Saturday, February 21, 2009

Log Cabin Bigot "Christian's are Terrorists"

A Representative of the Log Cabin Republicans, a liberal homosexual lobbying group not directly affiliated with the Republican Party, has come out with a statement in which he, Jamie Ensley leader of the Georgia LC Republicans stated that "Christian's are Terrorists".

Ensley also stated ""Most Americans and people of medical science believe that people do not choose their sexual orientation. Groups like Americans for Truth simply want to divide Americans, and truthfully their group would be more welcome as a mainstream Nazi Germany organization, than an organization which provides any value at all in 21st Century America,"

Homosexual activists love to categorize conservatives as terrorists, bigots, and other nasty things in order to elevated themselves and their lifestyle choices. For Ensley to say that most Americans believe that people are born naturally homosexuals instead of heterosexual is absolutely ludicrous.

Statistics tell us that 80% of the American population fall on the side of traditional morality, this puts Mr. Ensley between a rock and a hard place with his assumption that most people buy into the 'born gay' theory that socialist activists like Mr. Ensley like to tout.

Catholics, Evangelicals, Mormons, and even many Muslims in America tend hold conservative values. This presents a major problem for socialists like Mr. Ensley who in their hatred of God and Christianity point their bony fingers at others and accuse them of bigotry and hate.

The scientific evidence can be viewed from different directions according to the bias of the individual(s) viewing the evidence. Scientists have been twisting scientific evidence for years in order to make it say what they want it too, take the evolution issues for instance, the same rule concerning personal bias is applied here also.

Homosexual activists will stop at nothing to vilify those who oppose their abhorrent sexual behavior. Calling Christian's terrorists because they hold fast to Biblical teaching concerning morality only proves how closed minded socialists are.

Christians will often show up at 'gay pride events' and attempt to reach out to homosexuals with the Gospel, this seems to incite anger among homosexuals who often strike out violently towards those who oppose them publicly. Christian have right under the law to gather and protest homosexuality,as do homosexuals to flaunt their sexuality publicly.

What these Christians don't realize many times is that telling someone that they are going to Hell is very offensive to that person, and makes them very angry, and resentful. You cannot reach someone for Christ when you are driving them away by offending them. People can't see that they have a problem called sin, and they cannot begin to understand the Gospel of Grace until they have first been exposed to the Law of God. The person who is practicing a homosexual lifestyle cannot see, not does he/she understand what they are doing is wrong, and they will always find ways to justify their behavior.

The Scripture declares that "The Law of the Lord is Perfect, Converting the Soul"

It is the Law of God that shows a person that they have a problem, that they are indeed dying, and under the wrath of the Almighty. Until they understand this, they will never understand the message of the cross because that message seems foolish to him/her.

But when we use the Law of God, the Holy Spirit will reveal to them the fact that they are lost, and have a sin problem. The Apostle Paul made it clear that the Law it what shows us that we have sinned before God. Without the Law, the Ten Commandments, the Gospel is waste of time because in his/her eye's they have not sinned against God.

There is NO need to argue about lifestyles, or sexual behavior with a person. That is the best way to turn them off forever, don't do it!

For those of you who are non-believers reading this article, I would urge you to consider the Law of God, and how many of them you have broken in your lifetime. Have you lied, stolen, lusted, or used God's name as a cuss word? If so you have broken God's law, and are subject to this wrath because of it. Just like if you get caught speeding 40mph in a 24mph zone. Do you tell the cop that the have not broken the law, that it does not apply to you? NO! Not unless you want to spend time in the slammer you don't! He is going to write you up for it, and you know it!

It's the same with God! You break his laws, you answer to him for it!

Now when you get to traffic court to stand before the judge to answer for the crime of speeding, the judge will ask you, how do you plead? Innocent or Guilty?

If you plead innocent, the judge will hear your side of the story, and then render a decision, probably not in your favor either. The judge is going to look at the law regarding the crime of excessive speed in a 25mph zone, look at the evidence against you, which is clear enough. Then he will fine you a large sum of money because according to the law and the evidence, your guilty!

It's like that with God also, on the day of judgment he is going to refer to his Law which is absolute. There will be NO pleading innocent here, NO stating your case, the evidence will be overwhelming, and the fire stoked and ready for you!

According to the Law of God, your guilty before him of violating his law. You sin was not covered, for you never received the pardon he had waiting for you, and you never came to repentance before him. So you still bear the weight of your own sin and guilt, and by your own choice you chose eternal death in the lake of fire.

Come to Repentance and Faith in Christ Today!

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