Thursday, November 06, 2008

Gay Activists Threaten Violence Against Christians

WAAA! WAAA! We didn't get our way cause you Christian's voted against us in the polls!
We don't like loosing so were going to burn down you churches !

Well that's basically the jist of it, Sodomite's are PO'ed that People when to the polls in three states and passed amendments to protect the sacred institution of marriage from being trampled by radical liberals. These are not just run of the mill threats that will go away soon, these people are very angry and unstable and will most likely strike out in acts of violence.

Some 18,000 son's and daughters of Sodom ran as fast as they could to get hitched in California, now the legality their unions are now in question, and may be taken away from them by the courts.

World Net Daily reports on the threats that have been made against those who voted for prop 8 in California. Catholic's, Mormon's, and Evangelical's alike are now being targeted for violence by extremist cry babies.

The homosexual lobby does not want the people to vote on these issues, because they know that when the people vote, they always loose. They want to ram their agenda's through the liberal courts, and force their sin down all of our throats! Liberals yelled "states rights", "let the states decide", well the states have spoken, what do you think about that?

If Christians would simply take a stand against sin, starting in their own backyards, and then the rest of society, we could stem the tide of evil in our culture. The responsibility for the poor shape our society is in lies with the Christian church not taking the strong stands that it should have all along. Christians cannot hide behind the stained glass windows hoping things work out for the best. We must be militant in our faith! Militant on our knees, and in the Word of God, seeking him with fever and passion, till his power comes down upon us!

Undoubtedly we will see actual persecution in this country, especially since they got their boy Obama elected. Anti-American, Anti-Christian forces will be working overtime to carry out acts of intimidation, harassment, and violence against those who refuse to 'get along', and accept their wild arrogant agendas.

Keep the faith! Stand Strong ! Don't let them silence you !

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