Friday, December 10, 2010

Why do Congressional Democrats Hate Rich People?

Hypocrite's, you Hypocritical Democrats in Congress.  You wanted to give renew the Bush Tax Cuts for a narrow margin of the middle class, but not for those who are the major producers in this society, whom you define as the  'Evil Rich People of America".  Why are they evil? Because they are wealthy?

Is this not a case of the black cauldron of the socialist elite, calling the kettle that actually contributes something worth while to this nation, black? What have you elitist Democrats contributed that is worth while? Not a damn thing! You have created as much bogus legislation as you could dream up, and jammed it through Congress by any means possible, even if it meant breaking the law, or trampling the Constitution in the process.

Why don't the rich deserve the same percentage of tax breaks the rest of us get? They still pay more because they make more, and they are generous in many respects, helping to aid those who have much less then they do.

I'm sure that the middle class would like to keep their tax cuts seeing that the Democrats have put into motion their power grab of our health care, by creating a Big Government plan to control what every American can, or cannot get in the way of health care. What about their energy plan to raise the cost of conventional energy sources through the roof in order to force Americans to seek alternative energy sources. What about the thousands of people who work in the coal industry, and rely on it for source of income?

Seems the Socialist Democrat Party wants to take America back into the dark ages through the use of Government control of about everything in our daily lives. They want to drive up the cost of food, energy, why they destroy our national infrastructure, and put more Americans in the bread lines.

Can you say the United Soviet States of Amerika? Can you? Or can you say the United States of Chinese America? Who do you think bought and paid for Obama? The Communist Chinese!

The Democratic Party is by all means the Communist Party in America. Their standards, and morals are clearly reflected by their actions, and the method to which they are going about creating an American police state where they are in control pretty much says it all!

Obama caved into the Republican plan to renew the Bush Tax Cuts that will also include the wealthy. He did this too save his own skin, but in the process he angered the hateful democratic elitists that are still in Congress.

In my opinion the Democrats are just shooting themselves in the foot, helping to guarantee that conservatism will finish them off in the 2012 election, giving conservatives the full control of Congress, and the White House.     

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Uncle Sam, Grab A Hold of This !

By now every American has heard about the ordeals people are having go through, when they choose to fly the friendly skies.  Many American’s are livid over the new aggressive pat down procedure’s, where TSA agents are improperly touching people, and causing people to be very uncomfortable with the whole idea of flying in general. 

We want the TSA to stop treating American citizens as thought they were the enemies of the state, and keep their dirty hands off all our junk. The time has come to take action and fight back against the tyranny that has invaded our nation’s airports. Shameful pat-downs, and naked full body scanners just go way too far, and the government is too blame for it, so I have come up with a plan of action to fight back.

What law abiding, tax paying Americans need to do is boycott the airlines at all cost, when their bottom line if drastically affected, they will go to the government and urge them too back down on the unconstitutional invasion of our privacy. Why? Because the airlines are heading towards bankruptcy, they will become our advocates for change, change we can all truly believe in, no more scanners and pat-downs!

Oh ya I know many people say it’s no big deal, just walk through, raise your arms, wait for the scanner to circle around you, and it’s all over with. These people are missing the point! It is a BIG DEAL!  Soon it will be just put your right hand down on the table while we inject this little micro-chip under your skin, it only hurts for a second or two, no big deal, ya right! So you don't want to have a chip implanted huh? Then off too an FEMA camp you go !  A dirty pat-down today, a concentration camp tomorrow, all because the sheep of America would not stand up and fight when they should have.

They are sacrificing their liberty that was purchased with the blood of our forefathers, for a little bit of what they think is security, and these individuals that refuse to see the threat that this poses to their personal liberty, do not deserve liberty or security, to paraphrase Ben Franklin, with emphasis added.

I take you back to Mobile Alabama where a boycott of the cities buses finally led to the demolition of the segregated seating on those buses. When those wealthy white men’s pocket books were affected, they went to the city and demanded that the racist practice of segregation be stopped because they were going bankrupt.

