Tuesday, July 21, 2009

America is NOT Broke, Don't Fix It!

Obama and his Democratic Socialist partners in crime are at it again. First came the political payback's to their socialist friends at Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac in the form of Government bailouts. Next came financial bailouts for the failing automakers in Detroit, another political payback to big labor who helped pushed Obama into office. Then came a fake economic stimulus plan that did nothing for the country, the jobs Obama promised were not created, rather more people are out of work than ever.

Here comes Obama's gloom and doom energy plan that is designed not to increase our energy supplies, but force American's into replacing their current sources of energy with the new 'green' energy solutions.

Obama used the term 'Clean Coal' which is a joke, because anyone with a brain in their head knows that coal is dirty, and that it takes a lot of coal to create the power we need to run our lives. Clean coal is just a marketing term that sounds good to some people, the technology does not even exist to create 'clean coal'.

Next comes the attempt by democratic socialists to take over our health care system. They claim that our current system is broke because so many don't have health insurance, and can't afford it due to it's high cost, but the high cost is probably the partially the fault of the government, in that they are in cahoots with drug companies. It's all about profit! Not about people!

Democratic Socialists believe in full equality for everyone, so here comes the 'hate crimes bill' that they think will even the score in American society, making those who practice homosexuality safe from b from evil Christians, and others who find that type of behavior to be immoral. This bill contains a anti-bias section that is aimed at controlling a person thoughts concerning homosexuality. This legislation in fact will give sodomites a license to persecute Christians, and attack them at every turn, it is not about equality at all!

I used the term 'Democratic Socialist' Many times in this article, that is because I believe that is what Obama and many of the Democrats in Congress indeed are.

Democratic Socialism - A leftist political ideology that emphasizes the principle of equality and usually prescribes a large role for government to intervene in society and the economy via taxation, regulation, redistribution, and public ownership.

Government intervention, and management of privately held businesses is a big mistake. Anytime the government involves itself in the private affairs to our lives they screw everything up. That is why our founders designed a system of government where the federal government would be limited in size and power. Government was to be for the people, and by the people! Taxation was to be fair, and not without adequate representation.

Today it is very clear that we are not being fairly represented in government, that the government is a runaway train that is out of control, and needs to be stopped. Our country has problems, but it is not broke, and does not need fixing by a bunch of knit wit socialists who believe that nationalizing all private business is the answer.

When the Democratic Socialists have full control over all industry, what will they do next? History seems to suggest that socialist are not satisfied until they control everything, and everybody. You can dang well bet that they will ration health care, and decided who gets help and who doesn't, and it will be totally politically driven.

Obama's economic stimulus did nothing positive for the country, it created a huge amount of new taxation aimed at breaking people financially, by burying future generations of Americans in federal debt. Obama spouted about redistributing the wealth. This is something socialists believe is fair and equal, the systematic robbing of those who are productive via unfair taxation, and giving it to those who are not productive, or to their political allies to fill up their coffers for them.

The end result of socialism has always been mass genocide, something they have been knee deep in since 1973 when they legalized it in America. It's funny how Obama is so pro-black, yet so pro-abortion at the same time,considering that planned parenthood and other abortion providers have murdered mostly black babies, and other minorities as well. Yet Obama and his radical friends unequivocally support abortion on demand all the way through the third trimester.

Obama seem to think that being the President of the United States gives him the right to order other nations and peoples around. For instance ordering Israel not to build anymore in Gaza, how laughable! Like they give a crap what Obama has to say, in fact they are defying him by building anyway, and that's the attitude we need to have also. We need to defy Obama! We need to laugh him off, and do what we need to do!

America is NOT broke! Our health care is NOT broke! We are outraged as hell at the Democrats and their poster boy Obama! And were not going to take it anymore!

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