Friday, June 26, 2009

Why Clean Coal is a Lie, and Green Energy is a Joke!

When Barrak Obama was running for the office of President of the United States, he promised what he called "Clean Coal", which my friends does not exist, and probably never will. It is an illusion, a mind game Obama and his socialist co-horts are playing with the minds of the American people, a act of redirection in order to drive the American people into extreme poverty.

'Clean Coal' will never happen because the technology they claim is being tested, does not even exist, they are lying plain and simple! Even Al Gore said so!

Let's take a look at the truth about America's energy sources!

Petroleum accounts for 39.8% of total energy we American's consume with most of this being used in the transportation sector. Natural Gas at 23.6% is mainly used for residential and commercial uses, and Coal at 22.8% is mostly used to create electrical power that we all use everyday. Nuclear power is at 8.4% and solely used to create electricity as well, and renewable and alternative sources of energy come in last at 6.8%.

Coal is mined here in America by American workers, transported by truck, rail, and ship to various places where it is used to power our homes and businesses. Six Million Americans in fact make their living supplying the rest of us with proven energy sources that work, and work well.

The House of Representatives just passed what is called the 'cap and tax' bill that if it is becomes law will raise the average Americans taxes to ungodly levels, placing an overwhelming financial burden on each American family. There are already so many of us out of work, and/or struggling to make ends meet, why would Mr. Obama and the Democrats in Congress want to make our energy costs soar through the roof to where we can't afford them anymore?

If this becomes law the average American family may be paying close to $3000 more than what they should be paying. Obama is working to drive costs so high that average Americans won't be able to pay for it, forcing them to change their energy habits, and seek other energy sources. This is political payback to the socialist eco-terrorists that voted him into office.

Plain and simple! More Americans stand to loose their jobs, and more people become dependent on the government for support, it's the same old Democrat bait and switch scam they've been running for years.

When your electricity bill jumps up 90%, will you be able to pay it? Or will you be suffering along with everyone else who now live in the darkness without power? What will you eat when you are forced to unplug your freezer/refrigerator because you can' afford to run it anymore? What about heat in the winter? Will you just dress in heavy warm clothes? How will you cook? Take a nice freezing shower how exhilarating! That is if you can still afford running water!

Obama and the Democrats want you to lick their boots, and put your trust in a new socialist government, that is what they are pushing us towards!

If you have any amount of commonsense left America, please write and call your Senators and tell then to 'Can the Cap and Tax Bill NOW!' Leave America's energy sources alone! NO new fees and taxes on our energy industries! Tell them the idea of Clean Coal is an absolute joke and you don't buy into it!

For years we have been listening to the socialist scare tactics aimed at filling the pockets of special interest groups, and corporations specializing in so-called green technologies. Just how much money are they raking in from painting the nation green? Green technology is now a huge multi-million dollar industry that is raking in our tax dollars to develop new energy sources, most of which can't touch petroleum, coal, and natural gas sources.

Obama promised that he would spike energy prices, and drive up the cost of everything we use on a daily basis. So how did he even get elected? Were American's not paying attention?

Just what do Americans think about the rising cost of energy?

We are being herded towards socialism/communism at an alarming pace. Socialists are not wasting time passing laws, and spending billions of our tax dollars in order to undermine our freedom, and way of life. Why isn't black America waking up to the fact that they made a huge mistake in supporting Barrak Obama for President? I hope that God will raise up more brave men like this guy below, who will speak the truth boldly from the pulpits of America!

Like the preacher said, we must pray for our nation if we are to see the Obama regime collapse, and commonsense restored to our land. Freedom is not free! Liberty does not grow on trees! There is a great cost to securing freedom and liberty, it usually involves bullets and bloodshed. I hope it does not come to that, but if it does I hope and pray that those on the side of liberty will prevail.

Monday, June 22, 2009

From Real American's to the Iranian People Protesting

First let us apologize for the national embarrassment in the White House, who lacks experience in the area of world affairs. Who vowed to stay our of the situation in Iran, yet issued a statement to your government that encouraged them to squash the protests quickly, so much for staying out of it!

Obama does not speak for the the majority of the American people. I assure you, we know what it is like to have socialists cheat their way into office, and tamper with the election results. We too feel that our last are election was rigged, and our votes were not counted correctly, so that Obama/Soetoro could occupy the highest office in our land he is not even eligible to hold.

We understand your anger! We understand your reason's for protesting, and our thoughts and prayers are with you as you are facing grave danger in your streets. W

We American's also protest our governments actions, and we know the cost of revolution, and it costs people their lives. We too have had to fight for our rights, and may have to again in the future at the rate our government is going.

We encourage you to stand boldly in the face of tyranny, to fight for your freedoms, it is the only way to win them. Freedom is a precious commodity that is purchased with the blood of brave man and women who refuse to back down, even under the worst of circumstances. Imagine if you can, a 'free Islamic republic' where people can speak freely, and have freedom to worship as they choose, or not too. Where elections are free of terrorism, or at least ours were until acorn, and the Black Panthers got involved.

