Monday, September 19, 2011

The Power of the 911 Cross

So I hear a bunch of Atheists have filed a lawsuit claiming that the 911 Cross at Ground Zero in New York City, is Unconstitutional,  and causing them mental anguish.

A member of this Atheist group appeared of Mike Huckabee's show on the Fox News Network not long ago. When confronted by Huckabee and asked "How this cross was causing him mental anguish? The fellow deflected the question as if he never heard it asked, and continued to talk about something else. In other words, It is not really hurting him at all,  they just want to claim that it is hurting them so they can try to force the government to tear it down.

Did you ever stop to think why these people feel the need to attack every cross that stands in public view, on public land? Most Americans realize that the 911 Cross is not hurting anyone at all, and that it has a special place at the site of those horrific attacks on our country. I believe most Americans would favor including the 911 Cross in the museum commemorating the 911 attacks.

Here is the real point of this article!

These so-called Atheists by striking out against the 911 Cross, prove by their very actions! By opposing the cross they are recognizing the power of the cross!  The 911 cross made of two pieces of steel that once was a part of the WTC Towers, holds tremendous power because of what it symbolizes, Jesus Christ! These Atheists  may or may not know this on a conscious level, but at a sub-conscious level they are very aware of it's power, and the demons living inside them know it too!

Christians are aware of the power of the cross, and what it symbolizes. The cross means freedom, and liberty for the souls of men. It means Salvation, Redemption, and Forgiveness of sin! The cross holds great power because the Lamb of God sacrificed his life for all of us by allowing himself to die a horrible death, so we don't have too die for your own sins.

Yes those who oppose the Cross being displayed in public view only give more power to what it symbolizes. Their demonic hatred why it is meant to isolate, and eradicate Christianity, only gives it more power!  Persecution of the followers of Jesus Christ only causes them too grow stronger in their faith and fervor. So I guess a huge thank you should go out to all the Communists, Socialists, Mr. Obama and the Democrats, Atheists, and Muslims whose number one goal is too erase the Gospel of Christ from the Mainstream of America, and make it completely obsolete.

'On Christ the Solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand"

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