Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Case of Carrie Prejean - Liberal's Just Don't Understand

Larry King has done it again, he has opened up his big mouth, and went over the edge. King is famous for his in your face approach, and knack for creating controversy. Anything to raise the ratings, and make people mad, which seems to be King's specialty.

The other night was no exception to that rule. King's guest was Miss California, Carrie Prejean, and like the pro that King is, he asked her a question pertaining to her settling out of court with pageant officials, and the 'sex tapes' she allegedly made when she was 17 years old.

Prejean responded to King that telling him his question was inappropriate, and she refused to answer the question. Prejean finally told Larry King that if he continued to ask questions that were inappropriate, she would walk off of his show, and rightly so. King has made millions over the years getting in peoples faces, but this time in sort of backfired on him.

I don't know about those sex tapes, have seen some of her photo's online, and read some of the less than favorable reviews written by leftist journalists who have no idea what a Christian is, let alone how they are supposed to live. Liberals in the media have a nasty habit of 'trashing' anyone who claims to be a Christian, or does not support their leftist viewpoints, they love to crucify them, it's a sport to them.

They think that anyone who calls themselves a Christian has to be absolutely perfect in every way, and they dig as deep as they can for any dirt they can find to use, and then they grind it in as deep as they can in order to berate the individual they are out to get. The leftist media is motivated my hatred, and hell bent of destroying anyone who dare stand up for Biblical values.

The truth is that the media euro-weenies don't understand Biblical Christianity, let alone the fact that we as individuals are just like them, fallible, and we as Christians are not perfect, just forgiven.

Carrie Prejean simply gave an honest answer to a very loaded question that fateful evening, never mind of course that it was asked by a foul mouthed, nasty homosexual blogger, who not only cost Miss Prejean her crown, but spewed vial hate speech towards her in the day's following the event.

The news media is still returning to this story, like a pack of dogs returning to their vomit, in an attempt to raise their ratings, while at the same time continuing their punishment of Prejean for stating the truth of what she believes. They (The media hound dogs) don't realize that not all of us were raised in homes where our parents smoked dope, and worshiped at the alter of free love, and if it feels good do it.

Some of us were raised in homes where we ate dinner together, had family devotions, or at least attended church together as a family. Some of us were taught right from wrong based on God's laws, not which ever way the wind blows. Some of us were taught to respect the flag of the United States, and to respect those who serve, or have served in the armed forces. While these leftist's loathe the military, and hate everything decent this nation has ever stood for.

I think it's safe to say the media and Hollywood just don't get it! They just don't understand, and they probably never will.

I'm a Christian, and I've seen Carrie Prejean's pics online, anybody can access them easy. Yes there is a couple where her rather lovely breasts are exposed. Carrie Prejean is a model, she poses for pictures,she made her own decisions, be them good or bad, whats done is done. Everyone makes mistakes in their lives that they regret later, even people in the media.

Yes I'm a Christian, but I'm NOT blind! I must say that miss Prejean is a rare beauty, very blessed, and a guy like me would die to have a woman who looked like her. Most of all, I appreciate the stand she took, and I applaud her for taking all the heat from the hateful left.

Keep Carrie Prejean in your prayers, she needs all the support she can get.

Carrie Prejean is a model, she poses for pictures, so what? She made her own decisions, be them good or bad, whats done is done. those

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Against the Will of the People: Part 1

When you can't pass your radical legislation into law on it's own, just place it on the back of legitimate legislation, and ramrod it through against the will of the American people, and that's exactly what the extremist Democrats in Congress just did.

They rammed a very partisan, and divisive piece of legislation through the House of Representatives. The Federal Hate Crimes Bill, the legislation aimed at giving radical homosexual out of control animals, extra federal protection by creating them into a special class, above that of regular citizens, all on the basis of where they stick there weenies v.s. where other people stick them.

This is ridiculous, stupid, and outrageous at best!

When laws are already on the books to protect these people from violent crimes, right along with everyone else, why the Hell do we need to give them special laws just for them??

This legislation gives the federal government the power to prosecute people simply for not liking homosexuality, for even thinking it is wrong, this is what is meant by anti-bias, or thought crimes.

On top of that this legislation gives federal protection to some 150+ different sexual orientations(perversions). Things you probably have never heard of, and more than likely don't want too know about. These laws are not about protecting those who practice homosexual behavior, they are more about punishing those who disagree with their sexual behavior and practices. Radicals want to destroy Christianity in America, close every church, burn every Bible, and kill every Christian. Obama and the Democrats are Communists, National Socialists, and very dangerous!

Heterosexuals were also included on the list, so any type of perceived bias against straight people can also be prosecuted under these laws. So if these radical sodomites get out of control, we can use the same law to nail them as well. Personally, I think that the federal hate crimes laws ought to include Christians, this would even the score, don't you think so?

Democrats think that they are going to ramrod every radical piece of legislation through Congress this way, we must find ways to stop them, we must remove them from office! We must vote Democrats and Weak Republicans out of office as fast as we can! Then we can look at impeaching the impostor Obama, the Devil's workman!

Our first defense is the Power of Prayer! Prayer changes things! We must claim God's Word, and by his power tear down the strongholds that Satan has erected, but only if God's people will humble themselves and pray. Only if America will turn and repent of her national sins! NOW!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gay Activist Sues Over Bible Translation, Again

A sodomite activist male from Canton Michigan, is again suing the Bible publishers claiming that their translations contain references to homosexual behavior, that he does not agree with.

Bradley Fowler claims that the Bible publishers added the word 'homosexual' when they revised their translations. He claims that the Bibles that contain this term have caused himself, and many other people who practice homosexuality to struggle with acceptance in today's culture.

Going back to the King James Version of the Bible, it uses the word 'effeminate', meaning (adj.)"Having qualities or characteristics more often associated with women than men." Click on the link below to read the commentary associated with 1 Corinthians 6:9.

Read Commentary Here!

The Bible clearly condemns homosexual behavior, in Leviticus 18:22 - “Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin."

The Old King James put's it like this - "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination."

Both verses say the same exact thing, their just from different times periods, and language has changed over centuries.

The real issue hear is not whether theses translations contain the word homosexual, or not. The real issue here is rebellious souls of those who think they can remain in their sin, be willfully ignorant of the truth of His Word, and still get into Heaven some day.

People like Bradley Fowler are only fooling themselves into thinking that they can continue to practice homosexual behavior, that God has condemned right along with Adultery, Fornication, and Incest, and still get into Heaven. These people are DEAD WRONG!

People love to create their own God in their minds that satisfies their own inner selfishness, because it allows them to drag this self manufactured God they've created,down to the level of their own sinful lifestyles, where they are comfortable, at least for now. They just continue on sinning, and enjoying themselves thinking that God is alright with what they are doing, and that could not be farther from the truth.

Those who practice homosexual behavior today in our society , are a deceived generation, a people blinded by the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. They are full of viciousness, and vileness. They angrily attack anyone who disagrees with their behavior, or their political agenda. Just like Bradly Fowler, they attack God and his Word to tear down the truth, to fit their sinful lifestyles.

I do not see any reason to argue with these people about how they live, or what they do, it is fruitless. I hold to the Holy Word of God that contains the Righteous Law of God! The Law that converts the soul, that shows a man that he broken the law, and desperately needs to be pardoned for his hate crimes against God.

Bradley Fowler is just pulling a PR stunt by filing these lawsuits. His real problem is that he is a law breaker, and needs to recognize that he has broken God's law, and truly repent and be saved! He uses a lot of Scripture on his blog, but he misses the point entirely.

Those who openly practice homosexuality in this culture love to point out all the Bible verses about not judging, and love they neighbor as thyself, while they willfully ignore the part that say's "Run from all sex sin".

We do not hate them, we hate their behavior, and their rebellion towards God.

Those who practice homosexuality and attend church claim to be 'Gay Christian's", an oxymoron? maybe? But some of these people genuinely believe that they are not living in sin, and can be 'saved', and still carry on as usual. They claim that they can continue to be 'gay', and still be a follower of Christ? If "all things are made new" as the Apostle Paul tells us, then they are lying to themselves, and everyone else. They are very much deceived!

A person who receives by faith their pardon from the Lord, is no longer what they used to be, they have become new creations in Christ Jesus. This is why anyone who has sinned sexually, including homosexually, can no longer continue to do so. God by the Holy Spirit begins to clean house, and God changes you radically from within. The Bible also say's that anyone who continues to sin on purpose, does not belong to Christ, a stern warning given to all of us from God.

Christ comes to live inside a new convert when the repent of breaking the Law of God, Confess that Jesus is the Christ - the Son of the Living God, and receive by faith their pardon.

