Thursday, August 28, 2014


Just a quick reminder of Mark Schauer's record. I think a lot of people forgot how atrocious this guy's record really is.
1999 - Supports limit of one gun a month and required $20000/$40000 insurance to own a firearm. (HB4918)
Supports tort liability against gun owners unless gun has trigger lock or is locked in a case. (HB4919)
Supported gun show ban. (HB4926)
Bad CPL Amendments (1999)
Voted for bad loophole with broad definition of gun board to determine what is "detremental to safety of individual"
Voted for CPLS to Require Law Enforcement Training (impractical to satisfy training requirement - based on NRA pistol course)
Voted for CPL to not take affect unless ballot question in 1999 election.
Voted to add two politician appointees to gun board
Voted to require doctors note that applicant is not mentally ill.
Voted for strict tort liability without trigger lock/locked container (defeats purpose of CPL)
Voted to ban pistols for CPL use that were more than 12 inches in length.
Voted to put the Chief of Police of largest municipality on gun board instead of the Sheriff.
Voted to require that all CPL holders announce they are carrying a firearm when on someone's property.
Voted to add "Criminal Enpowerment Zones"
Voted to turn "Shall issue" into "May issue" (Which would kill the entire bill)
Voted to ban CPL's in any place that serves alcohol (even if one is not drinking - drinking while carrying already illegal)
Voted against requiring reports to MI Dept of Community Health of deaths from abortions.
Voted against a ban on partial birth abortion (2003)
Sponsored bill applying sales tax to non-alcoholic, carbonated, and sugar beverages (2003)
Supported gas tax increase (1.5%) - 2004
Supported giving public transit authority ability to levy taxes for 25 years.
Mark Schauer voted for Income Tax, MBT and Services Tax (2007)
In Congress, Mark Schauer voted for Obamacare
In Congress, Mark Schauer voted for Cap and Trade.

He also got himself pepper-sprayed at the Right to Work protest. 


Democrat Mark Schauer is a Disciple of Alinsky, right along with Democrat Gary Peters. Schauer promises in his TV ad to "Lower Taxes" and "Create Jobs" for the people of Michigan. Think hard now! When has any Democrats actually lowered anyones taxes, or created jobs for us non-union, middle class folks who are struggling thanks to their blueprint for disaster, B. H. Obama!

For one thing electing any Democrat to public office will never set the American people, or the people of Michigan free from the chains of Obama-Care, they will only expand and enforce it all the more. Obama swore that he was going to lower taxes, and create jobs for all of us, most of the jobs he created were Government union jobs, and jobs for the auto industry union thugs.

Obama spent billions and billions on green energy projects, most of which failed, and the people behind them pocketed lots of our tax dollars. Any person with half a brain can see that this was just another redistribution scam of the left, why would we expect Schauer and Peters to be any different? I've never been a huge fan of Rick Snyder until now, in fact I've always viewed him as being more liberal than conservative, but now putting him next to Mark Schauer, Snyder looks a whole lot more conservative to me.

People bought into Obama's lies, remember, "You can keep you doctor, and your insurance plan if you like them?" or something close to that.  Or how about this "this will lower the costs of health care", really? hmmmm.....I just heard that some cancer patients got the bills for their cancer treatment, and the cost doubled under the Dem's Government run health care plan. It's clear that every time Obama says something that sounds good to the American people, he turns around and does the opposite to our detriment.

Tell me why should be believe anything Mark Schauer, or Gary Peters says? Democrats are like Islam, lying is allowed if it furthers you agenda, never mind God calls lying a sin, but since when has that ever stopped a liberal from carrying out there agenda?

For the sake of Michigan and it's citizens, Say NO to Mark Schauer, Gary Peters, and any other Democrat running for office. 

Monday, July 14, 2014


Another great film from Dinesh D'Souza, America - Imagine a World Without Her - BOOM !

The answer to that question is that the world would be much worse off than it is now without America, it's great wealth and power, it's contributions to medicine, science, industry, etc.