The airlines will put pressure the government to stand down on these ridiculous security measures also, when they are loosing lots of money, and are eying the possibility of going out of business. Now do you get it?  Otherwise, if we continue to just be a bunch of stupid sheep and go along with whatever the government does, then we will continue to lose our liberty, until one day all of freedoms we held dear will just be gone, and what will we be left with then?

Those who are in power in Washington are driving us down the express lane too communism, where they will have ultimate power, and we will all pay the ultimate price! If the Israelis can screen people without violating them, surely we can do that here in America also. The problem is that we have people in power right now who love to harass and intimidate us, it must give Obama some kind of sick pleasure knowing that law-abiding Americans are being sexually assaulted every day in our nations airports.  

When the people in America wake up and see how we are being manipulated by the elites whom are hiding in the shadows where they think the darkness will conceal their evil schemes. The time has come to shine the light of freedom into those dark corners, and illuminate those who hide in their ivory towers, counting their millions of dollars, while some people in America are still without adequate food to eat, and adequate shelter.

It is time for Uncle Sam to feel something he does not like for a change!

We can take back our freedom by standing up and not flying until the government stands down their security tactics, and stops groping our privates. Stop treating the American people as though we were a bunch of terrorists. Let the airlines be responsible for their own security, and get the government out of our airports! Anything the government get's it's nasty hands into always becomes a disaster, if your haven't figured that out yet you must be blind, or not paying attention.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

'So called' Moderate Muslims Protest Bill O'Reilly

The author of this article has again has his civil rights violated, and has been censored by the Examiner, which told him that this article was hate speech. He was given the choice of gutting the article of all of the controversial statements concerning Islam, or the article would be removed. Robert refused to change a word of the article because what he is saying is the truth! It seems that there are many people that simply can't handle the truth, and need to get over themselves at the Examiner, and throughout the lame stream media as a whole!
Robert Moon   October 19 at 1:27pm 
For the hate crime of telling the truth (that 9/11 was committed by Muslims), allegedly "moderate" Muslims (the ones who don't follow the infidel-slaughtering teachings of the Koran), staged* a quaint little protest outside Fox News studios in New York, pretending to have been personally equated with the 9/11 terrorists by Bill O'Reilly having stated a plain fact.

Let's review:

•Islam was born in violence, through the invasion and forced conversion of an entire city (Mecca) at the tip of a sword.
•It's Koran openly preaches** violence and bigotry toward non-believers.
•It has remained entrenched in self-initiated violence in every corner of the world since its bloody inception (Bosnia, Chechnya, Kashmir, etc.).
•Its followers danced in the streets on 9/11, stone women to death for being raped and start global deadly riots over cartoons.

Pardon Mr. O'Reilly for noticing that Muslims also murdered 3,000 innocent Americans on 9/11 (not to mention, decades of un-provoked attacks before that), but he in no way suggested that Islam in general is the problem (despite all the evidence that it is).

This "religion of peace" is in the middle of a global conquest against the rest of humanity and all the half-witted emotional hysterics of the left can do is storm out in self-righteousness indignation anytime anyone bothers to question or notice it.

The Ground Zero mosque is an in-your-face victory dance by a Hamas-supporting*** Islamic radical bent on rubbing 9/11 in our face. It would be like allowing Japan to build a monument at Pearl Harbor. It is beyond indecent, and for liberals to feign outrage and cry hate speech at the overwhelming majority**** of Americans for taking offense is a betrayal of this country.

The insane level of political correctness that allowed anyone to cover this protest with a straight face is the very same kind that made 9/11 possible, as well as the Ft. Hood massacre and many other preventable catastrophes for the United States (as I explained here*****).


Saturday, August 07, 2010

Tolerate This!

The Far left is always telling the right to be tolerant, or to practice tolerance, but the left is not tolerant, so why the * should we be?

The latest fight is over the Ground Zero Mosque that a radical Islamic Imam wants to build two blocks away from the World Trade Center used to stand. You remember that fateful day when Islamic terrorist hi-jacked four of our commercial aircraft, and flew two of them into the towers of the Trade Center, causing them both to collapse to the ground?