Who we once were is erased, and Christ becomes our new identity, so how can a person continue to live as they once did? It is impossible to continue to live the same way when your whole thought life is being changed from within by the Holy Spirit.

Mr, Fowler! Crap or get off the pot dude!

Either you are a true, spirit filled, follower of Christ, and you genuinely want to be a follower of Christ, or, you are just misusing the Scripture that you don't even really believe, and have no business quoting it, which is it?

We however invite you to examine yourself in light of the Ten Commandments, the Law of God, and honestly see if you measure up to it or not. Exactly how good are you?

How many of the Ten Commandments have you broken?

If you have even told one little white lie sometime in your life, you have broken God's law, and are guilty before him of breaking it. Jesus said that if you break even one part of the law, you and I are guilty of breaking all of it.

So looking at it that way, how can a person ever hope of entering the Kingdom of God, when he is guilty of breaking God's law, and because of that is under the wrath of God for breaking it?

Very simply, God came to earth in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. By his broken body, and shed blood he purchased for us all a pardon, that is free to us just for asking. Jesus went around and loved people enough to call them to repent of their sin, and it is because of his love in us that we call you to repent and be saved!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our Soldiers and Elderly Deserve Respect


The Obama administration, and it' allies are putting pressure on our Veterans to commit suicide, by ordering the doctors at the VA hospitals across the country, to coerce these brave men and women into agreeing to euthanasia. If they get away with this, grandma in the nursing home will be next! I don't give a crap what that liar Obama say's, it's all BS!

Teach you children and grandchildren that old people are to be respected, and that they can teach then a lot of interesting things, they have a wealth of knowledge that they can share with the rest of us, their lives still have purpose and meaning. Teach your children to respect the flag of the United States, and to respect and thank those who serve, or have served in our military.

The left has been working to brainwash our kids for years, to where they no longer have respect for things they ought to have respect, but it's not too late to start teaching the younger kids now, we can instill in them yet the values that made this nation great!

Obama and his communist handlers hate our fighting men and women, and want them to disappear of the planet!

These men and woman have given their all! They have faced untold terror for the cause of freedom! They have fought our enemies on our behalf, and they deserve to be respected, and receive the honor due them for it!

Just who the Hell does Obama think he is?? And just where the Hell does he get off trying to hasten the deaths of our brave men and women??

What about his hideous health care power grab plan?

It will bring us only more death and destruction, more sorrow, and greater debt than any of us can every imagine. The American people have had enough of Obama and his evil plans, it's time for us to put our foot down once and for all, and put a stop to Obama and his communist pals!

Our injured soldiers deserve the best care money can buy, and all to often they are left out in the cold because of government red tape, and BS! I think the VA system needs to be overhauled to insure that these people are cared for properly, not discarded by a bunch of loony left wing radical communists.

Our Vet's deserve to be RESPECTED!

Make NO mistake friends, Obama is a full blown 'black' communist!

He plans on destroying this nation one bogus, disgusting socialist move at a time. He is NOT a Muslim per say, but he is an Islamic sympathizer, as most lefties are mainly because Muslims hate Jews, and Christians. They hate Isreal, and Obama has already tried to order them around, which is laughable because they simply 'flipped him off", and told him that they will do whatever they want to, he's not their boss.

Maybe that is what we need to do here in America too?

Obama and his handlers, and minions have a total disrespect for our military, the elderly, and the unborn. Much in the way Hitler hated the Jews, and made them his targets for extermination, so the left has targeted the American people the same way.

Our elderly deserve to be respected, they hold a wealth of knowledge that the younger generations can learn from, they deserve to be cared for, not given a little pill, or an injection to end their life.

Communists do not respect human life, they do not recognize the dignity that has been assigned us by our creator, and therefore they seek to destroy it. It is all about two major things when it comes to communists (socialists), money, and power!
The left is on a march for total power over the United States, and will stop at nothing to get what they want. They will terrorize the American people until they cower in their house in fear for their own lives.

We CANNOT let them get away with it people!

Are you ready to raise hell and high water to stop Obama!

Then keep the fires of disagreement stoked, keep showing up at town hall meetings, keep calling Congress, keep emailing them, show up and march against socialism!

We MUST stop Obama-scare NOW!

The lives of thousands of Americans depend upon what you and I do now to stop the nationalization of our health care! We can regain control of Congress and the White House, we can turn the tide for the good and reverse the damage Obama has done, we need everyone involved here, no one can afford to say "well, I'm not into politics", that doesn't cut it any longer. Get off you butt and start fighting for your rights, for your freedom, for the lives of countless VA's, and the lives of the elderly, and don't forget the unborn also.

The left has only been practicing their killing on the unborn since 1973, and developing their propaganda skills. They are poised to destroy anyone, and anything in their path, in order to achieve their goals.

Pray to God that they loose, and that we win this war for the heart and soul of America!

God Revive America!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Democrat Socialist's Full of Fear - Strike Out in Hate at Taxpaying Americans

When Barry (Barrak) Obama got elected as President we knew there was going to be trouble, we just didn't know how much. Now we have a pretty good idea of what he is all about, but we still don't know if he is who he claims to be, for he has not produced his real birth certificate to prove the place of his birth.

From day one Obama began his onslaught against freedom and the American way. Within his first one hundred days it was pretty clear the path he intended to take the nation down, and it was the wrong path, the path to the demise of our nation.

The first bill they pushed through was the so-called economic stimulus bill, some $700 billion of tax payer money that was made up largely of political paybacks, and tons of wasteful spending. This angered many American's as banks,mortgage companies, and auto manufacturers received millions of tax payer dollars that they squandered, and then came the list of demands that included shutting down many dealerships, and then we learned they were dealers who gave to the GOP.

Then came the Hate Crimes bill that they couldn't pass, so the democrats attached it to the back of a defense bill in hopes of sneaking it through to Obama's desk so he could sign it into law. The goal of this legislation is to silence all public opposition to the homosexual crowd, but the bill includes over 150 different types of perversions, all of which will receive federal protection if this bill makes it through to Obama.

Next comes the extreme environmental legislation aimed at crippling all of America by driving energy costs through the roof, making it impossible for the average American family to afford to heat their homes without going totally broke.

Then the Assault on the American health care system. The plan to socialize our health care, giving the power of life and death to socialist bureaucrats in Washington D.C., a huge mistake just like Obama.

Americans are fed up with Obama and the Democrats, they are speaking up loudly now, and the Democratic socialists don't like it one bit. The American taxpayers began showing up at democrat town hall meetings and voicing their opposition to the plan, and things began to get real ugly fast.

The socialist democratic leadership along with the White House began demonizing Joe six pack for exercising their Constitutional right to address their grievances to their government. Attempts to silence the opposition is not working, and the Democrats are getting very nervous about that fact, and since the Dem's have no real leg to stand on, they resort to the game of nasty name calling. Why? Because their scared of the American people, that's why! Here's some examples:

Father Threatened for opposing obamacare

Rep. Dingell compare concerned tax paying citizens to KKK!

San Fran Nan brands those who disagree as un-American

They thought that with having the majority in Congress they could do whatever they wanted to without opposition, but they weren't expecting all hell to break loose on them, oh well, too bad!

Taxpaying American's, Republicans and Democrats alike are screaming NO! NO socialist health care plan! NO! They are telling their Senators that they do NOT want this type of plan where the government rations care to whom it desires too, and expands the genocide against the unborn, and the elderly.

Team Obama has gone as far as too encourage people to spy on their neighbors, and report anyone opposition to 'the ones' plan to the White House. One conservative activist group says "Remember to send all your spam to".

They also have sent out union thugs to threaten and assault law abiding Americans at these town hall meetings for coming to speak up against Obama's health care plan. They are using 'craigslist' to recruit activists to lobby for the 'ones'plan for money. Who want's a full time job deceiving people, and helping to ruin the country?

My advice to all those no matter who you are, or where you come from. If you are opposed to obamacare, get angry, and get loud! Don't back down now because we have the democrats scared out of their wits. The far left leadership of the Democratic party is afraid that the rank and file will turn and vote against the health care takeover plan.

If we taxpaying, God fearing Americans will just hang tough, we just might win this one if we keep the faith, and keep up the pressure on our elected officials.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

America is NOT Broke, Don't Fix It!

Obama and his Democratic Socialist partners in crime are at it again. First came the political payback's to their socialist friends at Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac in the form of Government bailouts. Next came financial bailouts for the failing automakers in Detroit, another political payback to big labor who helped pushed Obama into office. Then came a fake economic stimulus plan that did nothing for the country, the jobs Obama promised were not created, rather more people are out of work than ever.

Here comes Obama's gloom and doom energy plan that is designed not to increase our energy supplies, but force American's into replacing their current sources of energy with the new 'green' energy solutions.

