Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Those Two Faced Leftists - It's All About the Oil

Remember when President George W. Bush launched those attacks on Iraq? Remember how the leftists were screaming blood murder about America going to war? They kept insisting that it was all about the oil, and that the Weapons of Mass Destruction did not exist, and Bush was nothing more than a war criminal, remember?

Now the table is turned on them. Now the socialist puppet Obama is launching attacks in Libya, and Syria, and it's all about the oil, not about what Obama is claiming it is about. Sure Gaddafi is a Islamic maniac who is guilty of training and funding terrorists, but does that give Obama the right to bypass Congress and go to war to oust him? At least Bush got the permission of Congress did he not?

If there is one thing that Obama and his Socialist Democrat pals are good at, it is bypassing normal, legal channels, and doing whatever the Hell they want too!

I want to know where the anti-war crowd is now?

Why is operation pink not screaming at Obama for taking this action when we all know his actions are nothing more than a political scheme to make him look better in the public eye in time for the 2012 elections. We will drop tons of bombs, spend tons of money over there, and Gaddafi will still be in power, and killing his own people because that is what madmen like him do, Saddam did it too!

Obama already gave most of our money away to his communist friends who helped him get elected. They were disguised as being 'Stimulus Packages', and were nothing more than grand payola for the extreme left. His jobs bill only created jobs for union workers, not for regular Americans, and his energy bill, well God help us all but more peoples lives will be ruined if it ever takes full effect.

His health care bill is nothing but a big government takeover of our health care system designed to ruin the best damn health care system in the world. After all, it's not fair that we in America should have better health care than people in third world countries, and other socialist run countries. So here comes the know it all elite with their plan to spread the pain and misery all the way across the board so we all can experience it equally, except for them of course!

Here is another point I would like to make in closing. I would like to point out the total hypocrisy of the left in that they talk about how Gaddafi is was/is killing his own people, and must be stopped! My conservative friends!  Has not the left been killing our own people for years now under the guise of legalized abortion?  It's OK for the left to kill, so why can't Gaddafi do it also?

More reasons why I Protest The Left !!

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