The left does not want to point a finger at the Muslims who are responsible for those attacks, they rather lie and say in was an inside job committed by the United States. The socialist left wants to screw with the facts, turn them around, and say that the people who died in those towers were Muslim, BS!

There is a pattern all throughout history where Islam when it is taking over a country, builds its Mosque’s on the most sacred ground that nation has. Look at what they did in Israel? What sits upon the sacred Temple Mount that God assigned Israel to build the Holy Temple of God? In fact, there are who Mosques up on the Temple Mount, and a constant battle for control of the mount.

I dare the left and the Muslims to practice what the they preach, let them be tolerant of America, Christians, and the Nation of Israel!

No more attacks against Christianity, or lawsuits to remove crosses from public view, or lawsuits to remove “In God We Trust” from our money. Let us see if they can do it or not? I am sure they cannot, so in that case they should shut their pie holes for good.

Building that Mosque anywhere near where those towers once stood makes as much sense as the KKK opening a chapter in a predominately-black neighborhood. You can about imagine what would happen if this were to take place, * would hit the fan man! The word ‘racism’ would be in play, and blacks would * their pants, and riot in the streets.

We have seen how the left treats Christians in the workplace, and in colleges and universities. We have seen how the genocidal maniacs at planned parenthood react, rather hatefully I might add, towards pregnancy resources centers, doing whatever they can to shut them down for fear that they will counsel women not to have abortions. There are many other examples out there we could bring up, but there is not enough time to do so.

Therefore, if the left is not tolerant, we will not be either!

The time has come to push the whole tolerance thing back in their face, to stand up and tell them NO! We will not be tolerant of evil, whether that evil comes in the form of pro-abortion, homosexual activists, environmental nut cases, PETA, or a Islam, we will NOT tolerate evil anymore!
I have asked liberals this question. “Does God hate evil?”

Funny how they never want to answer the question, but they are quick to call on us to be tolerant aren’t they? The answer to the question is ‘Yes!’ Nevertheless, they will never admit it, because they know that we are right, and what they support is wrong.

Therefore, my Conservative friends do not be afraid to call their bluff. We don’t have to take their lies and deceit anymore. The time has come for truth and justice to triumph in America once again!

Monday, July 26, 2010 censors conservative writer

A conservative writer on named Robert Moon, has been illegally censored by the Examiner for unknown reasons, except that his article pertaining to the ground zero mosque may have struck a someones nerve at the website. The company pulled the article from the site without any explanation, it's just not accessible to anyone at all.

The article entitled "Only 20% support ground zero mosque" made a bold statement that the editorial staff at the examiner, may have viewed as crossing the line, but I have read the article myself and fully agree with the authors point of view.

The article states that for Muslims to build a mosque on the ashes of ground zero, would be like Christians building a church on the ashes of an abortion clinic, a point well made by Mr. Moon in my estimation. and a great comparison indeed.

One of the greatest freedoms we have in American, next to the freedom of religion, is the freedom of speech, and of the press. Socialists on the left feel the need to continually violate the civil rights of the American people
in order to make their crappy message the predominate one. We have seem over the last few months how socialists trample the Constitution without even blinking when it fits there agenda to do so, and why would we expect anything different from these people now?

The action taken by the staff at is un-American, they should be ashamed of themselves!

There will be follow-up on this situation, stay tuned !

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Letter to BP - It's Obama's Fault Too!

Dear BP,

It has come to my attention that your company informed the Government and the President last February regarding oil and natural gas leaking from two of your oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, including the Deep Water Horizon.  Therefore, Obama was aware of the situation much earlier than he claimed, and he disregarded your companies request for help in trying to stop a very dangerous situation.

This means that they blame for this mess in the gulf belongs on Obama’s shoulders, not necessarily your companies alone. If these reports are true, why have you not publicized them?