Obama used the term 'Clean Coal' which is a joke, because anyone with a brain in their head knows that coal is dirty, and that it takes a lot of coal to create the power we need to run our lives. Clean coal is just a marketing term that sounds good to some people, the technology does not even exist to create 'clean coal'.

Next comes the attempt by democratic socialists to take over our health care system. They claim that our current system is broke because so many don't have health insurance, and can't afford it due to it's high cost, but the high cost is probably the partially the fault of the government, in that they are in cahoots with drug companies. It's all about profit! Not about people!

Democratic Socialists believe in full equality for everyone, so here comes the 'hate crimes bill' that they think will even the score in American society, making those who practice homosexuality safe from b from evil Christians, and others who find that type of behavior to be immoral. This bill contains a anti-bias section that is aimed at controlling a person thoughts concerning homosexuality. This legislation in fact will give sodomites a license to persecute Christians, and attack them at every turn, it is not about equality at all!

I used the term 'Democratic Socialist' Many times in this article, that is because I believe that is what Obama and many of the Democrats in Congress indeed are.

Democratic Socialism - A leftist political ideology that emphasizes the principle of equality and usually prescribes a large role for government to intervene in society and the economy via taxation, regulation, redistribution, and public ownership.

Government intervention, and management of privately held businesses is a big mistake. Anytime the government involves itself in the private affairs to our lives they screw everything up. That is why our founders designed a system of government where the federal government would be limited in size and power. Government was to be for the people, and by the people! Taxation was to be fair, and not without adequate representation.

Today it is very clear that we are not being fairly represented in government, that the government is a runaway train that is out of control, and needs to be stopped. Our country has problems, but it is not broke, and does not need fixing by a bunch of knit wit socialists who believe that nationalizing all private business is the answer.

When the Democratic Socialists have full control over all industry, what will they do next? History seems to suggest that socialist are not satisfied until they control everything, and everybody. You can dang well bet that they will ration health care, and decided who gets help and who doesn't, and it will be totally politically driven.

Obama's economic stimulus did nothing positive for the country, it created a huge amount of new taxation aimed at breaking people financially, by burying future generations of Americans in federal debt. Obama spouted about redistributing the wealth. This is something socialists believe is fair and equal, the systematic robbing of those who are productive via unfair taxation, and giving it to those who are not productive, or to their political allies to fill up their coffers for them.

The end result of socialism has always been mass genocide, something they have been knee deep in since 1973 when they legalized it in America. It's funny how Obama is so pro-black, yet so pro-abortion at the same time,considering that planned parenthood and other abortion providers have murdered mostly black babies, and other minorities as well. Yet Obama and his radical friends unequivocally support abortion on demand all the way through the third trimester.

Obama seem to think that being the President of the United States gives him the right to order other nations and peoples around. For instance ordering Israel not to build anymore in Gaza, how laughable! Like they give a crap what Obama has to say, in fact they are defying him by building anyway, and that's the attitude we need to have also. We need to defy Obama! We need to laugh him off, and do what we need to do!

America is NOT broke! Our health care is NOT broke! We are outraged as hell at the Democrats and their poster boy Obama! And were not going to take it anymore!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Why Clean Coal is a Lie, and Green Energy is a Joke!

When Barrak Obama was running for the office of President of the United States, he promised what he called "Clean Coal", which my friends does not exist, and probably never will. It is an illusion, a mind game Obama and his socialist co-horts are playing with the minds of the American people, a act of redirection in order to drive the American people into extreme poverty.

'Clean Coal' will never happen because the technology they claim is being tested, does not even exist, they are lying plain and simple! Even Al Gore said so!

Let's take a look at the truth about America's energy sources!

Petroleum accounts for 39.8% of total energy we American's consume with most of this being used in the transportation sector. Natural Gas at 23.6% is mainly used for residential and commercial uses, and Coal at 22.8% is mostly used to create electrical power that we all use everyday. Nuclear power is at 8.4% and solely used to create electricity as well, and renewable and alternative sources of energy come in last at 6.8%.

Coal is mined here in America by American workers, transported by truck, rail, and ship to various places where it is used to power our homes and businesses. Six Million Americans in fact make their living supplying the rest of us with proven energy sources that work, and work well.

The House of Representatives just passed what is called the 'cap and tax' bill that if it is becomes law will raise the average Americans taxes to ungodly levels, placing an overwhelming financial burden on each American family. There are already so many of us out of work, and/or struggling to make ends meet, why would Mr. Obama and the Democrats in Congress want to make our energy costs soar through the roof to where we can't afford them anymore?

If this becomes law the average American family may be paying close to $3000 more than what they should be paying. Obama is working to drive costs so high that average Americans won't be able to pay for it, forcing them to change their energy habits, and seek other energy sources. This is political payback to the socialist eco-terrorists that voted him into office.

Plain and simple! More Americans stand to loose their jobs, and more people become dependent on the government for support, it's the same old Democrat bait and switch scam they've been running for years.

When your electricity bill jumps up 90%, will you be able to pay it? Or will you be suffering along with everyone else who now live in the darkness without power? What will you eat when you are forced to unplug your freezer/refrigerator because you can' afford to run it anymore? What about heat in the winter? Will you just dress in heavy warm clothes? How will you cook? Take a nice freezing shower how exhilarating! That is if you can still afford running water!

Obama and the Democrats want you to lick their boots, and put your trust in a new socialist government, that is what they are pushing us towards!

If you have any amount of commonsense left America, please write and call your Senators and tell then to 'Can the Cap and Tax Bill NOW!' Leave America's energy sources alone! NO new fees and taxes on our energy industries! Tell them the idea of Clean Coal is an absolute joke and you don't buy into it!

For years we have been listening to the socialist scare tactics aimed at filling the pockets of special interest groups, and corporations specializing in so-called green technologies. Just how much money are they raking in from painting the nation green? Green technology is now a huge multi-million dollar industry that is raking in our tax dollars to develop new energy sources, most of which can't touch petroleum, coal, and natural gas sources.

Obama promised that he would spike energy prices, and drive up the cost of everything we use on a daily basis. So how did he even get elected? Were American's not paying attention?

Just what do Americans think about the rising cost of energy?

We are being herded towards socialism/communism at an alarming pace. Socialists are not wasting time passing laws, and spending billions of our tax dollars in order to undermine our freedom, and way of life. Why isn't black America waking up to the fact that they made a huge mistake in supporting Barrak Obama for President? I hope that God will raise up more brave men like this guy below, who will speak the truth boldly from the pulpits of America!

Like the preacher said, we must pray for our nation if we are to see the Obama regime collapse, and commonsense restored to our land. Freedom is not free! Liberty does not grow on trees! There is a great cost to securing freedom and liberty, it usually involves bullets and bloodshed. I hope it does not come to that, but if it does I hope and pray that those on the side of liberty will prevail.

Monday, June 22, 2009

From Real American's to the Iranian People Protesting

First let us apologize for the national embarrassment in the White House, who lacks experience in the area of world affairs. Who vowed to stay our of the situation in Iran, yet issued a statement to your government that encouraged them to squash the protests quickly, so much for staying out of it!

Obama does not speak for the the majority of the American people. I assure you, we know what it is like to have socialists cheat their way into office, and tamper with the election results. We too feel that our last are election was rigged, and our votes were not counted correctly, so that Obama/Soetoro could occupy the highest office in our land he is not even eligible to hold.

We understand your anger! We understand your reason's for protesting, and our thoughts and prayers are with you as you are facing grave danger in your streets. W

We American's also protest our governments actions, and we know the cost of revolution, and it costs people their lives. We too have had to fight for our rights, and may have to again in the future at the rate our government is going.

We encourage you to stand boldly in the face of tyranny, to fight for your freedoms, it is the only way to win them. Freedom is a precious commodity that is purchased with the blood of brave man and women who refuse to back down, even under the worst of circumstances. Imagine if you can, a 'free Islamic republic' where people can speak freely, and have freedom to worship as they choose, or not too. Where elections are free of terrorism, or at least ours were until acorn, and the Black Panthers got involved.

Our nations founders left England to escape a tyrannical government that controlled the religious lives of it's citizenry, and tortured and murdered those who would not comply. We were founded as a nation where men could worship according to the dictates of their own conscious, speak freely without the danger of being killed, and hold free elections to elect whom ever they chose too.

Do you long to worship, and practice your religion in a safe environment? Then you must force out the murderous dictators, create a government that does not meddle in your religious affairs, and allow men and women to cast their votes without fear or being shot to death.

