Saturday, November 03, 2012

Real Americans Don't Vote for Communists

A have a few words I would like to say to those who have, or are planning on voting for the Communist POS Obama, and doing so because he is black, or because he is the Democrat incumbent, or because your a lazy POS yourself and want free stuff.

Do you people ever think? Have you actually examined who this man is, and what he actually believes, do you even care? Do you really love this country? Do you enjoy freedom? Then why would you vote for someone who hates America, want's to take away your freedom, and doesn't care if you live or die. Too many people in America vote based on absolute stupidity, not knowing what they are really voting for, and that's how end up with people like Obama on office.

If you had just swallowed your pride and gone to the theater and seen the movie '2016 - Obama's America', you would know who this guy is, and what his goals are. Obama say's it plain as day, he wants to fundamentally transform America, but into what does he want to transform it? You should be asking yourselves this question.

Obama is all about himself, he is not really concerned with your well being at all. If he was, he would not have passed his Big Government Health Care overhaul bill that is going to tax you into oblivion, and take away your right to choose your own doctor, and freely access health care.  Obama say's things that sound good, but it's all lies cause he has not intention of doing anything that benefits you, it's all about him.

Get over yourselves and lose the entitlement mentality! Truth is, you don't deserve a damn thing! If you want something you must get off your lazy butt and work for it. Mitt Romney has because he worked hard to get it, and so have many other wealthy individuals, they worked for what they have. You want a better life than find an honest way to earn it and quit yer bit-chin!

Obama despises America. He hates our Christian Heritage. He has a Muslim background, and was schooled and mentored by Communists, who indoctrinated him with all the facets of Socialism. He has done everything in his power to destroy the very fiber of our freedom, and ya'll stand by applauding him. Talk about the blind leading blind, and doing so from behind!

B. Hussein 'Alinsky' Obama has done nothing positive for America that makes him worthy of another term in office. He promised during his last campaign to drive up prices, and put coal miners out of work, and those promises he has kept, but as far as helping the middle class he has not done squat! Obama must be removed from office, and then investigated, tried, and convicted in any crimes can be proven against him.

As for those who blindly endorse and support Obama. You don't even deserve the freedom you have! You are voting for your own destruction, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

I think that anyone who votes for Obama this time around ought to have their citizenship revoked, and be deported along with the Obama's to a communist country where you can experience your Utopian dream without subjecting the rest of us too it. There you can have everything you voting for. Government health care, cradle to grave. Government run everything, and everything coming from the Government, just the way you like it. Limited food and you will drive what they tell you too drive. Enjoy!

Bon Voyage Usefull Idiots!

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