I urge you that if this report is true, that the Obama knew on Feb. 13 as the report claims, he is squarely responsible for this disaster himself, along with his whole regime. It appears then that the Obama sat on the information for political reasons, knowing that a disaster was looming, and that they could use the situation too force their agenda to ruin this nation further.

I would also state that your company seriously needs to grow some balls when dealing with Obama.  He is NOT god as he thinks, and you do not have to bow to his stupid demands either.  You need to stand up to Obama, and be tough when dealing with him, do not let them intimidate you one bit.

I understand Obama has demanded that you place $20 million dollars into a fund to be run by the him, and the Government. I would strongly urge you NOT to do this unless the Government takes it through the due process of law. It is Unconstitutional (Illegal) for Obama to demand money out of you as he has done, the Government must abide by the law! 

Thank you for your time and consideration,

A True American

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque an Offensive Symbol

Most of you have heard about the controversial plans to construct a mosque at or very near ground zero, the former site of the World Trade Center towers. We Americans have not forgotten about what happened on fateful day when Islamic terrorists hi-jacked four commercial airliners, and crashed them into the twin towers, the pentagon, and the one that crashed into the field in Pennsylvania.

We have not forgotten that is was Islamic fanatics that murdered thousands of our fellow citizens, who died horrible, excruciating deaths, for no good reason than the pure hatred of Islam for America.

Now Imam Fiesal Abdul Rauf is campaigning as hard as he can to win over American support for this multi-million dollar Mosque that is slated to open 9-11-2011. Is it just me, or is something bad wrong with this picture?

A Mosque on the site of where they murdered thousands of our people, slated to open on the 10th anniversary of the holocaust his religion is responsible for? Did you know that it is traditional for Islam when they are taking over a country to build a mosque on the most sacred locations that exist in that country?

Think of the sacred temple mount in Israel and what is sitting atop it right now. There are in fact two Islamic mosques sitting in the place where the temple of Jehovah God belongs. What is ground zero I ask you? A scared place to Americans? A place where hate filled Muslims murdered thousands of our countrymen?

These Muslims in New York know exactly what they are doing, they know that most Americans will see this mosque as a slap in the face, they don't care at all what we think, they will build it anyway. They take pride if offending Americans with their smug arrogant attitudes, thinking they've got us by the balls or something. This ground zero mosque holds great significance to them, it is part of their plan to impose Sharia law on America, now do you see the importance of this issue?

This ought to infuriate every American, and we ought to be raising Hell in a way they will never forget. We must stop this mosque from being built at this location, at all costs! You know the left will give their support to the Muslims, and support the building of this mosque because they love to coddle the enemies of America.

These Muslims are using our democratic system against us to push their religion and religious system of law into the mainstream of our nation. They are also doing damage control to try and better the view Americans have of Islam, so that they can hornswagle us into believing every lie they tell us, don't believe them!

This Ground Zero Mosque is an affront to the American people, a symbol of Islam scoffing at us as they take over our sacred ground, and occupy it just like the Palestinians invaded Israel, and refuse to leave, so these Muslims will refuse to leave our sacred land.

Are you offended yet by the thought of this mosque being built on/or near the site of Ground Zero? You should be!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Obama Say's "Trust Me"

Obama stated this the other day "Trust Me"

He wants the American people to trust his choice for the Supreme Court, a woman who has literally NO real judicial experience whatsoever, and is a radical socialist. This woman 'Kagan' is so far to the left of main stream America that even the high court itself is rejecting her at this time.

Leave it to Obama to find absolutely the worst person possible to fill the soon to be vacant spot on the court. What is this dude smoking man? Does he really expect the American people to trust him? LOL! ROFL!

The man who has done nothing but live a lie in front of us? Who has never produced his real birth certificate, who is using a SSN from the state of Connecticut? WHAT? Read it again if you did not get it the first time!

The guy who is even loosing ground within his own party of radical left wingers, who is taken his own party, the Democrats down into gutter even farther than they have every been before. In fact, they are about to loose their hind end in the November election, where it is expected that conservatives will again takeover Congress, and undo the as much of the damage the Democrats have done as fast as they can.

