Monday, January 26, 2009

Conservatives - The New Negro Culture

Conservatives to be forced to the "Back of the Bus!"

That is the cartoon I saw this morning showed Rush Limbaugh, and a couple other conservative commentators sitting in the back of a bus, with Obama driving the bus. What is the message here the cartoonist is trying to get across?

I think he is warning us that Obama and his Communist friends plan on pushing conservatives and evangelical Christians into a dark corner, rendering them powerless in the political arena, and silencing the Christian witness by passing legislation that makes Christianity, hate speech!

Will Conservatives be forced to use separate restrooms, and drink from different drinking fountains as blacks has to many years ago? NO, but I am sure that we will be forced to become the new negro class to be persecuted, and treated like second class citizens for holding to real American values.

I believe that the Liberal Socialist Democrats expect to go unchallenged as Obama a is very arrogant individual, and does not care what the American people think, and plans on doing everything he has been programed by the the Communists to do. Obama is just a puppet! The real enemy is hiding behind the scenes hoping the American people never discover what is really going on here.

What is Obama's agenda you ask?

1. More Dead Babies.
2. Legalized Gay Marriage.
3. Tearing down America's Defense.
4. Working towards the confiscation of personal firearms.
5. Working towards instituting full-scale Socialism in America.

That's the best way I can sum things up. This is scary to think that a black socialist like Obama could even get elected into the position he is now in. What we need to ask ourselves now is in the heck we are gonna take back control of this country, and get Obama and the Democrats out of office?

Ronald Regan stated that the "Government is NOT God!" but those in power today sure think it is. They want every American to be utterly dependent on the government so that government becomes god-like, and every American forced into submission to them. They of course plan on being the rich ruling class, eating the best foods, and drinking the expensive wines, while everyone else in starving to death!! Just like in the old USSR!

We have a power hungry, blood thirsty monster in Washington D.C. today!

It's called the Democrats!!

The front for the Communist left, the party of sin and evil!

Looking for a real solution to stop Obama dead in his tracks?


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