Friday, November 21, 2008

Here's the 'Change' you Voted for Stupid!

So you want 'change'?

So Obama told you that you could believe in the 'change' that he would bring?

So you bought into that hook line and sinker!

Statistics show that most of the people who voted for Obama have NO idea what they really voted for,I guess ignorance really is bliss, and stupidity is the name of the game when your talking about the Obama cult.

People voted for Change, but they don't really know what that change is going to mean in the long run. They bought into Obama's campaign promises because they sounded so good to their itching ears, but when it all comes down they will be jumping ship, trust me.

Here is my synopsis of what 'CHANGE' Obama has in mind!

* Higher Taxes - More money out of your pocket and into the Governments.

* Higher Energy Cost's - Many American's may not be able to afford the energy they need to live their daily lives.

*Higher Food Prices - When you have less money, and prices are higher, you will have to eat less, your children may go hungry!

*Higher Health Care Cost's - Democrats will dick around with health care, count on it! This will drive prices even higher locking even more people out of the system, unable to get the care they need, or the medicine they need.

* More Unemployment - More people out of work, unable to pay their bills, and not able to feed their families, Obama vowed to bankrupt the coal industry, crap rolls down hill!

* More Dead Babies - Obama will be the biggest 'pro-abortion' Pres. yet, the abortion industry targets the poor, and minority groups for extermination.

* More Poverty - Many more people may become homeless, and hungry as food prices go through the roof, and we have less choices, and our money is confiscated and redistributed.

* More Violent Crime - As more people are forced into poverty, they will resort to crime to pay the bills and feed themselves.

* More mobs of angry queers rioting in the streets as they demand acceptance of their deviant lifestyle. Obama and his democrat cronies in Congress will pass the 'hate crimes' bill giving queers a license to terrorize innocent Americans!

Trust me people, this will be change you wish you hadn't voted for!!

But that's what you get when you elect a bunch of crooked communists to run your country! Your gonna get exactly what you deserve, and your NOT gonna like it much!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Worshiping Christian's Attacked by Satanic Mob of Sodomites

Obamanation is coming into full swing as an angry mob of homosexual's attack a group of worshiping Christians in San Francisco.

They shouted "Were going to KILL YOU! We know who you are", as the sodomite activists rushed the group of Christians, full of arrogant Satanic hate!

If the police had not showed up in riot gear and blockaded and protected these people, There are some reports of injuries sustained by some of the Christians, it is unknown whether they were taken to the hospital or not.

These people were not protesting, or counter-protesting. They were not shouting at the activists, nor threatening them in any way. All they did was stand on the sidewalk, and pray and sing hymns, and trying to "bless those who hate you" as Jesus commended them too in the "Sermon on the Mount"

I am afraid that this is just the start of this type of radical and hate filled behavior by minions of the far-left. They got their false messiah elected, now they think they can terrorize people into keeping quiet, why they ram rod their satanic agenda down America's throat.

I've got news for you who think you can get away with this type of behavior. First you are committing hate crimes and should be arrested and prosecuted as such. Secondly we are not going to tolerate this, and either will God! If you want a war, just remember that with Mr. Obama's nomination and election to high office, gun sales have gone through the roof, don't think that the rest of us are going to be doormats because we won't be.

We will protect our freedom, our families, and our churches! We will do so at ALL COSTS just like those who died to secure the rights you now violate with your hate filled actions.

I have yet to find a liberal, or a homosexual that is really willing to die for atheism, or for the "gay lifestyle". But I can find a million men and women who will die for their faith in Christ, and for the preservation of freedom and liberty!

Pepsi, The Choice of a Queer Generation

Pepsico the makers of Pepsi Cola, and many other beverages has given a half million dollar ($500,000) gift to anti-family hate group PFLAG to further their attacks on the American family!

Pepsico has not responded to the AFA's letters requesting that they remain neutral in the culture war, this is a sign that they have every intention to continue to support radical left-wing, anti-family groups.