We all saw how the Dem's forced the so-called health care bill through Congress without going through the proper channels. They bypassed normal legislative protocol, and rammed it through to Obama's desk, against the will of the majority of American's that said NO to Obamacare!

Now they want to force this climate change bill though the same way they did the health care takeover bill, I mean, WTF people!! They completely ignore the will of the people they are supposed to represent, and do whatever the heck they want! Yes come November it's goodbye Democrats, hello Republicans! In 2012 it's goodbye Obama, can't wait!!

I mean why should we trust this fricking liar Obama?? We shouldn't !!

Obama is a puppet on strings that are being pulled from behind a shroud of darkness. He is being told what to do by people who do NOT want to be exposed, we need to expose them, and put an end to this BS socialist agenda they have. Who has the balls to learn the truth?

Who will stand up and tell the truth about how American's are being manipulated by filthy rich global socialist sitting in high rise offices, counting their billions, and pulling Obama's strings, if that's even his real name?

The only things we can really trust is God, the one true God, not the guy who thinks he's God sitting in the oval office.

America's only real hope is Yeshua(Jesus), God's only true messiah sent to us long ago to buy our pardon, and offer us soul freedom. If people in this land will return to the God that blessed our nation, return to follow his commands, we can see God turn this nation around in front of our eye's. Nothing we try to do ourselves will really fix the problems we have in this country, we are too far gone already, Jesus the Christ is our only hope!

Obama say's "Trust Me" hahahahhahahahha Right!! NOT !! LOL!!!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let's Redistribute Obama's Money!

The Obama's made $5.5 million, paid $1.8 million in taxes. leaving them with $3.7 million in their pockets, that's a lot of money.

I made $0 this past year, since I am still unemployed, and looking for work. I did not even have to file tax paperwork this year in fact.

Is that fair?

Obama has made such a big deal out of the need to redistribute the wealth, so it would be only fair that he redistribute a portion of his $3.7 million landfall my way, at least according to his own words.

The problem with socialist's like Obama is, their words are one thing, and their actions are another. They want to take the money out of the pockets of hard working Americans, and redistribute mostly into their own pockets, while giving non-productive people in this country, a small portion of the spoils. This is straight out of the Saul Alinksky playbook, the bible of of the Communists, and Socialists like Obama.

Man It must be nice to be half-black, and extremely privileged as Mr. Obama is, too be educated at an ivy league school, and receive all that speech training, so he doesn't sound like the average black dude from the hood (i.e. Waz Up *), and such.

Maybe the CIA trained him, who knows?

Anyway, I'll waiting for my free handout, NOT!

What I need is a career assessment, more job training, and a stable career that yields a decent paycheck, and oh ya, Obama, Stay out of my pocket book. If I'm not allowed into yours, your NOT allowed into mine! GOT IT!

And that includes all the members of Congress too!

Thursday, April 01, 2010


News HQ Reporting - Several thousand people gathered in our nations capital to protest the Obama administrations plan to reform their health care by means of what we know as Obamacare. Unfortunately their voices seems to have been ignored by their Representatives in Congress. They are angry, and they are letting Congress know about it, what an angry mob they are!

The health care reform bill was forced through the House by the Democrats, who managed just enough votes to pass it, to the dismay of Republicans, and a few Conservative Democrats who voted against the plan. Republican now turn their attention to challenging the Obama plan in the courts, as well as working to repeal the plan before it is implemented throughout the country.

Angry Protesters still carrying signs sporting anti-Obamacare messages can be seen around the Capital, and in front of the White House this morning. A group of counter-protesters can be seen as well, carrying signs in support of free government health care, and shouting at the anti-Obamacare protesters in an attempt to intimidate them.

One counter pro-obama care protester we talked with earlier today stated "I wish these Obama haters would just go home and shut up already. The health care bill passed, Obama signed it, they can't stop it now."

It is clear to us however that the majority of Americans oppose the idea of Government run health care, and strongly oppose being told they must pay, or get hit with a hefty fine, and/or go to jail. Those is opposition to the bill also state that it is unconstitutional for the Government to mandate that Americans pay for a health care plan they do not want in the first place.

