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From Whence our Liberties are Derived

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For many years, the socialist left has been chipping away at our nations foundation, thereby weakening it to the point where it is in danger of collapse. It is the goal of the left to undermine our liberty and way of life. The prize they seek is total control under a socialist dictatorship. Their big problem is that Christianity is standing in there way, so they must first stomp it out before they can proceed with their evil plans.

The venomous attacks against our Christian heritage are like bullets from a machine gun. One after the other they come, as they attempt to create more holes in our nations foundation. They have been using every major institution in the country, and they have used these institutions to brainwash to millions of people, and now they are starting to launch their violent revolution to overthrow our Government.

Socialists want to replace our Constitution with a new socialist one that they claim will bring equality to our society. What they are not telling us is that there ultimate goal is to purge the American society of Christianity, much like they did in the old U.S.S.R where millions of innocent people lost their lives.

Muslims want to replace our founding documents with Sharia Law due to the fact that they do not consider our founding document to be God given, and they do not believe in liberty, and freedom of religion. Islam is not so much a religion as it is a form of socialist government. Muslims intend on taking over north America, and they are doing it from within our own borders, right under our noses.

Both the Socialist left, and Islam want total control over American society. Both want to stomp out Christianity by force of law, and the sword. Both are filled with hatred, and empowered by Satan. Either one would use the other to help accomplish their goals until they no longer needed them, then one or the other group would be on the end of the sword.

Any way you slice it (pun intended), my guess is that the left would disappear if they came into a power struggle between the left and Islam.  Yes liberal heads would be rolling for sure, gay’s first, then the rest of them.

A close examination of our founding documents shows us that our rights come explicitly from our Creator (God) and that these rights are ‘unalienable’- “incapable of being alienated, that is, sold and transferred." Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, page 1523:”

“They are a gift from the creator to the individual and can not under any circumstances be surrendered or taken.”

Our rights as American citizens are not derived from the documents alone, or from the Government, but from our Creator (God) who granted us these rights. The Government did not give us our rights, and the Government cannot take them away.

Among our God given right are the right of life, or liberty rights ,the right to pursue happiness.  We have is the right to speak freely, and the right of freedom of religion. These  rights have been under heavy attack as the enemies of faith and freedom are doing everything they can to limit these freedoms (rights) by any means possible.

The fact remains that it is impossible for them to remove our liberties, not even the courts have the right to limit these unalienable rights. We as American must take back this mindset that these rights that we enjoy are ours to keep until the end of time, that Government has no right to limit any of them, and that if Government or the Courts rule against our God given rights, they have become a tool of tyranny to be dealt with severely by the people, hence the right to bear arms.

Life is the first of these unalienable rights. The right to live freely within the law that sets forth both legal and moral guidelines for the behavior of its citizens is of utmost importance. Life is a precious gift that also applies to the very young; even those who are still in the womb have to right to live freely.

Yet the courts have decided that the unborn do not have this right, and this has led to fifty million plus unborn citizens being slaughtered. Just who the Hell does the Government think they are? What right to they have to decide who lives and who dies? They do NOT have the right to redefine rights that they never gave, because as Ronald Reagan stated “The Government is NOT God!”

Liberty is precious, and must be tempered with God’s Moral Law or else you end up with shear chaos. We see the fruit of this today in our society as men are basically out of control, as they have written off their creator to live by what is right in their own eyes.

The founders came to America for freedom of religion because they throne of England was corrupt, as it ruled the Church of England, and told the people what to believe and how to worship. They established the God given right of the free practice of religion without Government interference, hence the second amendment. Freedom of the press, speech, and religion are the three big ones that have longed defined America to be a free nation.

Liberty encompasses a lot of things, including the right to bear arms. An armed citizenry is the best defense against tyranny. The founders knew that if the citizens were armed, they would have a way to restore their liberty if it ever came to the point where revolution were necessary.

Government has NO right to control gun ownership! Government has NO right to tear down religious symbols from public view! The Government has NO right to limit or regulate free speech, or any of the rights of the people, because Government did not give these rights, and they cannot take them away!

The Government has the responsibility to protect the citizens from harm by keeping an active military, and maintaining federal, state, and local law enforcement organizations. Government has the duty to respect. Government has the responsibility to punish those who break the laws, and to even carry out the death penalty when necessary. Government receives it’s authority from God to carry out the task of punishing evil doers, although it seems that in the last 50 years that Government has not been doing it’s job.

Once we are, American citizens grasp the concept the founders expressed in our founding documents, that we have ‘certain unalienable rights’ that the Government cannot take away, we will again assume the power that was meant for us to have, not the Government. We hear a lot of talk about restoring our liberty, but it won’t happen until we quit relying on the Government, and start relying of on God and the rights he gave to us.

How truly blessed we have been as a nation. No other nation on this earth is so blessed by God except for the nation of Israel. No wonder Islam and the Left hate both nations so much, and want to see both destroyed. We must be ever vigilant against these dark forces of evil that want us dead. First let us cry out to our creator for help, may he again have mercy on us, and spare our nation, the United States of America.

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