The more that radical groups like PFLAG push their 'inclusion' agenda in the workplace, the more those that disagree with homosexuality will be persecuted in the workplace, and forced out of the workplace.

The AFA recently won this same type of fight with the McDonald's Corp. who after getting the message that "I'm NOT loving it!", decided to pull it's support of the radical gay agenda, and remain neutral in the culture war. If we can win with McDonald's, we can win with Pepsi also.

Click on the link and send your letter to Pepsico, urging them to 'remain neutral' in the culture war.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Introducing the Real Gay People of America

The word "GAY" is a perfectly good English word that has been turned into something nasty, and perverse. We have let a bunch of social and sexual deviants rule the roost far too long, now it is apparent that they are not satisfied with just controlling the democratic party, the media, and Hollywood. They want total social control over every bit of American society, they want to force a twisted Nazi-like agenda down the throat of every American citizen.

I have yet to see a person who practices homosexual sex who is really happy down deep inside themselves. Most of them are filled with hatred, and looking for trouble to get into. There really is nothing gay about what these people represent, It really is sad that they cannot see that there is a way out of that lifestyle.

On the other hand those of us heterosexual's that stick to heterosexual sexual practices, and believe in one man and one woman, the real definition of marriage, seem to be much better adjusted to society, and much happier (gay 'er) than those who practice homosexual sex.

Children who grow up with a father and a mother are far more stable than those who grow up with a single parent in the homes. These children are far more happier than those who grow up with two adult females or males, these are more apt to have sexual identity issues just like the adults that raised them.

I would assert that the real 'gay' people are straight people who are happily involved with a person of the opposite gender, and enjoy the fruits of a healthy monogamous relationship. Christians especially should be the happiest people of all. Straights tend to be healthier and have less issues with STD's than do sodomites, who will argue with that for sure, but the truth is still the truth.

In that case my friends, have a gay (merry) CHRISTmas, and a gay (happy) New Year!

When Good Men Do Nothing

Sir Edmund Burke Stated ""All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing".

It is all too clear that in the election cycle that we as Americans have just journeyed through, that is exactly what happened, Good men did Nothing!

Good Men believed a lie called 'Obama' that will forever leave gaping, seething wounds upon the nation. Mr. Obama plans on furthering the slaughter of the innocent children, and he plans on appointing many ungodly men, and women to important positions. He has also vowed to fill judicial vacancies with liberal socialist judges that will re-interpret the Constitution, instead of interpreting it properly.

Men wonder how these things could happen in a nation that is supposed to be free, where we are supposed to have liberty and justice for all? The answer is very clear, it's just that your eye's have been blinded by the false light of 'Obama'!

Obama is an evil man! And his appointees will be evil as well! They have evil intentions for this nation, who will stop them? Who will have the insight, and the courage to stand and deliver for America's sake? Who in this nation is willing to make the necessary sacrifices for freedom and liberty? I fear most men in America are weak minded, and lack the backbone to fight the good fight.

Characteristics of Evil Men

Americans are drunk on the pleasures of materialism, and prosperity. They vote their wallets, they do not vote God in the polls as Mark Twain admonished Americans to do. As a result of our proverbial downward slide into socialist Hell, we have forgotten the key components that have secured our liberties for decades. One being the Bible, the written Word of God, the Basis for personal freedom and liberty!

"Those who would trade freedom for security deserve neither" - Benjamin Franklin

Ben was right! And this is just what we Americans deserve, nothing! We have turned away from the Godly standards that we were founded upon, and turned towards the likes of Sodom and Gomorrah. We have allowed our nation to become a cess-pool of filth and corruption!

Good men stood by and allowed the younger generations to be indoctrinated in government run schools. We allowed millions of unborn babies to be slaughtered! We allowed the sons of Sodom to overrun this nation! And we allowed a slick talking socialist who hates America, to win the White House!

When will America see the light and come to repentance before a Holy and a Righteous God??

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Homosexuals Attack Church Service, Terrorizing Peaceful Church Goers

A group of sexual deviants launched an obnoxious protest right in the middle of the church service at New Hope Church, Lansing, MI. They stood up in little groups all across the auditorium, then rushed the platform shouting obscenities, and draping a banner from the balcony.

