Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Obama Say's "Trust Me"

Obama stated this the other day "Trust Me"

He wants the American people to trust his choice for the Supreme Court, a woman who has literally NO real judicial experience whatsoever, and is a radical socialist. This woman 'Kagan' is so far to the left of main stream America that even the high court itself is rejecting her at this time.

Leave it to Obama to find absolutely the worst person possible to fill the soon to be vacant spot on the court. What is this dude smoking man? Does he really expect the American people to trust him? LOL! ROFL!

The man who has done nothing but live a lie in front of us? Who has never produced his real birth certificate, who is using a SSN from the state of Connecticut? WHAT? Read it again if you did not get it the first time!

The guy who is even loosing ground within his own party of radical left wingers, who is taken his own party, the Democrats down into gutter even farther than they have every been before. In fact, they are about to loose their hind end in the November election, where it is expected that conservatives will again takeover Congress, and undo the as much of the damage the Democrats have done as fast as they can.

We all saw how the Dem's forced the so-called health care bill through Congress without going through the proper channels. They bypassed normal legislative protocol, and rammed it through to Obama's desk, against the will of the majority of American's that said NO to Obamacare!

Now they want to force this climate change bill though the same way they did the health care takeover bill, I mean, WTF people!! They completely ignore the will of the people they are supposed to represent, and do whatever the heck they want! Yes come November it's goodbye Democrats, hello Republicans! In 2012 it's goodbye Obama, can't wait!!

I mean why should we trust this fricking liar Obama?? We shouldn't !!

Obama is a puppet on strings that are being pulled from behind a shroud of darkness. He is being told what to do by people who do NOT want to be exposed, we need to expose them, and put an end to this BS socialist agenda they have. Who has the balls to learn the truth?

Who will stand up and tell the truth about how American's are being manipulated by filthy rich global socialist sitting in high rise offices, counting their billions, and pulling Obama's strings, if that's even his real name?

The only things we can really trust is God, the one true God, not the guy who thinks he's God sitting in the oval office.

America's only real hope is Yeshua(Jesus), God's only true messiah sent to us long ago to buy our pardon, and offer us soul freedom. If people in this land will return to the God that blessed our nation, return to follow his commands, we can see God turn this nation around in front of our eye's. Nothing we try to do ourselves will really fix the problems we have in this country, we are too far gone already, Jesus the Christ is our only hope!

Obama say's "Trust Me" hahahahhahahahha Right!! NOT !! LOL!!!!!!