Saturday, November 20, 2010

Uncle Sam, Grab A Hold of This !

By now every American has heard about the ordeals people are having go through, when they choose to fly the friendly skies.  Many American’s are livid over the new aggressive pat down procedure’s, where TSA agents are improperly touching people, and causing people to be very uncomfortable with the whole idea of flying in general. 

We want the TSA to stop treating American citizens as thought they were the enemies of the state, and keep their dirty hands off all our junk. The time has come to take action and fight back against the tyranny that has invaded our nation’s airports. Shameful pat-downs, and naked full body scanners just go way too far, and the government is too blame for it, so I have come up with a plan of action to fight back.

What law abiding, tax paying Americans need to do is boycott the airlines at all cost, when their bottom line if drastically affected, they will go to the government and urge them too back down on the unconstitutional invasion of our privacy. Why? Because the airlines are heading towards bankruptcy, they will become our advocates for change, change we can all truly believe in, no more scanners and pat-downs!

Oh ya I know many people say it’s no big deal, just walk through, raise your arms, wait for the scanner to circle around you, and it’s all over with. These people are missing the point! It is a BIG DEAL!  Soon it will be just put your right hand down on the table while we inject this little micro-chip under your skin, it only hurts for a second or two, no big deal, ya right! So you don't want to have a chip implanted huh? Then off too an FEMA camp you go !  A dirty pat-down today, a concentration camp tomorrow, all because the sheep of America would not stand up and fight when they should have.

They are sacrificing their liberty that was purchased with the blood of our forefathers, for a little bit of what they think is security, and these individuals that refuse to see the threat that this poses to their personal liberty, do not deserve liberty or security, to paraphrase Ben Franklin, with emphasis added.

I take you back to Mobile Alabama where a boycott of the cities buses finally led to the demolition of the segregated seating on those buses. When those wealthy white men’s pocket books were affected, they went to the city and demanded that the racist practice of segregation be stopped because they were going bankrupt.

The airlines will put pressure the government to stand down on these ridiculous security measures also, when they are loosing lots of money, and are eying the possibility of going out of business. Now do you get it?  Otherwise, if we continue to just be a bunch of stupid sheep and go along with whatever the government does, then we will continue to lose our liberty, until one day all of freedoms we held dear will just be gone, and what will we be left with then?

Those who are in power in Washington are driving us down the express lane too communism, where they will have ultimate power, and we will all pay the ultimate price! If the Israelis can screen people without violating them, surely we can do that here in America also. The problem is that we have people in power right now who love to harass and intimidate us, it must give Obama some kind of sick pleasure knowing that law-abiding Americans are being sexually assaulted every day in our nations airports.  

When the people in America wake up and see how we are being manipulated by the elites whom are hiding in the shadows where they think the darkness will conceal their evil schemes. The time has come to shine the light of freedom into those dark corners, and illuminate those who hide in their ivory towers, counting their millions of dollars, while some people in America are still without adequate food to eat, and adequate shelter.

It is time for Uncle Sam to feel something he does not like for a change!

We can take back our freedom by standing up and not flying until the government stands down their security tactics, and stops groping our privates. Stop treating the American people as though we were a bunch of terrorists. Let the airlines be responsible for their own security, and get the government out of our airports! Anything the government get's it's nasty hands into always becomes a disaster, if your haven't figured that out yet you must be blind, or not paying attention.