Tuesday, October 19, 2010

'So called' Moderate Muslims Protest Bill O'Reilly

The author of this article has again has his civil rights violated, and has been censored by the Examiner, which told him that this article was hate speech. He was given the choice of gutting the article of all of the controversial statements concerning Islam, or the article would be removed. Robert refused to change a word of the article because what he is saying is the truth! It seems that there are many people that simply can't handle the truth, and need to get over themselves at the Examiner, and throughout the lame stream media as a whole!
Robert Moon   October 19 at 1:27pm 
For the hate crime of telling the truth (that 9/11 was committed by Muslims), allegedly "moderate" Muslims (the ones who don't follow the infidel-slaughtering teachings of the Koran), staged* a quaint little protest outside Fox News studios in New York, pretending to have been personally equated with the 9/11 terrorists by Bill O'Reilly having stated a plain fact.

Let's review:

•Islam was born in violence, through the invasion and forced conversion of an entire city (Mecca) at the tip of a sword.
•It's Koran openly preaches** violence and bigotry toward non-believers.
•It has remained entrenched in self-initiated violence in every corner of the world since its bloody inception (Bosnia, Chechnya, Kashmir, etc.).
•Its followers danced in the streets on 9/11, stone women to death for being raped and start global deadly riots over cartoons.

Pardon Mr. O'Reilly for noticing that Muslims also murdered 3,000 innocent Americans on 9/11 (not to mention, decades of un-provoked attacks before that), but he in no way suggested that Islam in general is the problem (despite all the evidence that it is).

This "religion of peace" is in the middle of a global conquest against the rest of humanity and all the half-witted emotional hysterics of the left can do is storm out in self-righteousness indignation anytime anyone bothers to question or notice it.

The Ground Zero mosque is an in-your-face victory dance by a Hamas-supporting*** Islamic radical bent on rubbing 9/11 in our face. It would be like allowing Japan to build a monument at Pearl Harbor. It is beyond indecent, and for liberals to feign outrage and cry hate speech at the overwhelming majority**** of Americans for taking offense is a betrayal of this country.

The insane level of political correctness that allowed anyone to cover this protest with a straight face is the very same kind that made 9/11 possible, as well as the Ft. Hood massacre and many other preventable catastrophes for the United States (as I explained here*****).


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