We would also encourage you to arm yourselves with weapons and ammunition so that when Ahmadinejad gives the signal to attack, you will be able to defend yourselves against his corrupted police and military forces. At that moment when they come to murder you in your own streets, you will have the means to crush his forces, and remove Ahmadinejad from power along with his corrupt government officials.

Yes some of you will loose your lives, as some of our people did, but winning your freedom is well worth the price.

We wish you God's speed!

The Real American People

Monday, June 15, 2009

Are you a Terrorist?

If you believe in Freedom, Liberty, Traditional Marriage, The Bible, Peaceful Assembly to in a public place to express your unhappiness regarding recent actions your Government has taken, in their eye's. your a terrorist!

Support A Patriot!

Help distribute weapons of mass information to wake up the people of this nation!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Museum Shooter Was Radical Leftist / Atheist

James von Brunn, the fellow who shot and killed a guard at the holocaust museum in Washington D.C., was not a "right-wing fanatic as the leftist news media is portraying him, but a radical left-wing atheist / Nazi!

His antisemitic views are very evident in his writings, and it is clear that he had intense hatred for the Bible, Christianity, and Jews alike, and that his political ideologies are more in line with that of B. Hussein Obama's, than of Rush Limbaugh's.

The radical leftist media types always like to paint anyone who commits this type of crimes as being 'right-wing'. The media lies through it's teeth, so what's new?

In my honest opinion CNN and the rest of the major networks are untrustworthy, and not worth watching, with the exception of fox news of course. I dare them to tell the truth about this guy, but they probably won't, cause it doesn't fit their socialist agenda.

Radical leftists are so hungry for power that they will do just about anything to get it, and I mean anything, even murder, even Mass murder! Oh YA! The left is already in the 'mass murder' business, it's called 'Abortion'. Their puny socialist minds can find way's to justify, just about anything given time and space for them to think, which we see is a dangerous sport indeed.

This is what happens when people reject God and his Word, and accept man's fallible word in place of it. When you rather trust in yourself, instead of a benevolent creator, and rather worship yourself, instead of giving God the worship He deserves.

Socialism / Communism being fueled by Humanism / Darwinism, and leads people to develop incessant hatred of all that is right and Holy, this fueled by Satan himself. Now we can understand what is fueling the homosexual agenda, the same vial hatred of God, His Word, and His Law! Adolf Hitler is reported to have been not just a socialist, but also a satanist, and a homosexual.

Hitler hated the Jews, that is historical fact, but others before them despised them also. Obama hates the Jews, and wants to give away Jerusalem to the undeserving Arabs who don't belong their. Obama is NO Christian! He is driven by the same vial satanic hatred that Hitler, Sanger, and other socialists down through history have been powered by.

This is what fuels people like James von Brunn to write such hateful things, and murder an innocent security guard at the holocaust museum, pure hate, pure evil!

Our natural compulsion is to annihilate them all, but God says that vengeance belongs to him, but he also gives government the authority to punish those who do evil,so Mr. von Brunn should expect no less than a death sentence.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

America - Here's Your Wake-up Call!

For more than 200 years, God has been held in a place of respect within our society. We were proud of our slogans "IN GOD WE TRUST" and "ONE NATION UNDER GOD", they meant something real, and we held them in a place of honor.

Not every American is a Christian in the true sense of the word, but most still had respect for our nations Christian heritage, and our nations flag was honored as the nations symbol of freedom, a bold reminder of the sacrifices made to secure our liberty.

Here comes the socialist's (liberals), the ACLU, and other so-called progressives with there anti-America, anti-Christian agendas to rid the nation of the Christian faith by assaulting our moral values through the means of abortion(genocide), the Homosexual agenda, Hollywood's filth, Rap Music, and a host of other venues.

The radical element within American society gets off by attacking every visible sign and symbol of the Christian faith, have you every asked yourself why? Because Christianity is the last great bulwark standing between liberty, and communism (socialism).

In order for socialism to succeed, Christianity must become extinct, a religion that is no longer necessary, based on an antiquated book that was just written by a bunch of men who are long since dead. This at least is the opinion of many young people today who have been brainwashed in the public schools, and universities. They have no use for the Christian faith. Jesus was just a nice guy that lived many years ago, he's dead too,and they are taught that the cross is an offensive symbol to be discarded. After all, we must not offend the Muslims, right?

The ACLU is simply the legal activist arm of the Communist Party USA, it's co- founder fully admitted that the goal of the ACLU was Communism, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Yet many Americans give money to this organization every year thinking that the ACLU is protecting freedom and liberty. BS!

First they forced evolution into the schools to undermine our educational system, then they made abortion(genocide)legal. Then they attacked the Ten Commandments!

They conned black ministers in New York to tear down the cross from their churches because it is considered to be offensive. Just like they used black ministers to preach the need to birth control(i.e. abortion) leading to the slaughter of the black race. This was done to keep their numbers down, figure it out America!

How can that be? The Very symbol of the Christian church torn down because it considered to be offensive, that's not all though. They did this in order to make way for the new messiah, OH let me guess who that be I wonder?

Don't forget the Mount Soeldad cross in California? and now they are going after the Veteran's cross in the Mohave Dessert! Do you get the point yet? Where ever a vestige of Christianity stands, the ACLU is sure to attack it to tear it down.

Recently the ACLU had Bibles seized from our soldiers in Afghanistan, and destroyed because they might be offensive to the locals. Yes sir the ACLU had their hand in that one too, not to mention a host of other assaults of faith and freedom, the list would be just too long.

We are closer now as a nation to becoming a socialist nation where the Christian faith is illegal, and people have to worship underground, much like in Red China. The faith that is founded on Christ Jesus, and the Bible that instructs us in the ways of God, also gives us the basis for Freedom, and individual liberty. So now you can see why they are out to remove the Bible from your hands, along with your guns, and ammo. Then if you won't bow down they will take your life as well.

Let us not forget that Communism/Socialism has killed over a hundred million people in the 20Th century alone! Why would we as a nation want to adopt such a hideous and evil form of government, knowing what that socialism kills every time, thousands of innocent people without blinking an eyelash.

If you don't believe me take a look at the abortion industry, they have already killed over 50 million Americans and made it look and sound like it was the right thing to do. Half the people in this country consider abortion to be a constitutional right, and support candidates that funnel out tax dollars into the coffers of the genocidal maniacs that are out to destroy us, and our way of life.

See how easy people buy into their lies, Americans are a bunch of sheep that are just waiting to be sold a bill of goods that is destructive to the liberty they say they love, and would die defending! We now have the poster boy of radical socialism sitting in the Oval Office, forcing our nation into oblivion by overloading us with incredible debt that we will never be able to pay off.

His campaign was a slick marketing ploy, full of deceit, and false promises in order to win the votes to get him into the office, and the American people stood there like a bunch of stupid sheep chanting "Yes We Can", screaming and waving their arms like a bunch of crazed lunatics. OH look! It's America's first black president! Who still has not complied with our laws concerning his real birth certificate, and his eligibility to even be in the position he is in,and his followers defend his breaking our laws.

Here is a wake up call of you America!!

Norman Matton Thomas (November 20, 1884 – December 19, 1968) “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism”, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” He went on to say: “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”

America has bought into every bit of their agenda hook, line, sinker!

We are living on the eve of our own destruction, and almost half the people in this country helped get us there. I won't mention any particular group, but they have darker skin than I do, enough said. Alan Keye's was blacker than Obama, and would have made a far better President.

I say leave the Cross alone, put the Ten Commandments up on that wall, and tear down the ACLU, the Communist Party, and say goodbye to the Democrats also!

I tell you honestly! There will come a time in the not so distant future where Americans are gonna have to put up or shut up! Blood will run in our streets, it's either gonna be theirs, or ours, let it be theirs! Better them than us!

Either Americans are gonna fight for their freedom at some point in time, or their just going to let these elitist socialist's run them into the ground. Are you gonna let the government decide your fate. as they let terrorists pour over the open borders to take over the Country, and murder as many of us as they can?

Here's a description of what you can expect under socialist oppression!

NO more vacations! No more fun! No more choice's! No more freedom of speech! No more churches to worship in except the government run church! No more ballgames! NO more Nascar! No more unlimited freedom of income! High taxes! NO representation in government! New taxes! very little food in your cupboards! The fridge is basically empty! Your loved ones already dead, or will be because medicine is impossible to get thanks to the government! New money! New Masonic Religion imposed by the UN, bow down or die! NO more anything you know and love! Place your head in between your legs, and kiss your liberty good bye, yes you can!

Reality begins to sink in doesn't it? If we don't squash socialism (liberalism) now why we still have the means to do it, we may never get the chance. What is your freedom worth to you? Are you going to continue to allow radical politicians to give your country away to globalist idiots who want to treat you worse than cattle?

