than they appreciate the sacrifice of thousands of our soldiers who fought to secure the liberty we have allowed them to abuse the heck out of. No wonder they don't have a problem stomping all over our Old Glory, flipping of our war heros, and desecrating our monuments?

Obama hates this nation and it's Christian Heritage with a passion, and should never have even been elected to Congress, let alone the White House. He is literally putting the last few nails in America's coffin and Russia moves it's war machine into the arctic, readying for their invasion of America. I can almost hear this country struggling to breathe in the throws of death, as our liberties are being destroyed by a big intrusive socialist Government.

 NO SIR! Obama! Islam is not OUR religion. It might be your religion, a false one at that. It may be a some others peoples religion who are squatting like bears in the woods, taking a big ole dump on the rest of us, as they demand we submit to their way of life, as they undermine ours. Why Muslims have the right to live in this country, and peacefully practice their religion, they do NOT have the right to tell us, or force us to abide by their extreme system of law. While in America, live like an American, or get out!

Take your nasty hummus, and your Halal meat, and hit the road jack! It's getting harder to even find meat at the store now day's that does not have that stupid Halal seal on it. I refuse to purchase, or eat any meat that is labeled as Halal, and I have good reasons for it too. One being that every product with one of those seals on it helps support terrorist organizations like CAIR, Hamas, ISIS/ISIL, etc.

 So Barack you just kiss my ALL AMERICAN, HOME-GROWN GRITS you liberty hating, lying, thieving, disrespectful, bi-sexual, closet Muslim! Oh and start packing your bags so you can move out quicker!

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