Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Homosexuals Attack Church Service, Terrorizing Peaceful Church Goers

A group of sexual deviants launched an obnoxious protest right in the middle of the church service at New Hope Church, Lansing, MI. They stood up in little groups all across the auditorium, then rushed the platform shouting obscenities, and draping a banner from the balcony.

You can read the whole story at: http://www.rightmichigan.com/story/2008/11/10/13335/904

Here's the hard truth so get ready!

God has has enough of this nations sinfulness, and has now allowed us to elect a socialist president who is about as pro-homosexual as you can get. Many well known Christian leaders are now declaring that Christians will suffer great persecution under his administration, and they are telling believers to brace themselves for it.

If you wonder why this is happening, it is because the church has become so watered down by the world, that it no longer confronts sin in it's own ranks, let alone outside in the world. America's ministers preach weak minded sermons, and the people will not put up with solid doctrine, just as the Bible predicts in the last day's. Church people give God lip service, but that's all they give, we lack the true manifestation of the power of God in our daily lives, and so our churches lack it also. If America's churches were ablaze with the power of the Holy Spirit, these enemies of the cross would not be able to withstand it, and would not be able to get away with terrorizing God's people.

"As the church goes, so goes the nation"

Want to stem the tide then believer get on your knees and do some serious praying, right after you read up on what God say's about how to treat your enemies, and those who persecute you.

No one at Mount Hope Church shoved back, or struck out against the liberal terrorists who disrupted their service, who shoved their way through rows of church goers to rush the pulpit, and shouted blasphemies against a Holy and a Righteous God.

This is just a sampling of what to expect over the next four years, and it will get worse unless God's people get serious, start seeking God, and praying for revival.

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