Don't Tread on Me! A yellow flag picturing a snake stands for Freedom and Independence! This flag stands as a warning to the extremists who are attempting to destroy us, this snake bites!

America, Here is your Wake-up Call!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Say NO to Sotomayer!

I came up with TEN good solid reasons why we MUST STOP Judge Sotomayer from sitting on the Supreme Court of the United States,and here they are!

1) She's a Hard Radical Leftist!

2) She's is a Racist - She supports reverse racism

3) She is against Gun Ownership - She is against 2nd Amendment rights!

4) Atheists are excited about her nomination!

5) She supports drivers licenses for Illegal Aliens!

6) She supports amnesty programs for Illegal's!

7) She supports blocking local and state law enforcement officials from enforcing immigration laws!

8) Support's the invasion and occupation of several southwestern states, and separating them from the United States!

9) She has a 60% reversal rate!

10) She was nominated by Obama!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Globalists Plan Population Jihad!

What do you get when you put a bunch of filthy rich global socialists in the same room together? You get a global cabal that want's to force you into submission to their plan for global population control.

Bill Gates of Microsoft,David Rockefeller the founder of the global socialist group the Bildabergers, that all these people obviously belong too. Oprah Winfrey the famous talk show host, Ted Turner the media giant, Warren Buffett filthy rich billionaire, and no meeting of global socialist would be complete without George Soros, and Micheal Bloomberg.

WND reports they attempted to meet under the radar as to not arouse suspicion about what they might be up to. Come to find out that they were discussing as to what the greatest global issue might be, and what they should do about it. Bill Gates spelled out his plan to cap the global population by at 8.3 billion. Excuse me! how exactly do they plan to do this? More dead babies? Forced sterilization? or Mass genocide?

I'm guessing that they will take aim at their political opponents, and anyone the disagrees with their plans. These people think of themselves of better than anybody else, and the rest of us as just dead weight to be manipulated as they please. Any plan to control the population should be considered to be extremely dangerous, and should cause great concern to every American citizen.

This is why the founding fathers gave us the right to keep and bear arms, in case the government got to big for it's britches, and needed some, shall we say, 'population control' or 'downsizing'! Bearing arms serves as a real purpose, that purpose being to protect ourselves from tyranny, which is what we are facing now as our government is clearly out of control.

Global socialists like Soro's and Rockefeller are of course masterminds behind the whole Obama fiasco, pulling his strings, instructing him on what to think and do, any questions? After we have been stripped of our money, then they will attempt to take our guns, and then our lives. The end result of socialism is ALWAYS mass murder! In fact, socialism has killed over 100 million people worldwide in the 20th century alone, I think they intend to top that in the 21st, if we let them.

American's need to come together in opposition to global cabals like the billionaires club, the bildabergers. A host of filthy rich bankers, celebrities, and government cronies all planning to take over the world, and turn it into one big iron curtain nation. In other words, they will eat high off the hog,consuming the finest cuisine money can by, while everyone else in starving to death!

NO! I'm not joking! That is what the old soviet union was like under communist rule. People were starving in the streets, could not get adequate health care or medicine, and religion was controlled by the government as well. Christians were forced to worship underground, just like in Communist China today, and the Bible was/is prohibited as well. The Russian Orthodox church preached what the government told it too, the true practice of Christianity was underground.

When the secret police caught Christians worshiping they killed them, or arrested them, either way it usually meant their life in the long run. This is the same reason our nations founders left England for the new land, to be free to worship God as they do chose without the governments interference. Christians who are imprisoned today in Red China, build your Christmas lights that you string on your tree every year in December. They are forced to work even if their fingers are all bloody from stringing lights, it is noting but slave labor.

This what global socialists are doing here in America, they are setting us up to be pheasants starving in the streets. Obama is pushing for government run socialized health care, and they are going to come after our guns sooner than you think. An unarmed citizenry cannot defend itself against globalist tyranny!

You ask why would God allow the United States to fall like this? I tell you the truth, America has forgotten the God of her forefathers, and has allowed evil to spread across the land largely unchallenged. We allowed socialists to kick God out of our schools, his laws were removed from the classroom,and the courtroom where they serve as a solemn reminder to men that they have broken God's laws. Give me one good reason why God should not decimate this nation right now, tonight, why were all sleeping in our comfy beds.

The solution is may be as simple as returning to the God of our forefathers in repentance, and humbleness, for He has promised that if his people will humble themselves and pray, he will come and heal our land. Unfortunately, I am afraid that there is not enough Christians in America these day's who are serious enough about Their faith, and who are willing to come before God and stand in the gap for the nation. So-called Christian's in America are lukewarm, have fallen for the lies of society, no longer believe the Bible, and no longer will receive sound Biblical doctrine.

America! Unless you REPENT! You shall all likewise perish!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Defending the Indefensable - White Washing Genocide, Hitler Style!

Mr. Obama stood before the students and faculty of Notre Dame University, and built his case to continue and expand the socialist genocide against helpless infants who reside within the sanctity of their mothers womb. He made statements in regards to protecting women's rights, and "reducing unintended pregnancies". Just how does Obama plan to 'reduce unintended pregnancies'?

How does Obama intended to do this?

Is he going to encourage young women not to have sex until marriage?

Is he going to encourage young men not to engage in sex until marriage?

or was he actually stating that he intends to expand abortion (genocide), what socialist white wash as being family planning, or women's health services?

That's it! Use language that makes it sound so much better, so neat and clean!

Somehow I don't ever see this confronting the reality of abortion, do you?

I mean, if he actually went to watched an abortion procedure, would he come away with a changed heart and mind? Probably not, because he has been programed by his socialist handlers to be a cold blooded communist, a treacherous individual who comes off so smooth and nice on the outside, but on the inside is a seething pot of vial hatred!

Liberals (socialist's) have been challenged for years to go watch an abortion, and just like Obama, they won't because they don't dare to confront what they support in theory. It is easy to sit in Congress and cast votes to expand abortion (genocidal)
services in the name of 'A woman's right to choose'.

It is just as easy for Obama to stand in front of a crowd of socialized Roman Catholics, and preach his false gospel of 'reducing unintended pregnancies'.

Let's examine the truth regarding the abortion industry that socialist's like Obama don't want you to know:

1. Abortion targets minority groups, it has since the day's of it's inception in America, and it always will. Black's, Hispanic's, and other minority groups were targeted on purpose to reduce their numbers in American society, this was done for political reasons, get a clue people! Margret Sanger the racists founder of what we now call 'Planned Parenthood', was deep into the writings of Adolf Hitler, as well as a student of the Occult. She believed that blacks and other minority groups bred recklessly, and needed to be exterminated. She targeted other groups also such as Jew's, and Christians as well.

2. Population Control through the use of Eugenics. Eugenics is simply considered a science that involves tweaking the gene pool of humanity to create the ultimate race of human beings. Does that ring a bell? It was Hitler that claimed that the Jews were an inferior race, and made his case for exterminating them all! Margret Sanger was from the same school of thought, why do do think she targeted blacks? Black ministers bought into her theory, and they led the black population in America into the 'gas chambers' of planned parenthood so to speak! They are still doing it! and now they elected the poster boy of Nazism to the highest office in the land, nice going!

3. The Abortion industry covers up crimes to protect it's image! Everything from child sexual abuse, incest, and rape have gone unreported by planned parenthood and other houses of genocide. Women have been injured by so-called safe and legal procedures, some women have even lost their lives, and the clinic's could care less because it's just another day, another seven thousand dollars in their coffers. They have also protected pedophiles, this is inexcusable!

So Obama wants to expand these services huh?

Abortion is the most hateful, racist, and satanic thing going on in America. How can anyone with a heart,soul, and a mind support it?

NO amount of political whitewashing will ever remove the stain that this genocide (abortion) has left on this nation. How anyone can stand up and defend this barbaric, hideous thing, and be a sane person? Abortion is NOT about health, it's NOT about women, and it's not about reducing unintended pregnancies either, it's cold blooded MURDER!

Let's make for sure that Obama goes down in History as being 'Barrak the Baby Butcher', the most racist, and divisive President in the History of this Nation!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Empowerment For ALL Americans

I just read an article that made me want to hurl. A Black couple from the Chicago area, Maggie and John Anderson decided about one year ago to spend their money at Black owned Businesses ONLY! The couple found several black owned businesses within short range of their home, and started patronizing these black owned businesses.

I wonder what would happen if someone called for white people to do business only at white owned businesses?

I can pretty much tell you that there would be a firestorm of anger, and accusations of racism flying all over the place in no time. Then why is it ok for blacks to this sort of thing? Are they being racist? Or not?

