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Liberals should pay a SIN-TAX for being Liberal

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Fast Food (Photo credit: SteFou!)
In the age of sin taxers, placing the blame on what people eat, drink, or do. Government loves too pass laws to control the behavior of the masses by instituting a new tax to penalize people for exercising their freedom. Whether you like to smoke cigarettes, enjoy a cold soft-drink, or eat fast food, when the Government gets involved you better look out!

No one will argue that smoking is bad for your health, any moron can figure that one out. Sure eating fast food as a steady diet is not good for you either, it can clog up your arteries, make you fat, etc. Drinking alcohol has it's negative effects on the people who consume large quantities of it on a regular basis. Drunk driving effects us all in negative ways, and tough laws and enforcement by the government in this case is the correct course of action.

I believe that people have the right to consume or use whatever legal substance, food, or drink they desire, it's called FREEDOM! We don't need a bunch on liberals mother hens telling us what we can and cannot eat or drink when we want too. Fat people know that they are fat, and know what the risks associated with being fat are, and they can decide for themselves the best course of action to take. It's funny however that liberals are also the ones that want to legalize dangerous drugs, and spend our money to pay for clean needles and condoms.

If anything should have a sin tax placed on it, liberalism should top the list for the same reasons liberals brand other peoples choices as being bad for society. Liberals believe that it is their duty to police the rest of us, to pass laws that limit our freedom of choice by claiming that fat people are a drain on society because they are subject to more health problems than others who are not overweight.
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Does not liberalism/socialism place a drain on society? How about dragging people down with all their whining about things? Or what about how liberals cost us more money when they find ingenious way's of creating new hidden taxes to screw us all with, not to mention the moral drain that liberalism has placed upon our society.

Liberals see morality as being relative, not absolute, therefore they have watered down our society through the use of mass media, they have virtually brainwashed an entire generation to reject God and Christianity, while promoting Witchcraft, Islam, and Humanism, in our classrooms.

English: City seal of Detroit, Michigan.
English: City seal of Detroit, Michigan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Liberal polices have all but destroyed our inner cities, leaving block after block of crumbling buildings covered with graffiti as a monument to their Utopian dream. Detroit Michigan was once a beautiful town full of wealthy millionaires living in stately homes.

Now it is nothing short of a dump thanks to liberalism. Corrupt liberal politicians, corrupt union bosses,  and just plain greed has left the city of Detroit looking like a nuclear bomb went off there.

High crime rates, violence, and mass poverty are the negative effects on society that liberalism causes. Keeping people poor, living in the slums, and dependent on the Government seems to be the top objective of liberals, and liberalism. If people were actually given a chance to become self-reliant, they would eventually find their way off the Government plantation, and start doing for themselves instead of looking for a freebie from the tax payers. Keeping people believing that they are entitled to receive said benefits like welfare, food-stamps, and free health care only encourages them to stay lazy and stupid!

So liberalism not only makes liberals very annoying to the rest of us, it creates whole generations of people who refuse to think for themselves, and have the courage to rise up and get off the Public dole. Anytime a black man succeeds in life he is ridiculed, and called 'uncle tom' for accomplishing what most are too lazy accomplish.

Liberalism effects our financial health in a negative way too. Higher prices for food, and energy cost us more money all the time. Liberals continue to pass new regulations that purposefully drive up the cost of everything we use everyday of our lives. They disguise it as being something good for us, yet it always ends up costing us way more than what they told us it would. Free Government health care is supposed to be the big savior of our society, but in reality it will cost every American way more in the long run, and limit our choices. Why do they always want to limit our choices?

Could it be that what they are after is total control over all of society? A very scary proposition considering what they have done to our society so far. So how long would it take for our cities and towns to all turn to rubble like Detroit if these people got what they want? Why can't the American people see how what liberals are after is to make everyone in America dirt poor and dependent on the Government, except for them of course.

That's what socialism does to a society, it strips it down to nothing and levels whole nations to waste which allow it to exist within the framework of their society. America is on the fast track to mandatory demolition unless it's citizens wake up before the next election, and throw the liberals out before it's too late.

So a recap of the social ill of liberalism/socialism, and what it does to a nation.

It drains people of their self respect, dignity, and personal wealth. It creates generations of individuals who expect to be given everything instead of having to work for it. It costs jobs while jacking up the cost of living through new taxes. Government programs, higher prices at the store, and the pump. It labels people, keeps them separated through the use to propaganda (The Race Card.Etc.) for political use. Liberalism allowed to run it's course always leaves devastation and ruin in it's wake, as our inner cities have become as third world villages with concrete.

Liberalism/Socialism places a target on those who produce something of value in society, like creating wealth and jobs that drive our economy, while creating greed and envy in the hearts and minds of those who do virtually nothing of value that aids society.

Liberalism gives a green light to immorality, while bashing Biblical moral values, and those who still hold those values. Liberalism gives porn gold stamp of approval as freedom of speech, right along with desecrating and burning our nations flag. Dare to stand up for what is truly right and you will be attacked by every liberal within striking distance.

Ask those who have physically stood up against abortion, liberals throw a fit anytime a pro-life group dares to try and stop a women from having her unborn child slaughtered by Planned Parenthood. Yet if anyone attempts to stand against the socialist occupy movement they are unpatriotic, and standing in the way of an expression of free speech. Since when it our of control rioting considering freedom of speech, especially when people are being raped, and personal property is being destroyed?

There is no doubt that liberalism is a major drain on our society. Maybe it should be outlawed? Or at least taxed to death! Any way you look at it there is no positive side to liberalism, it is a public menace that needs to be dealt with!  wiping it out would be a huge task, and take many years to accomplish, but would be well worth it. Kicking those politicians out of office who are liberals would be a start, then cleaning house is Washington D.C. from one corner to the next would help. Cutting unnecessary departments and positions would help out, and lowering taxes for all Americans regardless of wealth would stimulate the economy.

It's true that smaller government saves the tax payers millions of dollars, along with creating incentives for companies to create new jobs, and hire American workers. Limiting Government handouts while escorting people off the Big Government Plantation by giving them the incentive to want to be self-sufficient at the same time. Those who don't want a better life can do without the tax payers funding their bad habits, and crappy lifestyle.

Liberalism/Socialism, The Social Disorder - Prepare to be Eradicated!
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