Friday, September 07, 2012

The Silver Tongue of Barack Obama

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Known for giving eloquent speeches, even though he is glued to his teleprompter. Barack H. Obama, current occupier of the White House gave his acceptance speech the other night at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Liberals are calling brilliant, and conservatives are calling it the worse speech ever. Either way Obama is the official candidate on the Democratic side, for another four years as President of the nation.

The problem is this, Obama sounds good, almost as good as a conservative, in fact that is exactly what Democrats sound like when they are trying to win an election. Well to put it bluntly, Socialists like Obama must paint themselves as being patriotic Americans in order to win votes, otherwise they are most likely to lose election after election due to their very unpopular agendas. As long as voters don't recognize what the true agenda of the DNC is, they have a chance of retaining power, and that's a bad thing for the American people.

It's a proverbial game of smoke and mirrors as Obama and the Democrats blatantly lie about what they really stand for. If they stood behind the podium and told the American people that they were going to tax them death, and raise the cost of food and energy on purpose, while costing us millions of jobs, who in their right mind would ever vote for them? So as in every election cycle, socialist scoot over to the right just enough to make themselves sound good, so that they can obtain enough votes to win.

Basically what we saw at the DNC convention was a pack of lies. This time however they let things get out of hand just enough that everyone could see just how depraved they really are. Obama took out the terms 'God' and 'Jerusalem' from the DNC platform, and then they decided that in order to make themselves look good, they would add them back in (maybe no one will notice huh?).

Well we noticed alright! We saw you socialists try to take a voice vote, 3x to be exact until you just rammed it through out of frustration. Hey you liberals are good at ramming things through when you don't get your way, knock it off already! We heard the crowd booing, and saw the angry faces of your constituents. What were they booing by the way? They were booing God! They were booing Israel, and it's capital Jerusalem. Finally your true colors came shining through, now you can't hide what your really about, you the God hating Communists.

Obama gave his silver tongued speech, so smooth and eloquent, yet we all know what his real plans are, and they are the opposite of his speech. Obama say's one thing to sound good, turns around and does another. He promises people all kinds of things that sound good, yet he still has not fulfilled the campaign promises he made four years ago when he was running for President. So why would any of us believe him now? why?

Do we really trust someone who has plans to give away our national sovereignty?

LOL! "Look at all the jobs I created during the last three and a half years!"  Ya look at all the happy union employees you created jobs for, but what about the rest of us Obama?  Exactly how many coal miners are out of work thanks to you Obama? How many small businesses will fail if your freedom killing so-called health care plan is not repealed? What about all of our tax dollars you wasted on Solyndra? So much for your green energy plan! How much more of our money will you waste if your are re-elected? I am afraid to ask!

You did say you wanted four more years to finish the job, what job would that be Mr. Obama? What about your plan to diminish America? The truth is that you view this nation as evil because of the fact that we are so wealthy and blessed, and you grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia. You are against what you call colonialism, and you are against capitalism also, admit what you really are, a Communist!

 Well sir, we don't want to be diminished as a nation, and we don't want our taxes jacked way up either. We don't want universal Government run health care, and we want our coal fired plants, and the mines fully operating again. We don't like our energy costs skyrocketing , so we don't want you in office anymore. So it's good bye Obama, so long, and don't the left big white door, hit you square in your rear-end, as your leaving our Big White House, GOT IT!

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