Seems that Dr. King Had a dream that all American's would someday live together in harmony. Dr.King only scratched the surface of what could have been a real turning point for this nation. I believe that Dr. King missed some very important information that was written right in his Bible. He missed the chance to really impact, and empower all of America, but chose to only empower a few.

Liberal politicians have carefully played the race card to benefit themselves in their lust for political power, and social control. The major news media outlets are simply carry to water for the socialist democratic, and communist party in America.

It is my opinion that all American's have been force fed a bill of goods by media, Hollywood, and the politicians, and that the ones who control all of these are hiding behind the scenes running the real show.

I have some ideas about how we as American's can become empowered as Americans! Here they are, please read carefully!

First we must realize that unless we as Americans learn to look past the smoke screen that the media, politicians, and others have skillfully laid. Just maybe,we will realize how they are steering us around like a bunch of cattle, for their benefit, not ours.

Just maybe if we can lay down our anger, and distrust of one another, and get down to the business of healing the racial divide, and empowering all Americans, not just a select few.

We have the option here to undermine the agenda of those who rule from atop thier skyscrapers in New York, counting billions of dollars that they have stolen from us the American people, believing that we will never wise up and realize how we have been manipulated by them.

It is high time that we all stand up as proud Americans? Shoulder to shoulder, patriots in the fight to preserve freedom,liberty, and capitalism! Regardless of the tone of our skin! Or what side of the tracks we come from!

Let us quit blaming the other guy for our own problems! Take responsibility for our own actions, and make something of ourselves.

Stop the 'Stinking Thinking!' Tell the blame American crowd to shut the buck up!

There is NO guarantee in this country that you, I, or anyone else is promised wealth. Wealth is obtained through hard work and effort on the part of the individual, not given by entitlement from a corrupt government entity. So quit panhandling uncle Sam,and get to work!

How do we bridge such a great divide? How do we replace distrust, with trust? How do we heal deep racial wounds that certain men in this society deem in necessary to re-open for their own benefit?


The Scripture states that "He made also of one blood every nation of men, to dwell upon all the face of the earth....(Acts 17:26)" We are all from the same source, we have the same common ancestor named Adam, and God has created each one of us in his own image, and has a purpose for each of our lives. Just think how that simple message alone could change our society?

Abraham Lincoln, In a speech on June 26, 1857 stated:

"They meant to set up a standard maxim for a free society, which should be familiar to all, and revered by all; constantly looked to, constantly labored for, and even though never perfectly attained, constantly approximated, and thereby constantly spreading and deepening its influence, and augmenting the happiness and value of life to all people of all colors everywhere."

Lincoln knew the truth, he stated the truth clearly, that all men deserved to live in freedom, but now our freedom is being taken away a piece at a time, and few American's dare stand and defend the most basic human rights given them by God, the right to individual liberty, freedom, and true justice.

We as American's have strayed far from the basic truth upon which we as a nation we founded, that truth being the Bible as a foundational cornerstone of a free society. Our Ability as a nation to govern ourselves properly, for we have all but thrown out the Ten Commandments from our public institutions right along with the Bible.

"The Bible is the cornerstone of liberty. A student's perusal of the sacred volume will make him a better citizen, a better father, a better husband." - Thomas Jefferson

"We have staked the future of American civilization upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God." - James Madison

We have allowed unscrupulous people to remove God from government, this they did by using a false 'wall of separation',a big lie that many bought into too, and now we are reaping the error of our way's. If you should wake up some morning and find yourself a slave to a corrupt government that now wants to terminate you, cause now your just a number in a computer, not a human being whose life has a purpose, you got what you voted for.

"The highest glory of the American Revolution was this - that it connected, in one indissoluble bond, the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity." - John Quincy Adams

America is falling apart at the seams, it is being deconstructed by men with diabolical intentions, freedom and liberty are almost a thing of the past, and it is because we turned away from the one true God, and his righteous law. We can turn back if we so choose too, it is not too late.

American's will ONLY be truly empowered when they repent before God their creator, humble themselves. and acknowledge the divine providence of God in the founding of the United States of America. With out the acknowledgment of the Almighty, we have nothing!

Your Next Coca-Cola may Cost a Whole Lot More

You next ice cold coke, or that next monster energy drink may cost a whole lot more than you think!

Obama (Soetoro) and his partners in crime in Congress want to tax your favorite beverage to help pay for Socialized Health Care, go figure! What else would you expect from a bunch of communist thugs? If you thought the tea parties were fun, just wait till conservative's get a hold of this one, there's gonna be heck to pay in Washington D.C.!

Enough is enough already!

ATTENTION RETARDS IN D.C. - First we do NOT want socialized / government run anything, especially our health care system, the greatest health care system on the face of God's green earth.

Secondly we do not want any new taxes levied on anything, especially on our favorite beverages, or anything else we enjoy eating or drinking!

Thirdly we oppose the nationalizing of our nations financial groups, auto manufacturers, or any other type of business you socialist losers think you can run better than the private sector!

Fourthly - Here's a clue! Everything government touches, it screws up! DUH! Leave stuff alone, stop wasting our money, stop passing laws that steal away our liberties, do your damn jobs and leave us alone!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SEX ED - None of the Governments Business

Many years ago government run schools began to teach about human sexuality, including the these lessons in science, and health education classes. Such information being taught in public schools has always been viewed as being controversial by many a parent, but doing so only opened the door for radical groups such as planned parenthood passing out free condoms, and force abortions on pregnant teenage girls without parental consent.

Knowing how the government works, they will sneek morally objectionable material into the program, and not inform parents as about what their child is being taught.

Now we live in the age of forced homosexuality, where the government run schools are now being mandated to teach same-sex practices, as well as other distasteful things parents rather their children did not have to be exposed too.

What stands in the way of the radical left's agenda to homosexualize your children, well, you do! You the parent stand in the way so they have to contrive a way to remove you from equation, and that would be to cut you out of the picture, and not inform you as to what they are doing in the classroom.

That's right now the push is on to completely strip parental rights from the schoolhouse altogether, and to force your children to sit through these lessons that violate their faith and values by striping away their right to opt out of lessons that they might object to.

Yes your five year old could be taught creative masturbation in his/her kindergarten classroom, this is the change you voted for, how do you like it? Do you hate it as I do, you should!

Forced agendas!, the way of the radical socialist left!

This is not the America I grew up in, and it is not the American way to forcibly violate the core values of parents and school children in order to re-educate them, and turn them into good little serfs of the Obamanation. These people do not represent American values, not do they represent freedom, and liberty. Their goal is to place every American in chains of socialism, and to destroy our Christian heritage, and strip us of every freedom and liberty we every had.

It is my opinion that the government has no business whatsoever teaching children about sexuality. I believe that sex ed should only be taught in the home, and the church should back up the parents with moral and spiritual training. The Bible should be read together as a family every night instead of watching pro-gay tv shows.

Biblical training begins at home, children should be taught about sex and intercourse ONLY when it is age appropriate. The subject of homosexuality should be taught to children after they have been taught about heterosexual sex, and it should be done in the light of God's Holy Word!

We teach our children that fornication, that is sex before marriage is sin, and adultery is sin, and homosexual behavior is sin, that these things violate God's righteous standard, that doing these things causes harm to us physically, spiritually, and emotionally. God our Heavenly Father knows whats best for us, and set up these standards of living in our best interest, not to chain us to a bunch of rules and regulations, but for our safety, and overall happiness.

The government of the United States under socialist rule however, does not give a dang about our safety, or security. It gives license to every perverse thing under the sun, allowing perverts to hide behind the law, and other perverts to use the government as a weapon to attempt to silence God fearing Americans by limiting their freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. Two items that stand in the way of the socialist homosexual movement that they other peoples freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.

I'll thank the government and the schools to get out of the business of sex education, and the sooner the better!

Monday, April 20, 2009

You Might Be a Right Wing Extremist If:

1. You believe in the Freedom and Individual Liberty!

2. If you are "Tea'd off" and attended a tea party protest!

3. If you trust in God and NOT the government!

4. If you want to stop Congress from giving all our money away!

5. If you believe in lower and fair taxation with actual representation!

6. If you believe Barrak Obama is a foreign national and should be ousted!

7. If your against abortion!

8. If you believe that marriage is one man and one woman!

9. If your a veteran that served in Iraq and your returning home!

10. If you believe that the office of homeland security is a bunch of
reactionary dweebs for painting patriotic Americans as potential terrorists!

11. If you hate socialism!

Got any more post them below!

Homeland Security is now targeting law-abiding, patriotic American's because they don't agree with with the path the Obama administration is taking, the road to socialism. Maybe they should read the Bill of Rights and the Constitution that gives American's the right to address our grievances directly to our government.

