Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ron Paul - A Risky Choice

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Just what kind of stupid statement has Ron Paul made this time? Is he smoking crack? Imagine the horrible outcome of WWII if we had not intervened in the war to stop Hitler?

Millions of innocent people were marched into gas chambers, or shot and dumped in mass graves, or experimented on without anesthesia. Just what the crap is Ron Paul saying here? Does he support this type of barbarianism? Paul say's "It's none of our business" really? So we should just sit by while innocent people are herded to their deaths? Sorry but that does not encompass the spirit of America. 

We as a blessed free nation have the responsibility to take a stand against evil in this world, and when a sadistic dictator is out of control, and innocent people are being killed for no good reason other than someone else's hatred of them, we must intervene and put a stop to it. American is responsible before Almighty God to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves. This is an outpouring of our nations Christian heritage, and must remain our mission, to stand for liberty!

Paul considers himself to be a devout Christian, yet his views that pertain to Israel and the Jews are clearly against everything the Bible teaches. For him to say that the nation of Israel should not exist at all, and for him to side with the Arab occupiers shows that Ron Paul has some serious issues with his own personal character.

Ron Paul claims to be against abortion, yet he would let millions of innocent people be murdered by a mad-man.  Just what kind of a President would Ron Paul be? According to his personal views not a good one, he would be a moderate version of Obama, and that is NOT the type of change we need in this country, nor the  type of President we need either.

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