Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nobody to Blame but the Democrats


At least we hope it will be, but maybe not with all the new taxes that will be levied against us thanks to Obama and the Democrats, not to mention everyone who voted him back into office.

The Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obama-Care contains aprox. 21 new, or hiked up taxes for you and I too pay to the out of control Government. Yippie! Just what we wanted for Christmas, more taxes! NOT! Something has to be done to repeal this monstrous bill that the Democrats forced through Congress, without going through the proper legal channels.

Two Thirds of the American people opposed this bill, and they pushed it through anyway. There was nothing  the Republicans in Congress could do to stop them, they were the majority in power, and did what they wanted too at that time.

We thought we would be free and clear of this and able to repeal the law in 2013, but again, thanks to the liberal Democrats, we have to suffer through four more years of arrogance and lies, how'd we get so lucky?

What people do not realize is that this is what Obama and those behind him are hoping for. They want to drain every American for his/her personal wealth, and take away every freedom we enjoy. These people want total social control over everyone, and everything. Unless the American people wise up quickly and realize what is taking place, we won't have a leg to stand on by next summer.

Thinking about taking a vacation? Take it now why you still have money to pay for it with, because pretty soon you'll be standing in line at the soup kitchen with the rest of us. Obama wants too take everyone's IRA's too! So kiss your retirement accounts goodbye, and say hello to the consolidation of wealth via the socialist elite! Obama is nothing but a front man for a bunch of filthy, greedy, bankers, and maybe the CIA is involved with him also, who knows?

What I do know is we in America are living in dark day's, and it's about to get a lot darker. They intend to make America a third world nation of poor, starving, and sick people. Remember the U.S.S.R. ? Gee I can't wait too stand in line with a thousand other people just to come back and wait again the next day, because the 100 loaves of bread that the store had, is gone, sorry!

Can't wait for Obama's brown shirts to march lockstep through our streets with their right hand in the air pronouncing Hi-Ho Obama!  Are we going to witness another Hitler style scene here in America? It appears this is what they are heading us towards, and unless we wake up and do something drastic to stop them, we will find ourselves standing on the edge of a large pit, if you catch my drift.

Don't think it can happen here in America? Well your dead wrong it can happen here!

First they are raising the cost of energy, food, and everything else while putting as many Americans out of work as they can. Then they confiscate our wealth through extreme taxation via Obama-care. Then they will shut down our free speech by giving the UN control of the Internet. It won't be long then till they come for our guns also, and that is the deciding factor right there. Do we hand them over, or shoot to kill?


After all, we would not have a mess like this if it wasn't for the Democrats in the first place.  Those rank and file Democrats, union people and so forth, I hope you enjoy the change your about to get, it will serve you right you morons!

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