Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Governor Scott Walker of the State of Wisconsin dared to stand up to the unions that represent public employees by making it so that the public sector workers cannot be forced to join unions, pay dues, or fund political parties or candidates they do not wish too. Now Wisconsin workers can make their own decisions, whats not fair about that?

Public employees have long since a free ride courtesy of the tax payers. In other words, everyone else works hard to pay for their own insurance and health care, and then on top of that ends up paying a large part of the union employees benefits also. This is one of the biggest scams that the left has run on tax paying Americans, and it needs to be stopped!

Governor Walker also made it so that these public union employees have to pay their fair share towards their own benefits instead of the tax payers footing the bill. Everyone else in this country has taken it on the chin because of Obama's liberal polices that have cost us millions of jobs. Why should union workers get a free ride while everyone else suffers?

Could it be that the union bosses are very corrupt? Could it be that many in the rank and file are just as corrupt? Then hooray for Gov. Walker! Time to clean up the corruption to that those of us who work in the private sector have a level playing field with those who belong to unions.

Liberals are crying about fairness! Well, were they are getting what is fair, so quit whining and get to work! A person should never be forced to join a union, nor should a worker be forced to pay for things he/she disagrees with. Liberals - Get over yourselves! It's time for a change in this country, and it's time to clean house where liberals and unions are concerned.

All the nasty demonstrations, calling forth demons in the dead of night in front of the Wisconsin Capital (OHM!), and the nasty threats did not stop good from winning over evil, and Governor Walker came out the champion from a grueling recall vote.

Liberals dumped millions of dollars into getting rid of Scott Walker, only to lose the election fair and square, minus a few dirty tricks via the Democrats and unions. One man phoned a conservative talk show to say he was on a bus heading for Wisconsin to vote. He was from the Detroit Michigan area, and there were three more buses behind him. He also said the bus trip was put together by the Democrats, and the unions, go figure? Liberals then have the gall to whine about fairness,and they still lost!

All I can say is I hope this is a sign of things to come in November when we vote to throw Obama out of office. God help us!

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