Our nations founders left England to escape a tyrannical government that controlled the religious lives of it's citizenry, and tortured and murdered those who would not comply. We were founded as a nation where men could worship according to the dictates of their own conscious, speak freely without the danger of being killed, and hold free elections to elect whom ever they chose too.

Do you long to worship, and practice your religion in a safe environment? Then you must force out the murderous dictators, create a government that does not meddle in your religious affairs, and allow men and women to cast their votes without fear or being shot to death.

We would also encourage you to arm yourselves with weapons and ammunition so that when Ahmadinejad gives the signal to attack, you will be able to defend yourselves against his corrupted police and military forces. At that moment when they come to murder you in your own streets, you will have the means to crush his forces, and remove Ahmadinejad from power along with his corrupt government officials.

Yes some of you will loose your lives, as some of our people did, but winning your freedom is well worth the price.

We wish you God's speed!

The Real American People

Monday, June 15, 2009

Are you a Terrorist?

If you believe in Freedom, Liberty, Traditional Marriage, The Bible, Peaceful Assembly to in a public place to express your unhappiness regarding recent actions your Government has taken, in their eye's. your a terrorist!

Support A Patriot!

Help distribute weapons of mass information to wake up the people of this nation!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Museum Shooter Was Radical Leftist / Atheist

James von Brunn, the fellow who shot and killed a guard at the holocaust museum in Washington D.C., was not a "right-wing fanatic as the leftist news media is portraying him, but a radical left-wing atheist / Nazi!

His antisemitic views are very evident in his writings, and it is clear that he had intense hatred for the Bible, Christianity, and Jews alike, and that his political ideologies are more in line with that of B. Hussein Obama's, than of Rush Limbaugh's.

The radical leftist media types always like to paint anyone who commits this type of crimes as being 'right-wing'. The media lies through it's teeth, so what's new?

In my honest opinion CNN and the rest of the major networks are untrustworthy, and not worth watching, with the exception of fox news of course. I dare them to tell the truth about this guy, but they probably won't, cause it doesn't fit their socialist agenda.

Radical leftists are so hungry for power that they will do just about anything to get it, and I mean anything, even murder, even Mass murder! Oh YA! The left is already in the 'mass murder' business, it's called 'Abortion'. Their puny socialist minds can find way's to justify, just about anything given time and space for them to think, which we see is a dangerous sport indeed.

This is what happens when people reject God and his Word, and accept man's fallible word in place of it. When you rather trust in yourself, instead of a benevolent creator, and rather worship yourself, instead of giving God the worship He deserves.

Socialism / Communism being fueled by Humanism / Darwinism, and leads people to develop incessant hatred of all that is right and Holy, this fueled by Satan himself. Now we can understand what is fueling the homosexual agenda, the same vial hatred of God, His Word, and His Law! Adolf Hitler is reported to have been not just a socialist, but also a satanist, and a homosexual.

Hitler hated the Jews, that is historical fact, but others before them despised them also. Obama hates the Jews, and wants to give away Jerusalem to the undeserving Arabs who don't belong their. Obama is NO Christian! He is driven by the same vial satanic hatred that Hitler, Sanger, and other socialists down through history have been powered by.

This is what fuels people like James von Brunn to write such hateful things, and murder an innocent security guard at the holocaust museum, pure hate, pure evil!

Our natural compulsion is to annihilate them all, but God says that vengeance belongs to him, but he also gives government the authority to punish those who do evil,so Mr. von Brunn should expect no less than a death sentence.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

America - Here's Your Wake-up Call!

For more than 200 years, God has been held in a place of respect within our society. We were proud of our slogans "IN GOD WE TRUST" and "ONE NATION UNDER GOD", they meant something real, and we held them in a place of honor.

Not every American is a Christian in the true sense of the word, but most still had respect for our nations Christian heritage, and our nations flag was honored as the nations symbol of freedom, a bold reminder of the sacrifices made to secure our liberty.

Here comes the socialist's (liberals), the ACLU, and other so-called progressives with there anti-America, anti-Christian agendas to rid the nation of the Christian faith by assaulting our moral values through the means of abortion(genocide), the Homosexual agenda, Hollywood's filth, Rap Music, and a host of other venues.

The radical element within American society gets off by attacking every visible sign and symbol of the Christian faith, have you every asked yourself why? Because Christianity is the last great bulwark standing between liberty, and communism (socialism).

In order for socialism to succeed, Christianity must become extinct, a religion that is no longer necessary, based on an antiquated book that was just written by a bunch of men who are long since dead. This at least is the opinion of many young people today who have been brainwashed in the public schools, and universities. They have no use for the Christian faith. Jesus was just a nice guy that lived many years ago, he's dead too,and they are taught that the cross is an offensive symbol to be discarded. After all, we must not offend the Muslims, right?

