Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SEX ED - None of the Governments Business

Many years ago government run schools began to teach about human sexuality, including the these lessons in science, and health education classes. Such information being taught in public schools has always been viewed as being controversial by many a parent, but doing so only opened the door for radical groups such as planned parenthood passing out free condoms, and force abortions on pregnant teenage girls without parental consent.

Knowing how the government works, they will sneek morally objectionable material into the program, and not inform parents as about what their child is being taught.

Now we live in the age of forced homosexuality, where the government run schools are now being mandated to teach same-sex practices, as well as other distasteful things parents rather their children did not have to be exposed too.

What stands in the way of the radical left's agenda to homosexualize your children, well, you do! You the parent stand in the way so they have to contrive a way to remove you from equation, and that would be to cut you out of the picture, and not inform you as to what they are doing in the classroom.

That's right now the push is on to completely strip parental rights from the schoolhouse altogether, and to force your children to sit through these lessons that violate their faith and values by striping away their right to opt out of lessons that they might object to.

Yes your five year old could be taught creative masturbation in his/her kindergarten classroom, this is the change you voted for, how do you like it? Do you hate it as I do, you should!

Forced agendas!, the way of the radical socialist left!

This is not the America I grew up in, and it is not the American way to forcibly violate the core values of parents and school children in order to re-educate them, and turn them into good little serfs of the Obamanation. These people do not represent American values, not do they represent freedom, and liberty. Their goal is to place every American in chains of socialism, and to destroy our Christian heritage, and strip us of every freedom and liberty we every had.

It is my opinion that the government has no business whatsoever teaching children about sexuality. I believe that sex ed should only be taught in the home, and the church should back up the parents with moral and spiritual training. The Bible should be read together as a family every night instead of watching pro-gay tv shows.

Biblical training begins at home, children should be taught about sex and intercourse ONLY when it is age appropriate. The subject of homosexuality should be taught to children after they have been taught about heterosexual sex, and it should be done in the light of God's Holy Word!

We teach our children that fornication, that is sex before marriage is sin, and adultery is sin, and homosexual behavior is sin, that these things violate God's righteous standard, that doing these things causes harm to us physically, spiritually, and emotionally. God our Heavenly Father knows whats best for us, and set up these standards of living in our best interest, not to chain us to a bunch of rules and regulations, but for our safety, and overall happiness.

The government of the United States under socialist rule however, does not give a dang about our safety, or security. It gives license to every perverse thing under the sun, allowing perverts to hide behind the law, and other perverts to use the government as a weapon to attempt to silence God fearing Americans by limiting their freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. Two items that stand in the way of the socialist homosexual movement that they other peoples freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.

I'll thank the government and the schools to get out of the business of sex education, and the sooner the better!

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