Monday, July 14, 2014


Another great film from Dinesh D'Souza, America - Imagine a World Without Her - BOOM !

The answer to that question is that the world would be much worse off than it is now without America, it's great wealth and power, it's contributions to medicine, science, industry, etc.

The film examines the indictments of the left against this nation, and how they are using our government to destroy our way of life, our nations prosperity, and seeking to enslave every under the iron hand of socialism. You can't watch this film without being deeply effected, without becoming angry at how we have being manipulated into accepting their agenda, because they have been feeding it too us little by little for many years, and getting away with it too.

The film also tells the truth about America, that we are not a nation of thieves who steal from others too further our nation, but we are industrious, hard working, and we did build lots of things ourselves, without the Governments help. We know that nothing worth having or doing is easy, but we know the rewards of our efforts will pay off in the end, and we don't stop till we have succeeded.

The problem here is the fascist left will not stop attacking our way of life until we find a way to take them down, and destroy their power. I said this many times that "Money is Power, and Power is Money, too Liberals. If you take their money, you take their power!"  But it is also important to remove them from their high paying Government jobs, and make them get real jobs like the rest of us.

Why should we as Americans who love this country further tolerate their insolence, and hatred against this nation? Why have we tolerated it this far? Are we stupid?  Or just too lazy to do anything about it?  If you think that voting them out of office is enough, we will just throw them out of office in the next election, your deluded, because they control the outcome of the vote, and whoever controls the outcome of the election, wins!

The next American Revolution is starting to take shape as many of us have had enough to the left, and their sick agenda.  While voting them out of office is a good thing, these days with the way the voting machines are set up, they can program them to change your vote to whatever they want it too be. Albeit fraud, they seem to get away with it because we don't go after them hard enough to make them stop cheating.

It does not help when the GOP hands us less than great candidates either.  The RNC's slide toward the left has left many a true Conservative without a candidate to vote for. I understand the reasoning of wanting to appeal to a wider audience in order to garner their votes, but waking away from the Conservative principles that made you great GOP, in order to date independents is a bad choice you will regret in the end.

Once we have seen D'Sousa's new film America, it all makes sense and we have a clearer picture of what they are doing to us, and how we can defeat them. that is if we want to survive. The end result of socialism is always mass genocide, and I am thinking they fully intend too enact this in the future if we don't stop them now.

Impeaching Obama is just the tip of the iceberg. Getting rid of the entire Obama regime just the beginning of the task of cleansing out nation of progressivism.  We need to start by getting rid of the Democratic Party by voting as many out of office as we can, but that remains a daunting task which may get a bit ugly. Repealing the National Health Care Law is of utmost importance, as well as Obama's energy plan, and other laws as well.

The bigger problem is reprogramming the minds of millions of young Americans who have been deceived, and in fact outright lied too concerning the history of our nation. Taking control of our local school systems, finding new ways to fund them besides taking money from the Feds, and cutting the cord between our schools, and the socialist teachers unions, will be a huge task also.

I am thinking we need to simply begin by becoming vocal, challenging the lies of the left, and praying to God for help because this is way too huge a job for us to do ourselves. Correcting the misinformation is everyone's job, not just a few!  Everyone must become involved if we are too turn back the tide of socialism, and change hearts and minds.

The question is, do you care enough about this nation to do something about it?

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