Saturday, December 03, 2011

America's Salvation: It's NOT what you thought it was

Election season has heated up, and people are choosing sides. Nothing divides people more, next to the Gospel of course, than politics. With that said friends, we need to have a talk about the latest shake up that just occurred today.

Today, Presidential Candidate Herman Cain suspended his campaign bid for the White House, leaving thousands of hurt and disappointed people. Supporters gathered in Atlanta Georgia early this afternoon to hear what Mr .Cain's decision was going to be regarding his campaign. Mr. Cain made another poignant speech, but told the crowd that he was suspending his campaign because of the turmoil it was causing his family. Why we understand that the accusations against him were damaging to his reputation, and probably trumped up by the Obama camp, or the Paul camp, or both. We are hurting tonight, for no other candidate encompassed the things that Herman Cain did.

Now we don't know where to go?  We are lost sheep trying to decide whether to continue to fight for Mr. Cain, or throw in the towel and support another candidate. It is tough to make this type of decision when you were so die hard behind a great man like Herman Cain. Mr. Cain's unique qualifications of taking businesses on the brink of bankruptcy, bringing them back to life, making them profitable again. Our hope was he would do that for the nation as well.

I have said it repeatedly in other writings, and I will say it again! 

NO political candidate, party, or movement is going to save America!

What we need to save our nation is the one who it too us in the first place, God, our Father and Creator. I am shocked at how many on the conservative side blow off the message that we need to turn back to God by getting on our faces before him all across nation. What keeps you from seeking God? Are you too busy in your fast pace life? Maybe you need to slow down so you can take care of some business with your maker?

I ask you, Why should God bless America when America has turned her back on him and embraced numerous idols, instead of him? When we allow blatant sin to parade in our streets, why shouldn't he just level this country all together? Maybe this is why he allowed Obama to win the last election, and maybe he is going to allow Obama to finish destroying this country? After all, we deserve it

This nations ONLY hope if Jesus Christ! He alone has the power and authority to make us, or break us! There is NO salvation in any other, that is what the Scripture say's, so why are you looking too mere men to save you from disaster. Look to God Almighty!

God has the power to turn this election around, and give us a decent Conservative President to replace the mad man that is in occupying the office now. Just how long will people ignore the obvious? Fall our your faces and repent! Turn back to God, and preach this message across the fruited plain till the whole nation is on their faces seeking God!

Then we shall see the Salvation of the Lord God come down, and his mercy poured out upon us instead of his judgment.

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