The film examines the indictments of the left against this nation, and how they are using our government to destroy our way of life, our nations prosperity, and seeking to enslave every under the iron hand of socialism. You can't watch this film without being deeply effected, without becoming angry at how we have being manipulated into accepting their agenda, because they have been feeding it too us little by little for many years, and getting away with it too.

The film also tells the truth about America, that we are not a nation of thieves who steal from others too further our nation, but we are industrious, hard working, and we did build lots of things ourselves, without the Governments help. We know that nothing worth having or doing is easy, but we know the rewards of our efforts will pay off in the end, and we don't stop till we have succeeded.

The problem here is the fascist left will not stop attacking our way of life until we find a way to take them down, and destroy their power. I said this many times that "Money is Power, and Power is Money, too Liberals. If you take their money, you take their power!"  But it is also important to remove them from their high paying Government jobs, and make them get real jobs like the rest of us.

Why should we as Americans who love this country further tolerate their insolence, and hatred against this nation? Why have we tolerated it this far? Are we stupid?  Or just too lazy to do anything about it?  If you think that voting them out of office is enough, we will just throw them out of office in the next election, your deluded, because they control the outcome of the vote, and whoever controls the outcome of the election, wins!

The next American Revolution is starting to take shape as many of us have had enough to the left, and their sick agenda.  While voting them out of office is a good thing, these days with the way the voting machines are set up, they can program them to change your vote to whatever they want it too be. Albeit fraud, they seem to get away with it because we don't go after them hard enough to make them stop cheating.

It does not help when the GOP hands us less than great candidates either.  The RNC's slide toward the left has left many a true Conservative without a candidate to vote for. I understand the reasoning of wanting to appeal to a wider audience in order to garner their votes, but waking away from the Conservative principles that made you great GOP, in order to date independents is a bad choice you will regret in the end.

Once we have seen D'Sousa's new film America, it all makes sense and we have a clearer picture of what they are doing to us, and how we can defeat them. that is if we want to survive. The end result of socialism is always mass genocide, and I am thinking they fully intend too enact this in the future if we don't stop them now.

Impeaching Obama is just the tip of the iceberg. Getting rid of the entire Obama regime just the beginning of the task of cleansing out nation of progressivism.  We need to start by getting rid of the Democratic Party by voting as many out of office as we can, but that remains a daunting task which may get a bit ugly. Repealing the National Health Care Law is of utmost importance, as well as Obama's energy plan, and other laws as well.

The bigger problem is reprogramming the minds of millions of young Americans who have been deceived, and in fact outright lied too concerning the history of our nation. Taking control of our local school systems, finding new ways to fund them besides taking money from the Feds, and cutting the cord between our schools, and the socialist teachers unions, will be a huge task also.

I am thinking we need to simply begin by becoming vocal, challenging the lies of the left, and praying to God for help because this is way too huge a job for us to do ourselves. Correcting the misinformation is everyone's job, not just a few!  Everyone must become involved if we are too turn back the tide of socialism, and change hearts and minds.

The question is, do you care enough about this nation to do something about it?

Friday, April 25, 2014

The Coming Political Bloodbath for Democrats

They are out to tax every part of our lives, even the grass cows eat, and they are out to control the cows from farting, cause they think it pollutes the atmosphere of all things. They have pushed hard to implement their socialist agenda, emboldened by the arrogance of the puppet in the oval office, the left is out to destroy America, and to enslave the American people under a iron thumb of big Government.

An old saying goes like this "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive".

The Democrats are masters of deception, willing to say anything, do anything, break any law necessary to achieve their ends. They will not stop until they control all, and then they will not stop till they have killed off the opposition. This is what socialism does, it kills!  Socialist Governments are responsible for more mass genocides than any other Government entity. Millions fell victim to socialist ethnic cleansing (genocide) projects in the twentieth century alone.  

Now we have entered the twenty-first century, and the militant socialist agenda marches forward, hoping to rule the entire earth before the close of the century. The only reason it succeeds is because many good people stay silent, and do not act to stop it. Maybe it's time for a counter revolution? Maybe it's time to repeal the Democrats?

