Wednesday, May 02, 2012

America at Critical Mass

Have you noticed the enemy troops marching in our streets?  The Communist Commandos from Hell demanding we cough up our wealth to them, as they begin to perpetrate acts of violence against those who produce something worth while in this nation, like creating wealth and real jobs.

Have you noticed that Obama the chief perpetrator is dismantling this nation right before our eye's? Every day we have less and less liberty, as he and his socialist comrades strip us of everything our founding fathers fought to achieve for this nation. How long till our country collapses from within? Down through history every nation that has allowed perversion and immorality to take control of their society has found itself in ruins. America will be no different than they!

You can bet that hidden out of sight behind the scenes are numerous individuals that do not want to be scene or heard, but they are there plotting and executing their plans to overthrow this nation, consolidate the wealth of the land in their pockets, and reestablish this nation as a totalitarian state.

Obama is the puppet of George Soro's, and others like him, He does what they tell him too do, he is not ignorant, nor stupid, he knows exactly what he is doing. Obama thinks nothing of breaking our laws, and trampling our Constitution, and mocking our Christian heritage.

When Obama speaks sometimes he almost sounds conservative, but it's all a big smokescreen because his actions over the past 3.5 years prove he is a socialist to the core. The sad thing is that people believe this  schmuck!

I would dare say that there are a lot of stupid and ignorant people that just don't get it, and I would be completely justified in saying so. I know that many have awakened to the truth, but many are still asleep to the fact that by supporting Obama, they are shooting themselves and everyone else in the foot.

Obama and the Communists are waging a NOT-SO-CIVIL WAR against this country. We are teetering on the edge of our own destruction, and we are treating this election like it was just another election, and it is NOT just another election, this is CRITICAL MASS people!

If we fail to rid ourselves of Obama and his regime in November of 2012, we are in serious trouble, this is NO joke!

Obama is already attempting to set himself up as a dictator, bypassing Congress to force his socialist agendas down our throats, trampling the Constitution, and attempting to force the Catholic Church to violate it's teachings. I wonder if the Catholic Church will have the guts to stand up to Obama, and win the fight? If the RCC bows under pressure they will set the stage of Obama's regime to come in and demand every church in America do things contrary to Biblical teaching.

I am going to say this as clearly as I can! Obama and his regime MUST go by any means possible. America cannot do another four years of Obama's agenda and survive, we must stand and fight for what we believe in, even if it costs us our lives. Our Founding Fathers when they signed their names to the Declaration of Independence knew that is doing so, they were risking their lives, and the lives of their families. I ask you my fellow Americans, where today are the real men of valor who are willing to risk their lives to secure freedom and liberty?

The whole Occupy movement is part of their plan to disrupt this nation, and raise tensions, as they plot to stop us from voting Obama out of office. You notice that Law Enforcement is too chicken to really deal with these people, they may arrest a few for show, but they are right back out of the street before you can blink an eye. Why is the military, or militias not handling this? Occupy must be stopped!

Members of Occupy are anarchists who have NO respect for anyone or anything, they don't even respect themselves for that matter. Their whole purpose is too harass and destroy, too disrupt, and disrespect this country and it's citizens.  The violence will escalate as we draw closer to election time. Their plan of course is to cause a huge distraction so that we cannot see the dirty things Obama is up too. Occupy needs to be nipped in the butt once and for all, but who or what has the balls to do it?

Barrack Obama should not have been elected in the first place, and he should not be elected again. In fact, he should be forcibly removed from the White House, and put of trial for high treason, and then executed for his crimes against the Sovereignty of the United States of America!

Sadly though, nobody has the guts to get this done, they are all afraid of him, and refuse to act because of it. If we continue to be afraid of him, we will no longer be a free people, and we will find ourselves enslaved with our heads on the chopping block.
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