Monday, September 26, 2011

Watch the 180 Movie if you Dare!

I have just watch one of the most humbling documentaries I have ever seen in my life. This 33 minute movie got right up in my face and confronted me with the evil that exists in our world. Everyone should view this movie for their own good, and have their family and friends view it also.

The 180 movie features Speaker, Author, and Pastor Ray Comfort as the questions several different people about Hitler, the Holocaust, and Abortion. The movie has a few graphic pictures in it relating to the Holocaust, and is not intended for small children. This movie is suitable for teens, college age, and adults.

I challenge you to view all of this documentary! There is NO way that anyone can watch this and not be effected by it's truth! In fact, I dare you to watch it! For those of you who would like to order copies of this movie, you can order DVDs of this movie from

Imagine this movie sweeping across the campus of a local university? Imagine the profound effect it could have in changing peoples lives, even their political views. There are those that will consider this to be dangerous, even propaganda, so don't be surprised if some express negative views of this film. Just keep spreading it to whoever you can! 

This Movie has the power to change peoples hearts and minds about even our nation.  As we are approaching another election cycle in America, there is no greater opportunity than too take this movie and make it go viral across the web, and across this nation.

This 180 Movie is a MUST WATCH! 

The movie is free to view at

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