Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How about a National Tebow Day?

University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow sp...
University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow speaks about community service during the national championship team's visit to the White House and meeting with President Barack Obama. Screenshot of a White House video. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am sick and tired of seeing a good and decent American ridiculed, and treated poorly by the communists on the left!  I think it's high time something is done to shut them up once and for all. How about a one day event where people all across this nation show their support for Tim Tebow by posing in the now famous position, otherwise known as tebowing.

A few million people all moving into a public place, gathering in groups, and tebowing in support of Tim, and also acknowledging God at the same time. Can't you imagine the look on the lefties face? They would be horrified! It would be really fun to watch them freak out!

The left hates Christianity, they hate Christians, they hate people who dare to pray or express their faith in a public way. The hatred of the left knows no limits, it is incessant, like the fires of Hell itself. Now some women named Ashley Madison is offering one million dollars to any women that can prove they slept with Tim Tebow, of all the low down and dirty tricks. My fellow Americans we cannot let this stand, the time has come to make a point that they cannot dismiss.

Denver could not wait to get rid of Tim Tebow, they traded him to a team in New York, and I can imagine that Tim is not too happy about the move. Honestly I am not into football at all, but I am a God fearing American who is sick of liberals and the games they play.

Who wants to have some fun protesting the left with me?  I will set this up as an event on Facebook. I will pick a date and time for this demonstration, make it a good one!
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