Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ATTN: Progressive's in the Entertainment Biz, Think Before you Speak!

So you have a personal soapbox, and once and a while you jump on top of it and spout off about some liberal ideology, or sound off about Obama, and his progressive polices. Have you seriously taken the time to think about what you are supporting, and what the consequences could be for your supporting Obama.

Let's talk about this for a moment? 

So first Obama wants to raise taxes on all the rich people in the country, that includes the majority of people in the TV, Film, and Music industry. You may be saying that it is OK, you have plenty of money to live on, or you might think that somehow you'll escape the jaws of Obama's tax plan, but in reality your going to get bitten just like everyone else.

I'm sure most of you have tax shields that you make full use of, and that if your right, but think about what Obama's real goal is for the rest of people in this country. Most of us work full-time, and work pay check, to pay check, and both spouses have to work to pay the bills.

Obama's tax plan boosts taxes way up on the middle class, which means we will have a lot less money in our pockets. Having less money in our pockets we will not be spending money on going to the theater, attending concerts and other events that we enjoy, and many may have to just dump the cable and/or the satellite TV.

If Obama gets four more years he will finish collapsing our economy, and we really won't be spending money, not even to DVD rentals, or buying CD's. If we can't afford those extras anymore, think about how that will effect your bottom dollar? You rely on us to spend money on your products, and attend your concerts, and such. If Obama succeeds in forcing in more of his socialist ideas, this nation could be at a stand still, which would not be a good thing.

So why your out there running your mouths about your progressive ideas, and causes. Just keep in mind that those same liberal/progressive policies you aspire too have the potential in putting you out of business just like they will us. If we don't have the extra money, we won't be spending it!

Your future may depend on you breaking away and voting for the Republican candidate this time? Realize that by supporting Obama and Democrats may backfire on you in the long run. We must get a man into the White House, and people into Congress to undo all the bad legislation of the past four years, and pass some solid reforms that will benefit everyone in a positive way.

Thank you for your time!

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