Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Is Rob Bell a Heretic? or just Insane?

Recently a huge controversy has erupted over a video featuring Rob Bell, Senior Pastor of the Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, MI.  In the video Rob Bell confronts the viewer with questions concerning Heaven and especially Hell in which he ask’s question “Is Gandhi in Hell?”.  Most evangelicals would assume that Gandhi is most assuredly in Hell, but Bell then asks the viewer, “Are you sure about that?”.  He continues to challenge the natural conclusions that most Christians would arrive at concerning the subject of Hell, God, and what we know about Salvation.

Bell paints Almighty God as being mean, and angry, and Jesus as the person who came to save us from God. Bell appears too separate Jesus from God the Father, and paints an incorrect picture of the relationship between the members of the trinity. One would be left to wonder if Bell still believes in the Triune God? Or whether he even believes in Jesus being the only path to God?

Has Bell finally gone completely over the edge? It would appear so!  Pastors and bloggers alike have already branded Bell a heretic, and a Universalist based strictly upon his promotional video.  Is Bell just being slick about promoting his new book? Is this just a slick marketing campaign to create controversy to push book sales since his last book was a flop? Or has Rob Bell actually departed from the Christian faith and embraced false teaching?

The book is not even released yet. The book entitled “Love Wins” if it is anything like the promotional video is sure to anger many more individuals, and create much more controversy in months to come. Bell’s first book “Velvet Elvis” questioned the validity of the virgin birth. Bell seems bent on challenging the very Word of God itself, the deity of Christ Jesus, and very attributes of God.

Bell’s Church, Mars Hill meets in what used to be a big box mall store. Hundreds of people flock to his church every week to listen to him hurl questions at them. The problem is that Bell never gives the answers to the questions he hurls, and leaves the answers up to the listeners to decide for themselves.

The question is how many of those hundreds of people will continue to follow Bell’s teachings? And how many will find the common sense to wake up and go find a Bible preaching church that does not compromise the Gospel?

Is Bells brand of Christianity relative in nature? It would appear that the Biblical doctrine he once taught has been set aside for strange doctrines that do not hold water Scripturally. It appears that Rob Bell has gone off the deep end over time as he read the writings of many authors, when he should have been studying, and meditating on the Word of God.

My Bible states that “God is love, and in him there is NO darkness at all” Bell paints God as a mean, and hateful God that we needed saving from. Did Christ come to save us from a mean and angry God?  Or too save us from our sins, provide us a pardon, and justification by faith, which is reconciliation between God and us? This is often referred to as a restored relationship with God through Christ. This requires an act of our free will, we must choose to come to repentance, and receive the free gift of Salvation, this is how ‘Love Wins‘.

One would wonder if Rob Bell even believes in such a thing anymore?

If Universalism is true, then everyone gets into Heaven regardless of their chosen religion, they believe that every path leads to God. Bell even questions whether there is literal Hell in existence. God declares in His Word that Jesus is the only path to God, and way too Heaven, so who is right here, God or Rob Bell? 

The Universalist viewpoint disposes of the need of a Savior, and takes away the need for the Shed Blood of Christ on the Cross. God is just automatically saving every person no matter kind of life they lead here on earth.  If Gandhi somehow got into Heaven on his good works, then God is a liar when he say's that Salvation is by grace through faith, and that it is not the result of our so-called good works. Gandhi was a Buddhist who believed that Jesus was not the messiah, nor God in human flesh, a direct contradiction to Scripture.  

It appears that this what Rob Bell is aspiring too? Is he writing off the entire message of the Gospel, and then replacing it with a Universalist doctrine? It's obvious that he gets off on making people mad to make them think, something he does very well, but that does not excuse departure from God's Holy Word!

My Bible tells me too “avoid every appearance of evil”.  Do you think Rob Bell has followed that advice? Or do you think as I do that Rob Bell has gone off the deep end on purpose? Bell’s promotional video sure does give the appearance of evil, I wonder if his book will be just like his video? It appears that Bell is walking on some shaky ground here, and has departed from the Christian faith he once held too.

Friends if you attend Mars Hill Church, and are a Born-Again Christian who truly loves God, and believes His Word. You have two choices!  Give Rob Bell the Boot, and find a real man of God who will not compromise the truth to take his place. Or find a Church where the Pastor boldly preaches the truth of the Word of God! Get out of Mars Hill as quick as you can!

I hope that Rob Bell will see the errors of his ways, and turn back to the God of the Bible, and the Savior who he once knew. There is a slight chance that Bell never really knew our God? In that case, I would hate to be in his shoes on judgment day!

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InChrist1777 said...

It' sad that Rob Bell chose humanism over the word of God, in the bible it says that men who teach the gospel will have a harsher judgment from God for teaching falsely. If Rob Bell continues to preach like this he will be a walking, breathing false teacher, prophet in which the bible warns us about, so I agree that whoever is a member of Mars Hill needs to find a bible believing church that will give you the answers that Rob Bell is trying to question. Don't be deceived by Rob Bells questioning, after all wasn't it satan who in the garden of Eden questioned what God told Adam and Eve not to do?