Friday, June 12, 2009

Museum Shooter Was Radical Leftist / Atheist

James von Brunn, the fellow who shot and killed a guard at the holocaust museum in Washington D.C., was not a "right-wing fanatic as the leftist news media is portraying him, but a radical left-wing atheist / Nazi!

His antisemitic views are very evident in his writings, and it is clear that he had intense hatred for the Bible, Christianity, and Jews alike, and that his political ideologies are more in line with that of B. Hussein Obama's, than of Rush Limbaugh's.

The radical leftist media types always like to paint anyone who commits this type of crimes as being 'right-wing'. The media lies through it's teeth, so what's new?

In my honest opinion CNN and the rest of the major networks are untrustworthy, and not worth watching, with the exception of fox news of course. I dare them to tell the truth about this guy, but they probably won't, cause it doesn't fit their socialist agenda.

Radical leftists are so hungry for power that they will do just about anything to get it, and I mean anything, even murder, even Mass murder! Oh YA! The left is already in the 'mass murder' business, it's called 'Abortion'. Their puny socialist minds can find way's to justify, just about anything given time and space for them to think, which we see is a dangerous sport indeed.

This is what happens when people reject God and his Word, and accept man's fallible word in place of it. When you rather trust in yourself, instead of a benevolent creator, and rather worship yourself, instead of giving God the worship He deserves.

Socialism / Communism being fueled by Humanism / Darwinism, and leads people to develop incessant hatred of all that is right and Holy, this fueled by Satan himself. Now we can understand what is fueling the homosexual agenda, the same vial hatred of God, His Word, and His Law! Adolf Hitler is reported to have been not just a socialist, but also a satanist, and a homosexual.

Hitler hated the Jews, that is historical fact, but others before them despised them also. Obama hates the Jews, and wants to give away Jerusalem to the undeserving Arabs who don't belong their. Obama is NO Christian! He is driven by the same vial satanic hatred that Hitler, Sanger, and other socialists down through history have been powered by.

This is what fuels people like James von Brunn to write such hateful things, and murder an innocent security guard at the holocaust museum, pure hate, pure evil!

Our natural compulsion is to annihilate them all, but God says that vengeance belongs to him, but he also gives government the authority to punish those who do evil,so Mr. von Brunn should expect no less than a death sentence.

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