President Barrak Obama yesterday criticized the 'Tea Party' movement stating that it is totally based upon the birth certificate issue. Radical Leftist groups plan to counter-protest the next gathering of 'Tea Party' protesters slated to take place in Washington D.C. by infiltrating their ranks, and attempting to persuade them abandon the tea party movement.

Reports are coming in at this moment that there is a major pileup on the beltway, estimates are that up too 40 vehicles may be involved, authorities are responding to the incident at this time, we will bring you more as soon as we have the information.

President Obama this morning in a news conference stated that if his bid for "re-election fails, he will not return to Chicago, but will move his family to Europe where he will seek to run for political office, with the goal of becoming the head of the European Union", Also stating that "the political climate in Europe is far more progressive, and better suits his policies than does the United States". President Obama's statements were a shock to some, and a relief to others, either way he intends on continuing his political career one way or another.

The White House issued a statement moments ago that a commercial airliner has crashed on it's approach to Los Angeles LAX, It's unknown as to the extent of the crash at this time, we'll keep you updated as we get more information in.

This has been a News HQ update, we'll update you again in an hour, bye for now.

This just in - A strange sighting of an unidentified object in the sky was spotted moments ago in the northern sky over the North Pole. Witnesses are unsure about what it could have been, but said they found it to be a rather frightening sight. One man stated it appeared to be a man dressed in white, there was a quick flash of light, and then it was gone. We are waiting on word from Nasa, and other radar sources for confirmation as to what exactly people saw.

This just in - Certain members of Congress failed to show up for an important vote which left liberal democrats wide open to shoot down a Republican sponsored bill in an attempt to gut part of President Obama's health care program. This would be the part that forces Americans to shell out their hard earned money.


This Part is NOT a JOKE! - Jesus Christ could come back today, or any day soon, we don't know exactly when, but we do know this....planes, trains, and automobiles will crash by the thousands within a moments due to the drivers disappearing from the controls. Businesses will loose workers instantly, the government will loose a few people... The news media will loose people like Chuck for instance...

........oh oh! No it couldn't have been? NO! NO! He doesn't exist, get a reality check will ya! That's all a myth! What? Let me talk to Chuck.....What?..... HE'S WHAT! He's probably in the restroom, I'll wait till he gets out ok?

Minutes pass....Is Chuck back yet? NO! Where the %$#^$ is he? his clothes and his Headset are laying there, but he just disappeared?

Young children, Mom's, Dad's, even whole families will just vanish! Maybe even someone you are close to who is a real believer in Jesus Christ will be taken?

That angry mob of American's protesting Obamacare will suddenly become a small group, leaving only a few to wave tea bags in protest to the violation of their civil rights. The other group will stand there not knowing what to think as they witnessed hundreds of people just disappear.

Can you afford to keep denying that God exists? Can you afford to stay locked in a stagnant religion that call's itself Christianity? Should you continue to put of receiving Christ as Lord and Savior?

This Just In - Do you think that your a good person? Shall we examine that further?

We have all broken God's laws. We all have lied, stolen something, lusted sexually, used God's name in vain, and hated...and you know you have so don't sit there and lie about it. Don't you agree then that because you admit to breaking God's law that your not as good as you thought you were?

What were talking about here is the Ten Commandments, which are God's laws that everyone has broken regardless of who they are, including myself. So doesn't seem right then that he should judge you by the very laws you have admitted to breaking? And having broken God's Law's doesn't seem right then that he should punish you for having violated his laws? God is HOLY! He is perfect, and is law if perfect, so there is NO weaseling out of this one, and he is not gonna give you a minor slap on the wrist either.

So admitting to having broken God's laws, and that he would find you guilty of doing so, would he send you to Heaven or to Hell??

being honest with yourself you would have to say Hell because there really is no other choice for those who have broken God's law's, which is tantamount to committing a hate crime against God. So does that concern you? Do you want to know what God did so you don't have to pay that high price? Keep reading!