The Democrats are the ones that forced the National Health Care Plan, known as Obama-care through Congress even though 87% of the American people opposed them doing so. These pompous bureaucrats have NO desire to follow the will of the people, their desire is for total social control at all costs. Tell me why we as Americans should tolerate these arrogant pricks any longer?

We must not vote for Democrats, or any liberal politician that will not actively pursue the impeachment of BHO, Biden, & Company, who will not fight to repeal Obama-care, the Energy Plan that is killing the coal industry, and put real Americans back to work, not just union thugs!

Nancy Pelosi stated "We have to pass this bill so we can see what's in it".  This bitch knew what was it all along, and it's nothing good!  It's time to send her and dirty Harry Reid back home so they can get real jobs, and find out what's in it!

The Democrats are already devising way's to rig the next two elections. There is talk of them trying to rig the electoral vote, why do we as Americans tolerate this stuff from them, why?  Are we that big a bunch of stupid sheeple? Or are we just too big fat and lazy, or both? We need to rid ourselves of the Democratic Party, and their communist agenda.

The more this so-called health care bill gets rolled out, the more people are not liking it, and the  less votes Democrats will be getting.  The libs are talking about opposing Obama, and his agenda, but it's only talk so they can get reelected, don't buy into their BS!.  Those liberal Dems have no intention of repealing this bill. What they will say is "re-elect us so we can do something about it after the election".  Just how stupid do they think we are? If they have not done anything about it yet, they are not going to do anything about it later. Don't be deceived by them.

I predict a coming bloodbath for Democrats, and Obama. It's about time the American people saw the truth, and turned against them, the Democratic Party is clearly not for us. Let's stand up and be vocal, and may God Save America!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gay's Don't Know What Real Hate Is!

So here it comes, the hard socialist left and their dirty tactics to attack Christendom by forcing a lawsuit in federal court, that opens the door for them too all flock too the apostate liberal churches, and stand in line to be the next to get hitched by an apostate minister.

People speaking out against the idea of 'gay' marriage in Michigan, who simply state that the Bible is against it, and it is are mocked, insulted, and maligned in every way by people that have no clue of what the Bible, and God are really all about. They have many preconceived notions about what the Bible say's, they think Jesus was all about love and nothing else, but Jesus even called some people dogs, pigs, & snakes, and physically drove the money changers out of the temple.

These people don't know what real love is, nor do they know what real hate and persecution is. The LGBT crowd is like a bunch of little gay boys, and little gay girls crying wolf one too many times, and people are sick of it. Take a handful of incidents where a homosexual got beat up, or killed, and publicize it too death to make yourselves look like a bunch of martyrs so you can draw sympathy from the general public, another big lie campaign.

The LGBT crowd does not know what real persecution is, they have never been herded onto a ship, packed side to side on hard wooden shelves, and shipped across the world, only to be unloaded and sold as slaves. Black men were treated this way, and many never survived the two and a half week trip from Africa, to Great Britain, or the States.

None of you LGBT people have ever been tied to a post and whipped, and/or beaten bloody, yet you have the audacity to paint yourselves as the new black people, hijacking the ideas of the civil rights movement, and demanding equality.

I have yet to see even one homosexual in America paraded into a coliseum, and fed to the hungry lions, or impaled on a post, and set on fire in order to light up someones gardens at night. This is what Pagan Rome, and the emperor Nero, who was a homosexual, did to Christians long ago.

I have yet too see several of these people made to lie down on the ground, and crushed to death by a steam roller like they have done to Christians in China. How many of you gay's are in prison making Christmas lights till your fingers are bloody? How about being burned at the stake because you wouldn't deny your faith in Christ? Or gassed to death in a dictators gas chamber?

You people don't know what real hate, persecution is!   Quit crying wolf like a bunch of little girls, we see through the smoke screens the left has created, this whole thing of marriage equality is actually a whole bunch of Bullshit! Like a bunch of little kids who can't get their way! My mother always told me you don't always get the same thing as your brother, or sister do, that's life!