Obviously they don't get the drift that our government is now being used as a weapon against us the people of the United States. Our founding fathers gave us the tools we need to stand against tyranny, and stand against it we will!

As far as acts of violence goes, I know of no plans of such kind at this time, but if government continues down the road it is going down, it is inevitable that a revolution will ensue. There is NO way in Hell we are going to let Obama and his Globalist handlers take away our rights and freedoms without a fight!

I think that the tea parties are a joke in that the elitists are laughing at those who dared to show up and protest, but on the other hand revolution must begin somewhere.

It is my sincere belief that the answer to this problem is simple, yet most will bypass it because they lack faith, and perseverance.

This revolution can be won without a shot ever being fired!

If American's will just humble themselves before God, Repent of their personal and national sins, and seek God with all their heart, they would be witness to the the downfall of the agent of destruction that now presides in the big white house in Washington D.C., as well as the bildaberger global socialist that are pulling the puppet Obama's strings.

The Bible is clear that a Christians weapons are not of this world, and are not fashioned in vain. God has promised that if we seek him in all humility, and repent, he will bring healing to this land.

So what are you waiting for?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hollywood Socialists - The Separation of Reality and Mind

Over one million Americans gathered in the streets to protest socialism, the unfair taxation without representation, and the big corporate bailouts that just drove America's debt even further through the ceiling, aimed at enslaving future generations with mountains of federal debt for years to come.

People showed up, and they were 'Mad as Hell!'

They carried signs bearing slogans that slammed the Obama agenda to drive our nation into full blown socialism. They listened to speakers that talked about taking back America from the far-left, and installing a fair tax system so that we are not overtaxed beyond what we can afford, and treated fairly by the government.

They came, they protested, they were bashed by the liberal media, called 'racist' by 'out of touch' Hollywood, but their message was clearly heard in America's heartland, where real Americans live and work.

The farmers, the factory workers, the truckers, and everyone else that holds down a REAL job, in REAL America, heard the message, and they all agree, the overspending liberal retards in Washington D.C., must be stopped!

Janeane Garofalo, the Socialist Hollywood so-called actress, who is best known for her anti-war protesting, stated that "This is racism straight up and is nothing but a bunch of tea bagging rednecks. There is no way around that."

She went as far as to state that anyone who took part in tea party day had a brain dysfunction, so in other words anyone who tea party'd is mentally ill, maybe she should have looked in the mirror at herself a little closer.

Ms.Garofalo was very vocal during the Bush Presidency, a huge anti-war, activist, Ms.Garofalo spent a lot of her time bashing the war in Iraq, and those who supported it. Ms. Garofalo has learned the socialist talking points well, and is just another communist talking robot, just like those in the big liberal media.

MSNBC (Mostly Socialist News Bull Crap) and CNN (Communist New's Network)allowed their news anchors to trash both the tea parties, and the Tea Parties. They used homosexual terms to berate and degrade law abiding Americans who for taking to the streets to stand up for their rights. This proves how out of touch these news people are.

People are fed up with paying the exorbitant taxes while fat-cat socialist politicians vote themselves pay increases payed for with out tax money, while more of us find ourselves out of work.

This is reality, this is real America, not the pretend world of Hollywood, Wall-Street, or Pennsylvania Ave. This is where real Americans bust their asses everyday to make ends meet, while Hollywood socialists ride around in super expensive convertibles, and fancy limousines, drink expensive booze, and snort cocaine all day long, no wonder they can't see past the noses on their face.

People in Hollywood live in a dream world and have no idea what the rest of us go through everyday, nor do they care if many of us are out of work and can't pay our bills, or feed our families, cause it doesn't effect them, we must make it effect them.

D.C. politicians are just as bad with all their perks paid for out of our pockets, they ride around in big black limos, and fly in private planes. They eat expensive meals at posh D.C. restaurants, and forget about you and I, were real America, and they live in a dreamworld also.

Obama wants to spread the wealth, I say spread the wealth of Wall Street, Washington D.C., and Hollywood, and give it to the working man whether he be black or white. I say if your want to redistribute the wealth, redistribute your own wealth!

Obama, The filthy rich, bildaberger globalists bankers behind him. Filthy Rich Socialists in Hollywood, any other socialist scum out there who wants to witness my demise, and the demise of my freedom and liberty.

You Kiss MY Red, White, and Blue Freedom Loving, God Fearing A$$!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Harry Knox on Wood

The Obama administration in proving what it's really made of again as Mr. Obama had appointed Harry Knox, a homosexual activist to head his faith based advisory council. Mr. Knox has most recently worked with the Human Rights Campaign(HRC)which is a homosexual advocacy organization.

In my honest opinion, Mr. Knox is a very poor choice for this position,on the grounds that he is a anti-Christian bigot, and his appointment to this post is nothing short of a kick in the teeth to every God fearing American.

Mr. Knox has made ridiculous and hateful remarks about the pope of the Catholic church, calling him "a discredited leader". I am sure this is due to the fact that the pope has driven a hard line on moral issues that left-wing socialists like Knox don't like.

Mr. Knox also marches in lock step with many other radical socialists in degrading the Holy Scriptures because they do not line up with his sexual lifestyle choices, and radical socialist ideals. Mr Knox claims to be a Christian, but his core values say the opposite, just like his new boss Mr. Obama.

The advisory council the Mr. Knox has been appointed to makes grants to faith based groups, so it is clear to see where this is going. Only left wing religious groups will be entitled to federal monies, and real Christian groups who do the real work to help people in this society will be snubbed by Knox, and Obama because they hold true to the full teachings of Scripture, even the part where it condemns homosexual behavior.

Knox has slammed the Apostle Paul who wrote the Book of Romans in the Bible, because Knox believes that Paul was a rich, educated, Heterosexual man who had no idea about the love that two men or women feel for each other in a homosexual relationship. Know misses the point that "All Scripture is God-Breathed", not just written down by a mere man who interjected his own beliefs into the book, but given by God the Holy Spirit through his chosen Apostle's.

Mr. Knox has a small degree of religion, as Obama does as well, a small degree of religion that masquerades as being Christianity, but is far from it proving how dangerous a little bit of religious knowledge is. Mr. Knox claims to have studied the Scripture, but he conveniently dismisses the parts that go against his lifestyle choice, and shine light in on his sin.

The Scripture declares that when the light of the Gospel shines in on the darkness, the darkness in NO MORE! The Scripture also declares some other inconvenient truths that sinners don't like hearing either.

1 John 3:6 - No one who lives in him keeps on sinning. No one who continues to sin has either seen him or known him.

1 John 3:9 - No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God's seed remains in him; he cannot go on sinning, because he has been born of God.

NO ONE who is truly born from above by the Holy Spirit through repentance, thereby receiving the gift of the indwelling Holy Spirit of God. Therefore, NO ONE that has been put to death in Christ and raised a new creation in Christ can willfully continue to blatantly sin. God changes man from the inside out, this process is called sanctification, it is a lifelong process in which God by the power of his Spirit draws and compels the believer towards the Holiness of God.

Salvation is instantaneous however, and when God comes to live within a person, he changes your way of speaking, thinking, and of course your core values as he draws you towards his Holiness.

1 John 3:4 - Everyone who sins breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness.

What is God's law? It is spelled out in the Ten Commandments, It is God's Holy and Righteous Standard, His Law, and everyone who sins breaks God's law.

Every anti-Christian socialist who is hell bent of destroying Christianity in America by setting up their theocracy of tyranny, is guilty of breaking God's laws. This includes every person who engages is homosexual behavior, adultery, premarital sex. Those who have sex with animals, corpses, or those who force children to have sex, or those indulge in pornography.

Whether straight or gay it does not matter, all are law breakers, all stand guilty before God, and all will receive the same righteous justice they so rightly deserve.

Obama, Knox, and every other anti-Christian bigot ought to take notice and repent of their sin. For we are living in the last day's, and the door of the ark of salvation is going to slam shut, and they will be locked out just as in the day's of Noah!

Galatians 6:7 - Do not be deceived and deluded and misled; God will not allow Himself to be sneered at (scorned, disdained, or mocked by mere pretensions or professions, or by His precepts being set aside.) [He inevitably deludes himself who attempts to delude God.] For whatever a man sows, that and that only is what he will reap.(Amplified Bible)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Socialist Groups Cast Americans as "Domestic Terrorists"

Do you believe in the original intent of the Constitution?

How about the "Right to Life"?

Are you against gun control?

How about unlawful taxation?

Then you are part of the growing class of "hate criminals" created by the socialist Southern Poverty Law Center, and other socialist groups. In the struggle for total social control,left-wing socialists are busy casting conservative groups into the categories like "White Supremacist" or "Hate Group".

