Sunday, May 24, 2009

Globalists Plan Population Jihad!

What do you get when you put a bunch of filthy rich global socialists in the same room together? You get a global cabal that want's to force you into submission to their plan for global population control.

Bill Gates of Microsoft,David Rockefeller the founder of the global socialist group the Bildabergers, that all these people obviously belong too. Oprah Winfrey the famous talk show host, Ted Turner the media giant, Warren Buffett filthy rich billionaire, and no meeting of global socialist would be complete without George Soros, and Micheal Bloomberg.

WND reports they attempted to meet under the radar as to not arouse suspicion about what they might be up to. Come to find out that they were discussing as to what the greatest global issue might be, and what they should do about it. Bill Gates spelled out his plan to cap the global population by at 8.3 billion. Excuse me! how exactly do they plan to do this? More dead babies? Forced sterilization? or Mass genocide?

I'm guessing that they will take aim at their political opponents, and anyone the disagrees with their plans. These people think of themselves of better than anybody else, and the rest of us as just dead weight to be manipulated as they please. Any plan to control the population should be considered to be extremely dangerous, and should cause great concern to every American citizen.

This is why the founding fathers gave us the right to keep and bear arms, in case the government got to big for it's britches, and needed some, shall we say, 'population control' or 'downsizing'! Bearing arms serves as a real purpose, that purpose being to protect ourselves from tyranny, which is what we are facing now as our government is clearly out of control.

Global socialists like Soro's and Rockefeller are of course masterminds behind the whole Obama fiasco, pulling his strings, instructing him on what to think and do, any questions? After we have been stripped of our money, then they will attempt to take our guns, and then our lives. The end result of socialism is ALWAYS mass murder! In fact, socialism has killed over 100 million people worldwide in the 20th century alone, I think they intend to top that in the 21st, if we let them.

American's need to come together in opposition to global cabals like the billionaires club, the bildabergers. A host of filthy rich bankers, celebrities, and government cronies all planning to take over the world, and turn it into one big iron curtain nation. In other words, they will eat high off the hog,consuming the finest cuisine money can by, while everyone else in starving to death!

NO! I'm not joking! That is what the old soviet union was like under communist rule. People were starving in the streets, could not get adequate health care or medicine, and religion was controlled by the government as well. Christians were forced to worship underground, just like in Communist China today, and the Bible was/is prohibited as well. The Russian Orthodox church preached what the government told it too, the true practice of Christianity was underground.

When the secret police caught Christians worshiping they killed them, or arrested them, either way it usually meant their life in the long run. This is the same reason our nations founders left England for the new land, to be free to worship God as they do chose without the governments interference. Christians who are imprisoned today in Red China, build your Christmas lights that you string on your tree every year in December. They are forced to work even if their fingers are all bloody from stringing lights, it is noting but slave labor.

This what global socialists are doing here in America, they are setting us up to be pheasants starving in the streets. Obama is pushing for government run socialized health care, and they are going to come after our guns sooner than you think. An unarmed citizenry cannot defend itself against globalist tyranny!

You ask why would God allow the United States to fall like this? I tell you the truth, America has forgotten the God of her forefathers, and has allowed evil to spread across the land largely unchallenged. We allowed socialists to kick God out of our schools, his laws were removed from the classroom,and the courtroom where they serve as a solemn reminder to men that they have broken God's laws. Give me one good reason why God should not decimate this nation right now, tonight, why were all sleeping in our comfy beds.

The solution is may be as simple as returning to the God of our forefathers in repentance, and humbleness, for He has promised that if his people will humble themselves and pray, he will come and heal our land. Unfortunately, I am afraid that there is not enough Christians in America these day's who are serious enough about Their faith, and who are willing to come before God and stand in the gap for the nation. So-called Christian's in America are lukewarm, have fallen for the lies of society, no longer believe the Bible, and no longer will receive sound Biblical doctrine.

America! Unless you REPENT! You shall all likewise perish!

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