Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Is ISIS Our Worst Problem in America?

Now ISIS claims that it has 70 fighters in 15 states, and they are preparing to unleash havoc on our nation. While I find this a bit unnerving, I'm more pissed off that a radical hate group like ISIS could even have access to this nation in the first place.  With all the millions of dollars spent to supposedly screen people going out, and coming into our country, you would think they could not get into this land in the first place.

Obviously, they were already here, and just waiting for their cue to display their rage, but they should have been checked more throughly before they were allowed to disperse themselves across the fruited plain. I think that Homeland Security is a big fat waste of tax payer money, and should be scrapped, or at least reformed, so that the American people are not treated like criminals just because they want to fly the not so friendly skies.

The Nation of Israel does not use naked body scanners, they use profiling techniques that are much more effective than the multi-million dollar body scanners, full body pat-downs by god only knows who,  and embarrassing strip searches in the back room if they think your suspicious. Our airports have become a private, government run police state where we have no right, except to stand there why come DHS pervert gazes at our private junk on a digital screen.

We are not deporting illegals who are criminals, instead they are being let into our country in droves, there is an underlying plan by liberals here, meant to unleash havoc on our nation for their political purposes. There is something bad wrong when everyday law abiding Americans are being treated like criminals, and these punks are being handed free stuff at our expense.  I think the problem stems from a big white house in Washington D.C., what do you think?

So now we have to be concerned about ISIS thugs here on our own turf, whether it's true or not?  Will those who are sworn to uphold the laws of this land, and protect we the people step up and hunt them down before they start butchering our people? Or will they pussy-foot around until something really bad happens, and use that as an excuse to inflict martial law on us all?

Obama has a year and a half or more to finish driving this nation into the ground.  Our only recourse is too somehow remove him from office now before he can do any more damage, but how? Does anybody have the balls to remove him? Is impeachment possible? I think they are just talking out their butts when they talk impeachment, because if it were at all possible, the conservatives would have already hauled Obama in and did something about him?

I tell you right now, I'm fully behind Ted Cruz for President because it's going to take a solid conservative to undo all the damage that Obama has done, but will the American people step up and reject the Democrats this time around for the sake of our nation?  Off all the candidates on the GOP ticket, Ted's message seems to be the clearest, and most concise as far as conservatism goes. Let's be honest, whoever wins this next election will have a huge mess on their hands to clean up, and it will take them some time to get to it all, so we must be patient.

The Liberal Elites are our worst problem!  Their policies have created this mess! They are trying to do for America what they have done in our inner cities, they want to leave us all in poverty while they ride high is style. Hillary Clinton is one of these filthy rich liberals that we need to reject for sure. She is just as arrogant as Obama, and as far too the left as he is. We can't afford any more socialist elites, goodbye Hillary!

If we want to get rid of Obama-care, and repeal every executive order Obama every issued. If we want to return to a strong military, and a strong defense, we better be voting conservative. If we want to bring back unity and civility to everyday life, we better vote conservative. Otherwise we as a nation will be DONE!  

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