In their lust for power socialists seek to vilify the opposition in order to silence them, and take away their individual rights, and their means of self defense.

A group in Missouri known as the Missouri Information Analysis Center, has generated a report that it secretly distributed to police agencies around the country. This report targets any American who dare support a third party such as the Constitution Party, or the Libertarian Party.

Anyone falling into these categories are labeled as terrorists, these include:

1)Anyone who is opposed to illegal immigration.
2)Anyone who opposes the implementation of RFID (radio frequency identification)(The
Red Pill).
3)Planned merger of the US, Canada and Mexico into one global unit now as the (North
American Union.), Or is opposed to the NWO (New World Order).
4)Anyone who is part of a “militia movement”.
5)Anyone who owns certain documentaries that expose the global elites plan to
overtake the United States, and plunge it into deep dark socialism.
6)Anyone who is opposed to Barrak Obama, the puppet of the NWO!

This is NOT a joke people, we are on the brink of disaster as a nation, with the 'self appointed saviors of society', the elitist bankers and filthy rich socialists like George Soros, and Zibigneau Briginski driving the bulldozer. Obama is just a puppet of the New World Order, nothing more! He says and does what his handlers tell him too do, like a well trained monkey he takes our money and gives it to the monkey handler.

There is only one true way to save your life and the lives of your family, and that is to get on your knees before Almighty God and Repent of your sins, and seek him with all your hearts. Only God can save America from total destruction, but he won't until the people of this nation turn back towards him, and repent!

We must stand and oppose evil when we see it, and it has never been more blatant than it is now! We need a Revolution in American, a Christian Revolution!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Open Letter to the Democratic Party

The Democratic Party is now in control of not only the White House, but at this time you now control Congress as well, but how much longer can you expect to hold on to that control?

Since taking office 2 months ago Barrak Obama has rescinded several key executive orders made by President Bush, and with the help of Democrats in Congress has passed a multi-billion dollar spending package that only adds to the weight of our national debt. With the bail out packages to banks, and the auto industry, we the American taxpayers are now faced with tax increases that we do not need or want.

The American people were sold a rotten bill of goods "Change you can believe in", and now it seems the new car smell has indeed warn off as more Americans are turning against Obama and the Democratic Party as they watch you give our money and our nation away to globalist thugs.

We are fully aware that Obama is just a puppet, and does not know his own head from his other end, that he is just a slick marketing package being controlled by elite globalists who rather not be identified.

Let us make this clear to you so that you understand just where we are coming from.

We Believe in God and Country! We are Patriotic people who believe in National Sovereignty, Freedom of Speech, Religion, and the Press! We believe in Capitalism!
We believe that Dad, Mom,and children compose a real family unit! We believe in keeping and bearing arms! and so on!

It has become apparent to us that your party, the Democrats are nothing but Soro's, Briginski's, and Rockefeller's stool pigeons, helping to pave the way for America's demise, and her take over by the elite financial jihadist's, the designers of the New World Order.

Because of this we will no longer support your party in any way, shape, or form. We Americans will elect those who will represent us from now on. We will not fall for your slick marketing packages, nor be taken in by false promises of change.

We will never vote Democrat again unless you do what is right for the American people and change your way's immediately! This could be the very last time that Democrats ever hold power again! You can only kick the American people in the teeth so many times before we kick back, and trust me, you will feel it!

We are ordering you to cease and desist from supporting Obama's schemes to give away all our money, and any other plans he may come up with. We are also ordering you to stand against the puppet masters that now control you, and serve us, the American people, as you were elected to do in the first place!

Thank you!

The American People

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Socialist Dumb-A$$ Award

MSNBC's Chris Matthew's say's that people who believe in the right to life, and are Pro-life are terrorists because they were in opposition to Obama's nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebeluis, a extremely radical pro-death/pro-abortion advocate.

Sounds like Matthews has been to too many three martini lunches with his socialist friends. I think the alcohol has killed too many of his brain cells, he cannot differentiate between people who kill innocent people for a living, and those who fight to protect the lives of innocent children.

Whose the real terrorists here?

Common sense is something that socialist's (liberals) are low on, and Chris Matthews gives a perfect example of just that.

Pro-life American's have the right to oppose any candidate we want to, especially when that candidate, or appointee are left wing radicals that are bent on bringing more death and destruction to our already heavily damaged culture.

Americans who are pro-life believe that human life is sacred, created and ordained by God, and that every person has a right to live no matter how small. We believe that abortion is nothing short of cold-blooded murder, that planned parenthood is a racist and Satanic organization, and that people who support it do not really understand what they are supporting.

Socialists who support and provide abortion services admit that what they are killing is a human being, a baby, but they still continue killing just the same.
I guess Chris Matthews overlooks the fact that what is being killed in inherently human, and sacred.

Chris Matthews gets the Socialist DA Award for making DA statements and calling those who believe in life terrorists!! Congratulation's Chris Matthews on being as class A jerk!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Students Rights Trampled by School and ACLU

Once again we see the ugliness of socialism rear it's ugly head!

An elementary school in Mt. Juliet TN has censored the free speech rights of students by blotting out the terms "IN GOD WE TRUST" and "GOD BLESS AMERICA" from student created posters displayed in the hallway of the school. The Lakeview Elementary School is claiming that using such terms in within the school violates school policy.

The posters were created on the students personal time, without the use of school supplies or funds, and included a disclaimer.

The school has in turn violated the Constitutional Rights of these students. The right of freedom of speech, and the freedom of religion as well.

This is just another reminder of why Christian parents should pull their students out of government run public schools, and place them into private schools, charter schools, or home school them.

Mom and Dad your children are being brainwashed by the minions of the new world order. They are being turned away from what their parents have taught them in regards to the subject of morality,virtue, and Christian faith.

Whether your Christian, Conservative, or just a concerned parent you should take heed to the "Call to Dunkirk" issued by The Exodus Mandate. Exodus Mandate is a Christian ministry to encourage and assist Christian families to leave Pharaoh's school system (i.e. government schools) for the Promised Land of Christian schools or home schooling.


If we really love our children, we will rescue them from the government run schools, where there liberties and minds are being assaulted, and their faith and conscience insulted on a daily basis. This story out of Tennessee is just another piece of evidence as to why the we must act on behalf on our students, and stand for their rights.

The socialist left is using America's schools just like Stalin, Lenin, and Hitler used the school systems in there countries to brainwash and indoctrinate students.

You can help stop the ACLU by joining a coalition called "STOP THE ACLU"



Friday, February 27, 2009

Senator Stands Up To The Gay Agenda in Congress

Send him your thanks for standing up and stating the truth!

Stand up with him and help him stand against the Satanic attack that he is now under for taking this stand!

Send Scott an Email NOW!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hate Crimes Bills Based on Hate, How Ironic?

What stands in the way of full-blown communism (Socialism), why, Christianity of Course! Christianity is the last great bulwark that socialists must remove in order to reign in the New World Order, the New Age of the Anti-Christ power!

The ADL - Anti-Defamation League, A radical leftist Jewish civil-rights organization is the architects of Hate-Crimes Laws across the globe. Along with their co-horts at the ACLU, and the HRC (Human Rights Campaign), and other socialist front organizations.

These laws were engineered to end free speech and freedom of Religion as we know it by making hate-criminals out of anyone that expresses an opposing viewpoint against homosexuality. In Canada where these laws are in full force already, people have already been charged with committing "hate-crimes", either fined or imprisoned simply for believing what the Bible says, and expressing it publicly.

These bills are based upon the hatred of Christianity, and Biblical teaching concerning homosexual behavior.

The goal here is to shut the mouths of Bible thumping christian terrorists, who preach words of hate, and intolerance by using the power of the federal government to hopefully silence them. It is the pure federalization of hate against Christ and his Gospel, and those who believe His teachings. It is about the hatred and intolerance of socialists for the Word of God!

My question for you is this!

Where is the outpouring of anger from the American people?

Where is the outrage from church-going Christians?

Shouldn't they be marching in the streets our expressing ANGER and OUTRAGE over this major threat to our personal liberty?

You can't even get Christians to pray seriously these day's, let alone march and protest to save their own skins, because they are spiritually lukewarm,lazy, and are too blind to realize what is happening to them. like a frog in a pot of water, he sites there and swims until he boils to death, so Christians in America largely sit and wait till they find themselves in peril before they wake up and act. Will it be too late?

H.R. 256 and 262 are designed to intimidate you using the federal government into shutting your mouths in regards to homosexuality.

ENDA the Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2009 is aimed at forcing Christians and anyone else opposed to homosexuality, out of the workforce, and into poverty where they will not be able to defend themselves against the tyranny!