The ACLU is simply the legal activist arm of the Communist Party USA, it's co- founder fully admitted that the goal of the ACLU was Communism, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Yet many Americans give money to this organization every year thinking that the ACLU is protecting freedom and liberty. BS!

First they forced evolution into the schools to undermine our educational system, then they made abortion(genocide)legal. Then they attacked the Ten Commandments!

They conned black ministers in New York to tear down the cross from their churches because it is considered to be offensive. Just like they used black ministers to preach the need to birth control(i.e. abortion) leading to the slaughter of the black race. This was done to keep their numbers down, figure it out America!

How can that be? The Very symbol of the Christian church torn down because it considered to be offensive, that's not all though. They did this in order to make way for the new messiah, OH let me guess who that be I wonder?

Don't forget the Mount Soeldad cross in California? and now they are going after the Veteran's cross in the Mohave Dessert! Do you get the point yet? Where ever a vestige of Christianity stands, the ACLU is sure to attack it to tear it down.

Recently the ACLU had Bibles seized from our soldiers in Afghanistan, and destroyed because they might be offensive to the locals. Yes sir the ACLU had their hand in that one too, not to mention a host of other assaults of faith and freedom, the list would be just too long.

We are closer now as a nation to becoming a socialist nation where the Christian faith is illegal, and people have to worship underground, much like in Red China. The faith that is founded on Christ Jesus, and the Bible that instructs us in the ways of God, also gives us the basis for Freedom, and individual liberty. So now you can see why they are out to remove the Bible from your hands, along with your guns, and ammo. Then if you won't bow down they will take your life as well.

Let us not forget that Communism/Socialism has killed over a hundred million people in the 20Th century alone! Why would we as a nation want to adopt such a hideous and evil form of government, knowing what that socialism kills every time, thousands of innocent people without blinking an eyelash.

If you don't believe me take a look at the abortion industry, they have already killed over 50 million Americans and made it look and sound like it was the right thing to do. Half the people in this country consider abortion to be a constitutional right, and support candidates that funnel out tax dollars into the coffers of the genocidal maniacs that are out to destroy us, and our way of life.

See how easy people buy into their lies, Americans are a bunch of sheep that are just waiting to be sold a bill of goods that is destructive to the liberty they say they love, and would die defending! We now have the poster boy of radical socialism sitting in the Oval Office, forcing our nation into oblivion by overloading us with incredible debt that we will never be able to pay off.

His campaign was a slick marketing ploy, full of deceit, and false promises in order to win the votes to get him into the office, and the American people stood there like a bunch of stupid sheep chanting "Yes We Can", screaming and waving their arms like a bunch of crazed lunatics. OH look! It's America's first black president! Who still has not complied with our laws concerning his real birth certificate, and his eligibility to even be in the position he is in,and his followers defend his breaking our laws.

Here is a wake up call of you America!!

Norman Matton Thomas (November 20, 1884 – December 19, 1968) “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism”, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” He went on to say: “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”

America has bought into every bit of their agenda hook, line, sinker!

We are living on the eve of our own destruction, and almost half the people in this country helped get us there. I won't mention any particular group, but they have darker skin than I do, enough said. Alan Keye's was blacker than Obama, and would have made a far better President.

I say leave the Cross alone, put the Ten Commandments up on that wall, and tear down the ACLU, the Communist Party, and say goodbye to the Democrats also!

I tell you honestly! There will come a time in the not so distant future where Americans are gonna have to put up or shut up! Blood will run in our streets, it's either gonna be theirs, or ours, let it be theirs! Better them than us!

Either Americans are gonna fight for their freedom at some point in time, or their just going to let these elitist socialist's run them into the ground. Are you gonna let the government decide your fate. as they let terrorists pour over the open borders to take over the Country, and murder as many of us as they can?

Here's a description of what you can expect under socialist oppression!

NO more vacations! No more fun! No more choice's! No more freedom of speech! No more churches to worship in except the government run church! No more ballgames! NO more Nascar! No more unlimited freedom of income! High taxes! NO representation in government! New taxes! very little food in your cupboards! The fridge is basically empty! Your loved ones already dead, or will be because medicine is impossible to get thanks to the government! New money! New Masonic Religion imposed by the UN, bow down or die! NO more anything you know and love! Place your head in between your legs, and kiss your liberty good bye, yes you can!

Reality begins to sink in doesn't it? If we don't squash socialism (liberalism) now why we still have the means to do it, we may never get the chance. What is your freedom worth to you? Are you going to continue to allow radical politicians to give your country away to globalist idiots who want to treat you worse than cattle?

Don't Tread on Me! A yellow flag picturing a snake stands for Freedom and Independence! This flag stands as a warning to the extremists who are attempting to destroy us, this snake bites!

America, Here is your Wake-up Call!