Monday, December 29, 2008


Christian Leaders Call for Mass Exodus from Public (Humanist/Socialist)Education System!

Over the past one hundred years or so America's public school's have crumbled into the most ungodly pile of foul humanistic doctrines and teachings. The horrible reality is that most Christian families in America send their children to these schools to get what they think is an education, but is really more like a socialist indoctrination.

Let's cut to the truth here shall we, the liberal socialist's rule America's classrooms, and do so with an iron fist. Many students then continue on to places of higher indoctrination where they are even bombarded all the harder with the anti-Christian / anti-American bias of the elitist indoctrinators.

All this of course paid for with our own tax dollars!

We are literally funding our own demise, and the demise of our culture, and our nation. In fact, we are being forced to accept . We are allowing liberal morons to brainwash our children 5 day's a week, why they get maybe an hour or two of church and Sunday school per week, hardly a fair trade.

It is high time that Christian parents wake up and do whatever they have too, to remove their children from the government run humanist schools, and place them in Christian schools, or home schools.

I ask you, are your children worth the sacrifice necessary??

Today's schools are reminiscent of the schools in Nazi Germany, and Communist Russia where students were indoctrinated with socialist propaganda. The same is happening here in the United States because the same type of radical socialist machine has control of the schools systems, and won't let go. They know that whoever controls the classroom where little Johnie sits, controls little Johnie's mind also!

The fewer of our children that are held hostage in the government run socialist schools, the more of them there will be to stand for God and Country in the generations to come. As it stands now the up and coming generations will choose Socialism / Communism as their preferred system of government. We have seen proof of this in the last Presidential Election where most of the younger voters voted for the socialist democrat, and his fake call for change.

We must move NOW!!

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