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Fifty percent of Americans claim to be Pro-life, that is they are against abortion, while forty-one percent are in support of abortion, down from forty-seven percent approximately a year or two ago. The problem many Americans are all take, a little action these day's, and that needs to change. When we have fifty million plus unborn children that have lost their lives for no good reason, other than they came into being in some woman's womb at an inopportune time, should cause people to seriously think about why we have continued to allow abortion to continue to be legal.

Planned Parenthood is the largest nation provider of genocidal services that take the lives of unborn children. There are other organizations that are not as widely known, but all the same they all are just as guilty, and have just as much innocent blood on their hands as Planned Parenthood does. There really is no difference between the Nazi gas chambers where millions of innocent people died, and Planned Parenthood's termination rooms, murder is murder all the same.

Planned Parenthood's shady past of racism, targeting minorities, mainly blacks for abortions, should also throw up a huge red flag in the minds of many Americans. We can't profile people at the airport because it's not politically correct. The Police get in trouble every time they pull over a minority person, because their black, because it's not politically correct  to target people based on their skin color, but it's OK for the abortion industry to profile people for abortions based on skin color, and ethnicity.

We have tried to get our representatives in Congress to cut funding to Planned Parenthood, and in some cases there has been some success, but overall our tax dollars are still funding the extermination of innocent unborn children, and fifty percent of the American people do not want their tax dollars used for this purpose. Truthfully Government does not care what the people think about this matter, they will use our money how every they please, this is the attitude that they have.

There are over 100 companies and corporations that still fund Planned Parenthood. These companies are large, many are nationally known, and produce products many of us use all the time. These companies have the attitude that they do not care if some of us oppose abortion or not, they will support whatever they choose too, and they have the right to do so. However, we have the right not to support them if they continue to support PP, but the list is large and overwhelming, and most people will see it and decide that they can't do anything about it.

I think it's time we who oppose abortion use the power we have as consumers to pound the nails into PP's coffin. My plan is simple, start with the largest major companies like Starbucks, or Verizon, Coca-Cola, or Nike, and stop spending money on their products and services.

I can hear the whining already, "but I love my chocolate latte from Starbucks, I can't live without it!" Excuse me but yes you can live without it, at least you can choose a different coffee store to do business with. There is one thing that Americans are good at and that is shooting themselves in the foot!  We are spoiled to death in this country, and we are funding our own demise by supporting companies that support things that are detrimental to our society.  Our convictions don't seem to run deep enough because we are so used to what makes us happy, and makes our lives easier, that taking a moral stand has taken a back seat to our own creature comforts.

Pepsico and Coca-Cola both give money to planned parenthood. There are other brand of soda, and chips that we could buy, maybe they don't taste exactly the same, but at least we would be doing our part to defund Planned Parenthood. There are alternatives on the market, but are we strong enough to put our money where are mouths are?

Letter writing and phone calls to these companies help also, but only a few people dare to take part in these efforts, and companies are getting bold and blocking email campaigns now day's. Corporations seem to be arrogant, and often will blow off consumers who dare to speak their minds about moral issues, but when people stop buying their products and services, and their bottom line starts to be affected, companies start to  listen and respond.

Kudo's to the American Family Association for standing up to many of the offending companies who have chosen to support things that are contrary to the values of half the American people. Boycotting serves a real purpose, and is one of the best weapons we have to get our point across. I urge my fellow Americans to get involved and quit sitting on the sidelines expecting someone else to take a stand, you must take a stand yourself.

There is no doubt that abortion is genocide (mass murder), and that the institutional left has no plan to curtail it in any way, shape, or form. In fact, the left will fight to expand abortion anywhere and anyway they can, and they will use our money to do it, that's what liberals do best, steal from everyone else. The only way to truly get the upper hand is to use our money ourselves to swing the pendulum our way by causing those who support abortion to lose their money.


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