Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Gall of it All: Fannie and Freddie Rape the Tax Payers!

Somehow I just don't feel sorry for corporations that mismanage their money, and then wind up in bankruptcy, especially when they gave thousands of dollars to anti-family groups such as the Human Rights Campaign.

The truth has come into the light!

Now we have learned that Fannie and Freddie gave $65,000 to the HRC to aid sexual deviants adopt children, so that they can create more sexual deviants. The Freddie Mac Foundation also gave $125,000 to other radical anti-family / Pro-sexual deviancy advocate groups, over a three year period. This money was of course used to further the radical agenda of the socialist left in it's assaults against the Christian faith, and the family unit designed and ordained by God Almighty.

Then Fannie and Freddie wind up broke, and headed for bankruptcy, so they go to Washington D.C. and cry to Congress for a multi-million dollar loans, we know dang well they never intend to pay back. So these a-holes (Fannie and Freddie) get what they want, our tax dollars so that they can continue to squander, and misuse even more money!

Then the automakers in Detroit find themselves in the same kind of jam, and hey, if it worked for Fannie and Freddie, it should work for us too!


I say let these liberal B-tards go broke! Why in the heck should they be allowed to steal our tax dollars like that? When all they do is hand thousands of dollars over to groups who's goal it is to rape the Constitution, and turn this nation on it's nose so they can plunder it under, and obliterate the freedom and liberties of millions of law abiding citizens.

We don't have to take it anymore!!

It's time for real Americans to shove their foot straight up Congress's you know what! We must allow companies who misuse their own finances to go bankrupt and deal with the consequences of their own failed actions. Our tax dollars should never be used to support radical anti-family group like the HRC, or any other cause that seeks to destroy the fiber and fabric of the American society.

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