Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let's Redistribute Obama's Money!

The Obama's made $5.5 million, paid $1.8 million in taxes. leaving them with $3.7 million in their pockets, that's a lot of money.

I made $0 this past year, since I am still unemployed, and looking for work. I did not even have to file tax paperwork this year in fact.

Is that fair?

Obama has made such a big deal out of the need to redistribute the wealth, so it would be only fair that he redistribute a portion of his $3.7 million landfall my way, at least according to his own words.

The problem with socialist's like Obama is, their words are one thing, and their actions are another. They want to take the money out of the pockets of hard working Americans, and redistribute mostly into their own pockets, while giving non-productive people in this country, a small portion of the spoils. This is straight out of the Saul Alinksky playbook, the bible of of the Communists, and Socialists like Obama.

Man It must be nice to be half-black, and extremely privileged as Mr. Obama is, too be educated at an ivy league school, and receive all that speech training, so he doesn't sound like the average black dude from the hood (i.e. Waz Up *), and such.

Maybe the CIA trained him, who knows?

Anyway, I'll waiting for my free handout, NOT!

What I need is a career assessment, more job training, and a stable career that yields a decent paycheck, and oh ya, Obama, Stay out of my pocket book. If I'm not allowed into yours, your NOT allowed into mine! GOT IT!

And that includes all the members of Congress too!

Thursday, April 01, 2010


News HQ Reporting - Several thousand people gathered in our nations capital to protest the Obama administrations plan to reform their health care by means of what we know as Obamacare. Unfortunately their voices seems to have been ignored by their Representatives in Congress. They are angry, and they are letting Congress know about it, what an angry mob they are!

The health care reform bill was forced through the House by the Democrats, who managed just enough votes to pass it, to the dismay of Republicans, and a few Conservative Democrats who voted against the plan. Republican now turn their attention to challenging the Obama plan in the courts, as well as working to repeal the plan before it is implemented throughout the country.

Angry Protesters still carrying signs sporting anti-Obamacare messages can be seen around the Capital, and in front of the White House this morning. A group of counter-protesters can be seen as well, carrying signs in support of free government health care, and shouting at the anti-Obamacare protesters in an attempt to intimidate them.

One counter pro-obama care protester we talked with earlier today stated "I wish these Obama haters would just go home and shut up already. The health care bill passed, Obama signed it, they can't stop it now."

It is clear to us however that the majority of Americans oppose the idea of Government run health care, and strongly oppose being told they must pay, or get hit with a hefty fine, and/or go to jail. Those is opposition to the bill also state that it is unconstitutional for the Government to mandate that Americans pay for a health care plan they do not want in the first place.

President Barrak Obama yesterday criticized the 'Tea Party' movement stating that it is totally based upon the birth certificate issue. Radical Leftist groups plan to counter-protest the next gathering of 'Tea Party' protesters slated to take place in Washington D.C. by infiltrating their ranks, and attempting to persuade them abandon the tea party movement.

Reports are coming in at this moment that there is a major pileup on the beltway, estimates are that up too 40 vehicles may be involved, authorities are responding to the incident at this time, we will bring you more as soon as we have the information.

President Obama this morning in a news conference stated that if his bid for "re-election fails, he will not return to Chicago, but will move his family to Europe where he will seek to run for political office, with the goal of becoming the head of the European Union", Also stating that "the political climate in Europe is far more progressive, and better suits his policies than does the United States". President Obama's statements were a shock to some, and a relief to others, either way he intends on continuing his political career one way or another.

The White House issued a statement moments ago that a commercial airliner has crashed on it's approach to Los Angeles LAX, It's unknown as to the extent of the crash at this time, we'll keep you updated as we get more information in.

This has been a News HQ update, we'll update you again in an hour, bye for now.

This just in - A strange sighting of an unidentified object in the sky was spotted moments ago in the northern sky over the North Pole. Witnesses are unsure about what it could have been, but said they found it to be a rather frightening sight. One man stated it appeared to be a man dressed in white, there was a quick flash of light, and then it was gone. We are waiting on word from Nasa, and other radar sources for confirmation as to what exactly people saw.

This just in - Certain members of Congress failed to show up for an important vote which left liberal democrats wide open to shoot down a Republican sponsored bill in an attempt to gut part of President Obama's health care program. This would be the part that forces Americans to shell out their hard earned money.


This Part is NOT a JOKE! - Jesus Christ could come back today, or any day soon, we don't know exactly when, but we do know this....planes, trains, and automobiles will crash by the thousands within a moments due to the drivers disappearing from the controls. Businesses will loose workers instantly, the government will loose a few people... The news media will loose people like Chuck for instance...

........oh oh! No it couldn't have been? NO! NO! He doesn't exist, get a reality check will ya! That's all a myth! What? Let me talk to Chuck.....What?..... HE'S WHAT! He's probably in the restroom, I'll wait till he gets out ok?

Minutes pass....Is Chuck back yet? NO! Where the %$#^$ is he? his clothes and his Headset are laying there, but he just disappeared?

Young children, Mom's, Dad's, even whole families will just vanish! Maybe even someone you are close to who is a real believer in Jesus Christ will be taken?

That angry mob of American's protesting Obamacare will suddenly become a small group, leaving only a few to wave tea bags in protest to the violation of their civil rights. The other group will stand there not knowing what to think as they witnessed hundreds of people just disappear.

Can you afford to keep denying that God exists? Can you afford to stay locked in a stagnant religion that call's itself Christianity? Should you continue to put of receiving Christ as Lord and Savior?

This Just In - Do you think that your a good person? Shall we examine that further?

We have all broken God's laws. We all have lied, stolen something, lusted sexually, used God's name in vain, and hated...and you know you have so don't sit there and lie about it. Don't you agree then that because you admit to breaking God's law that your not as good as you thought you were?

What were talking about here is the Ten Commandments, which are God's laws that everyone has broken regardless of who they are, including myself. So doesn't seem right then that he should judge you by the very laws you have admitted to breaking? And having broken God's Law's doesn't seem right then that he should punish you for having violated his laws? God is HOLY! He is perfect, and is law if perfect, so there is NO weaseling out of this one, and he is not gonna give you a minor slap on the wrist either.

So admitting to having broken God's laws, and that he would find you guilty of doing so, would he send you to Heaven or to Hell??

being honest with yourself you would have to say Hell because there really is no other choice for those who have broken God's law's, which is tantamount to committing a hate crime against God. So does that concern you? Do you want to know what God did so you don't have to pay that high price? Keep reading!

He came in the form of a man named Jesus of Nazareth. He was and is the true Messiah the Savior, who with his own body and blood purchased for you a pardon for breaking God's laws. Will you receive the pardon God has waiting for you?

If you want to receive the pardon from God, shoot me a mail on Facebook (protesttheleft), I will be happy to pray with you!

God Bless!