He came in the form of a man named Jesus of Nazareth. He was and is the true Messiah the Savior, who with his own body and blood purchased for you a pardon for breaking God's laws. Will you receive the pardon God has waiting for you?

If you want to receive the pardon from God, shoot me a mail on Facebook (protesttheleft), I will be happy to pray with you!

God Bless!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

To Control The People: Part I

Everything Liberal's (Socialists/Communists) do in the political arena is about one thing, and one thing only, social control! These hate filled political power brokers of the new age, huddle behind closed doors, making secret deals that effect the rest of us, and they could care less what the rest of America thinks.

You have just seen a perfect example of this with the so called health care reform bill, which is really nothing more than a social control bill disguised as health care reform. These socialist are not stupid, they knew exactly what they were doing when they voted yes to pass the HC bill. They knew they were casting a ballot to tax us all to death, and those who didn't die from being taxed to death, they would get later by denying them proper health care, and/or medication.

The American people made phone calls, signed petitions, sent pick slips to Congress, sent countless emails, and rallied on the steps of Congress, and they still ignored the voice and will of the people

Power in the wrong hands is a very dangerous thing, and this is a perfect example of what a bunch of power hungry socialist goons can do when they allowed to be in power. God help us all when we no longer have enough doctors to treat our ailments because many have quit the profession after their salaries were capped.

We see how the socialists control things, and reshape them in their image, take the major news media for example, their anti-American / anti-Christian bias knows no bounds. Americans are force-fed a left-wing slant, and many swallow it right down like it was gospel truth.

With the Government in control of health care, do you really expect to be taken care of properly? Seems that everything the Government touch's screw up, how can this be any different? Why do socialist's want to create such an outrageous federal entitlement? Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out their goal. Roger Baldwin, co-founder of the ACLU said it best, "The Goal is Communism".

Liberals (a.k.a. Communists), want to control us, and every facet of our lives for this one reason, Communism / Socialism !!

"They want to reshape our society into their image" states Rush Limbaugh on his daily radio show heard round the world over the EIB network!

What image you ask is their image? Well, it is one of a Socialist Utopia where they are totally in control of every part of society, where they are the elite that dominate society, and the rest of us are their slaves, and fodder.

Bread lines anyone?

If this so-called reform bill succeeds, if the courts fail to overturn it, and the states challenging it fail to beat it, then we will all be forced to hand over an outrageous sum of our money to the Government, and if we cannot or do not pay, they are going to fine us a large sum of money, and maybe put us in jail as well.

Then there is the issue of using our tax dollars to pay for genocide(abortions), the expansion of this heinous practice means they will be forcing us to pay for it. Another unconstitutional practice, and they know it, and they don't care one bit if you or I don't like it.

Does that sound like the American way to doing things? HECK NO!

Thomas Jefferson "When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

What we are witnessing is pure tyranny at work, and that means our liberty is quickly fleeting away, that is NOT a good thing. In order to regain our liberty we must rid ourselves of those who plot our demise by removing them from office ASAP!

The Government must fear We the People once again! We must elect individuals who will represent us, the American people, and not the special interests. Men and Women who will NOT be bought by lobbyists, who will NOT sell their vote under any circumstances! Men and Women who have real integrity, who do not hide behind a mask, pretending to be something other than themselves in order to get elected.

If we will not fight hard now to stop Obama and get his social control bill overturned, and discarded, then we deserve to become enslaved by the corrupt system that is in place. If we will not pray hard, then we deserve again to be enslaved by corruption.

This is in my opinion, "Full-Scale Civil War!" the socialist started it, and Patriotic, God-fearing American's are gonna end it!

Keep putting the heat on your elected officials, and on Obama. Don't stop fighting now this has just begun, the bill can be repealed if we work hard to defeat it. Socialist have long used the courts to manipulate things in their favor, it's time to turn the tables on them

"Give me Liberty, or give me Death!" stated Patrick Henry!

