Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gay Activist Hit List Used to Harrass Law Abiding Citizens

So you Supported California's Prop 8? Voted in favor of it in spite of the threats coming from radical deviants on the left? Now your job may be on the line because you did the right thing, and your worried about your safety, and the safety of your family.

Your not alone my friend, hundreds of California voters who supported proposal 8 which overrode the liberal activist court decision that legalized same gender marriage in California, are all on a black list (hit list) courtesy of Lambda Legal, the ACLU in California, and other radical socialist groups like the Human Rights Campaign.

Sodomite activists have resorted to the 'rule of the mob' technique to harass companies until they fire employees that supported and voted for Prop 8. There have also been reports of physical violence against people who supported and voted for Prop 8 as well. One young woman at the University of California was physically beaten, and her car trashed because of her support of Prop 8.

This is just the start of the trouble to come as their new messiah Mr.Obama is about to take office. He has already promised them political payback for their votes. He has promised to veto and destroy the Defense of Marriage Act that would define once and for all in the Constitution that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Obama To Expand What He Call's 'Civil Rights' Aimed at Discriminating Against Christians and Conservatives in the Work Place, and the Public Arena. Click Here to Read his Plan!

As time marches on I believe that conditions will become much worse as sodomite activists become more desperate to force their deviancy on the nation, they will resort to much more violent terrorist acts.

DO NOT allow these acts of violence and threats to stop you from standing for what is right. They are hoping to scare people into keeping quiet on the matter, and not taking action to stop their twisted agenda. If anyone attempts to harm you for supporting what is right, you have the right under the law to use whatever force is necessary to stop them, up to and including deadly force if you carry a firearm, or know karate.

The first and best deterrent to the angry mob is to pray for them that their eye's will be opened to the truth, and that they will come to repentance and receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.


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