Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gay's Don't Know What Real Hate Is!

So here it comes, the hard socialist left and their dirty tactics to attack Christendom by forcing a lawsuit in federal court, that opens the door for them too all flock too the apostate liberal churches, and stand in line to be the next to get hitched by an apostate minister.

People speaking out against the idea of 'gay' marriage in Michigan, who simply state that the Bible is against it, and it is are mocked, insulted, and maligned in every way by people that have no clue of what the Bible, and God are really all about. They have many preconceived notions about what the Bible say's, they think Jesus was all about love and nothing else, but Jesus even called some people dogs, pigs, & snakes, and physically drove the money changers out of the temple.

These people don't know what real love is, nor do they know what real hate and persecution is. The LGBT crowd is like a bunch of little gay boys, and little gay girls crying wolf one too many times, and people are sick of it. Take a handful of incidents where a homosexual got beat up, or killed, and publicize it too death to make yourselves look like a bunch of martyrs so you can draw sympathy from the general public, another big lie campaign.

The LGBT crowd does not know what real persecution is, they have never been herded onto a ship, packed side to side on hard wooden shelves, and shipped across the world, only to be unloaded and sold as slaves. Black men were treated this way, and many never survived the two and a half week trip from Africa, to Great Britain, or the States.

None of you LGBT people have ever been tied to a post and whipped, and/or beaten bloody, yet you have the audacity to paint yourselves as the new black people, hijacking the ideas of the civil rights movement, and demanding equality.

I have yet to see even one homosexual in America paraded into a coliseum, and fed to the hungry lions, or impaled on a post, and set on fire in order to light up someones gardens at night. This is what Pagan Rome, and the emperor Nero, who was a homosexual, did to Christians long ago.

I have yet too see several of these people made to lie down on the ground, and crushed to death by a steam roller like they have done to Christians in China. How many of you gay's are in prison making Christmas lights till your fingers are bloody? How about being burned at the stake because you wouldn't deny your faith in Christ? Or gassed to death in a dictators gas chamber?

You people don't know what real hate, persecution is!   Quit crying wolf like a bunch of little girls, we see through the smoke screens the left has created, this whole thing of marriage equality is actually a whole bunch of Bullshit! Like a bunch of little kids who can't get their way! My mother always told me you don't always get the same thing as your brother, or sister do, that's life!

I can promise you that most Conservatives, and Christians just want you to shut up, and keep your behavior behind closed doors where they don't have to see or hear about it anymore. The majority are repulsed by the nasty display's of drag queens, and S&M being out in the view of the public. We just want you to be act like normal people, not a bunch of radical idiots who keep trying to destroy everything that is Holy, and Right.

I want to also express that people have the right to speak out against your behavior, to condemn it if they like, even protest you when you get out of hand. We have every right to not accept your homosexuality as normal, or natural, and too use any verse of Scripture we see fit to use. Some Bible Preaching Churches actually allow homosexuals too come and participate in the Worship life of the Church, however they do not condone the behavior, and want to help you out of the lifestyle.

This "don't judge me" or using one Bible verse to try and shut down opposition down is getting really old, we who are Christians and study the Bible know better, we are not judging, we are making a moral observation based on what we believe, so get over yourselves! We have the right to speak out and be heard, and we will!

We know that the whole homosexual agenda is part of the larger socialist agenda to overtake the American society, and purge it of the Christian influence. This has been tried many times before and the all it does is make the Christian faith expand, grow, and create more Bible believing Christians. Consider yourselves warned!

In closing let me state that marriage in the site of God is between A man, and A woman. This is a sacred joining of two people of opposite genders, and eventually results in the creation of Children. This is normal, natural, and creational.  Sorry if that offends you, but sometimes the truth hurts!
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