Let's restore our liberty!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

America's Obituary

The United States of America recently passed away from an extended illness. USA was 234 years old. Founded upon the concept of freedom, individual liberty. USA became increasingly sick as she allowed herself to slip farther away from the foundational truths of God's Word that she was founded upon.

She leaves behind many of her citizens, who now enslaved under a socialist system, having elected a socialist dictator to her highest office, he and his party the Democrats began too gut her Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

Prayers of Repentance may be offered in lieu of flowers, and/or financial gifts.

Private services were held in the hall's of Congress when the House of Representatives passed the dictators health care takeover bill that nationalized health care for all Americans, robbing them of their individual freedom.  On top of that they are forced to pay for the further destruction of human life through organized genocide, otherwise known as abortion.

Burial will take place at the hands of the socialist Democrats, and their allies. Further bills were passed that assaulted the conscious and values of Catholic, and Evangelical Christians alike. USA's enemies are within her, working extra hard too put the final nails in USA's coffin. The only thing left for America to do is to fall on her knees before the Almighty and beg for mercy.

There will be NO luncheon following the funeral due to the fact that SEIU food service workers are too busy rioting along with the rest of the occupy crowd, and won't be able too serve the ham buns, along with the Kool-aid. Obama suggests you eat some bread and water before attending the service, thank you.

God Save The USA!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Against the Will of the People: Part II

We are down literally to crunch time as members of Congress are poised to cast their votes on the most disastrous piece of legislation to come along since the hate crimes bill.

House Democrats are scared to death of the fallout that will occur if they pass the massive government takeover of health care, also known as Obamacare. On the other hand Obama is walking the halls of the Capitol today twisting the arms of Senate Democrats, to force yes votes out of them.

The problem is that they are calling this bill Health Care Reform, and it is a reform bill at all, it is a bill that will nationalize the health care industry in America, and place it under the thumb of a corrupt governmental system. This take over will also cause much damage to the free market, and well as freedom itself as under this plan some Socialist bureaucrat will now be deciding who lives and who dies, and you can bet it will be political in nature.

On top of that, Obama has been buying the votes of certain members of Congress, to help insure his socialist plan passes, not to mention the behind close door meetings they have held, and the back door deals they have been making.

The American people have spoken, and their answer is a resounding NO!

What part of NO do you stuffed shirt aristocrats NOT UNDERSTAND?


You Socialist Democrats are planning on shoving this down our throats, so in the next elections plan on us shoving it back up your asses! Your planning on charging us outrageous fines when we say NO to your corrupt government run plan. You egotistical brown shirt bastards intend to enslaving us under a fraudulent, and corrupt system designed to destroy our free market system, and further destroy our country.

If you pass this, be prepared cause there's gonna be payback in the near future. If you think American's are ticked off now, just wait! All hell will break loose if this bill passes, people are not going to take this kind of abuse from elected officials that are suppose to be representing them, not Obama.

I believe that the Democrats are on their last leg, and are so desperate for power that they will do anything to save themselves. That's why I believe there is a good chance that it will go down to defeat, but I can't promise it, We can only hope and Pray that it does.

If our elected officials continue to go against the will of the people, and buck the majority, and ignore the millions of messages they receive telling them to vote NO on certain legislation, then I'm afraid the people will be forced to take drastic measures in the next elections, and the one to come.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Obama and Radical Groups Seek to Ban Fishing

Once again the ignorance, and the arrogance of socialist leader Barrak Obama rears it's ugly head, as radical left-wing groups are hammering out a plan to stop American's from fishing for sport. Greenie-Weenies are scheming in the name of the environment, and animal rights to deny you access to America's waterway's, and unless you get angry and speak up you might as well hang your fishing pole up for good.

Millions of Americans fish for sport, it's part of a healthy lifestyle of many as it gets them off the couch, and out into the fresh air. Sport fishing is great for our economy, banning it would further harm our countries recovery.

This is just another plot by Socialists/Communists to screw over God fearing, Tax Paying American's, and nothing more. Tell your Congressmen NO! Do NOT ban fishing!