I can promise you that most Conservatives, and Christians just want you to shut up, and keep your behavior behind closed doors where they don't have to see or hear about it anymore. The majority are repulsed by the nasty display's of drag queens, and S&M being out in the view of the public. We just want you to be act like normal people, not a bunch of radical idiots who keep trying to destroy everything that is Holy, and Right.

I want to also express that people have the right to speak out against your behavior, to condemn it if they like, even protest you when you get out of hand. We have every right to not accept your homosexuality as normal, or natural, and too use any verse of Scripture we see fit to use. Some Bible Preaching Churches actually allow homosexuals too come and participate in the Worship life of the Church, however they do not condone the behavior, and want to help you out of the lifestyle.

This "don't judge me" or using one Bible verse to try and shut down opposition down is getting really old, we who are Christians and study the Bible know better, we are not judging, we are making a moral observation based on what we believe, so get over yourselves! We have the right to speak out and be heard, and we will!

We know that the whole homosexual agenda is part of the larger socialist agenda to overtake the American society, and purge it of the Christian influence. This has been tried many times before and the all it does is make the Christian faith expand, grow, and create more Bible believing Christians. Consider yourselves warned!

In closing let me state that marriage in the site of God is between A man, and A woman. This is a sacred joining of two people of opposite genders, and eventually results in the creation of Children. This is normal, natural, and creational.  Sorry if that offends you, but sometimes the truth hurts!
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Monday, January 27, 2014


Here we go again, socialist celebrities are making use of their bully-pulpits, to insult not only the majority of God-Fearing Americans, but most of all they are offending the Most High God, Yahweh, who created man - male and female in His image.

The sons and daughters of Sodom and Gomorrah have used several major venues to force their counterfeit, same-sex marriage on the rest of society. Lot long ago a float was featured in the Rose Bowl Parade on which two sodomite males were given is Satanic marriage in front of thousands of innocent parade watchers.

Now the Grammy's have been used to force this issue on millions of Grammy watchers, many of whom will have no idea that a whole bunch of sodomite's are being joined together in unholy matrimony during the broadcast.  The Grammy's are not the place to push a deviant social agenda, but they are going to anyway, I just hope it backfires on them in a big way!

It's clear that Hollywood is way - way out of control! The elites at the top, that control everything that goes on in Hollywood, are up too their necks in wickedness, and blasphemy against God, and His Holy Word! How long should they expect to continue in their wickedness before God can't take it anymore, and sends something very unpleasant their way as judgement for their evil ways.

Those of us that can't stand this anymore must take a real stand, and stop funding this garbage by paying for movies, cable, Satellite, etc. Stop watching morally offensive shows so that the ratings take a major dump. The only way liberals learn is when it affects their pocket book. Money is Power, Power is Money to these elitists, so we have too hit them where they live.

We need too learn how to redirect our interests, and simplify so that we are not funding our enemies. More than that we need to call sin what it is, sin, and stop taking part in it by watching it, or listening too it. We who oppose how Hollywood is force feeding us evil need to stand up and be extremely vocal in our opposition.

Trust me, the Sodomites only get what they want because of their big mouth, so our mouths must be bigger and louder than theirs if we are too force Hollywood to clean up it's act. We have the power to do something about this, but I fear that most Americans are so lazy and apathetic, that not enough people will have the gall to stand up, and shout enough is enough!

They hope that if people see these sexual deviants participating in their so-called marriage ceremonies, that people will become desensitized too it, and eventually accept it as normal. However, the fact remains that what they are doing is an abomination before a Holy God, and a Satanic Counterfeit of what God created to be between a man and a woman.

Hollywood is responsible for a lot of nasty things that appear in their movies, and TV shows. Things that have no place being on the public airwaves, but yet these leftists feel the urge to force their evil on the rest of us on a continual basis, and we have had enough of it!

Hollywood has gone too far!