You can read the whole story at:

Here's the hard truth so get ready!

God has has enough of this nations sinfulness, and has now allowed us to elect a socialist president who is about as pro-homosexual as you can get. Many well known Christian leaders are now declaring that Christians will suffer great persecution under his administration, and they are telling believers to brace themselves for it.

If you wonder why this is happening, it is because the church has become so watered down by the world, that it no longer confronts sin in it's own ranks, let alone outside in the world. America's ministers preach weak minded sermons, and the people will not put up with solid doctrine, just as the Bible predicts in the last day's. Church people give God lip service, but that's all they give, we lack the true manifestation of the power of God in our daily lives, and so our churches lack it also. If America's churches were ablaze with the power of the Holy Spirit, these enemies of the cross would not be able to withstand it, and would not be able to get away with terrorizing God's people.

"As the church goes, so goes the nation"

Want to stem the tide then believer get on your knees and do some serious praying, right after you read up on what God say's about how to treat your enemies, and those who persecute you.

No one at Mount Hope Church shoved back, or struck out against the liberal terrorists who disrupted their service, who shoved their way through rows of church goers to rush the pulpit, and shouted blasphemies against a Holy and a Righteous God.

This is just a sampling of what to expect over the next four years, and it will get worse unless God's people get serious, start seeking God, and praying for revival.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Why Black America is it's Own Worst Enemy

It occurred to me that there is a correlation between the blind faithless Jews of the Bible times, and black American's of today.

Seems that most blacks voted for Mr. Obama purely because of the tone of his skin, they want a black man to be President, this is a big step in history. The problem is that he is a radical socialist with some pretty wild and scary ideas.

If you remember the Jews were looking for a messiah to come and deliver them from the oppression of the Roman Empire. When Christ came to be their spiritual deliverer, to set them free from the chains of sin and death, they were unable to discern the truth because they were still looking for a social messiah, not a spiritual one.

Black American's have been looking for over 100 years for a black social messiah to come and deliver from the societal oppression of white people, or so they have been told by the liberal Marxist black leadership, the wolves in sheep's clothing.

Blacks look to Obama as if he were the new messiah come to save them, they are placing their hope in him, a socialist to empower them politically and socially. Are Black American's willing to give up their personal freedoms and liberty for a taste of false empowerment? Then of course they do not deserve either freedom or empowerment!

Many black folks have bought into the lie of the Marxist black liberation theology, that teaches them to hate,and teaches them to be victims, while promising them empowerment.

This is not the message of the love of God! Jesus said to "love your enemies" and "bless those who persecute you".

Rev. Wright and others like him take little pieces of truth from the Bible, and weave it together with liberal black theology to create a socialized pseudo-gospel not founded on the Gospel of Christ that sets the sinner free from sin, but creates a society of spiritually blind black 'Jews', still looking for their messiah to appear to liberate them from white oppression.

I would suggest that most of the oppression that black's experience is due to the own ignorance because they have listened to the preachers preaching racism and hatred far too long.

Gospel means "Good News", and what good news can come from a false socialized gospel?

I again assert that Blacks oppress them themselves due to the false teaching of liberal blacks like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and many others like them. These men teach not the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, nor care at all for those who are bound in the oppression of sin because they themselves are bound in it. Too many preachers preach what the people want to hear, making it sound good to the ears that are listening, but leading them straight into the pit of Hell itself.

Here is an example of how blacks are their own worst enemy!

Marget Sanger, the founder of planned parenthood, the largest, and deadliest abortion provider in the nation, and the world over. She founded her organization based on the hatred of Blacks, Hispanic's, and other minorities. A student of the writings of Adolf Hitler, and her heavy involvement in the occult led her to start a program called the "negro project" aimed at reducing the number blacks in America, even eliminating them altogether.

Obama wants to expand these services, will seek to raise taxes to pay for his plan to increase the genocide, and has even voted to withhold medical attention from dying babies. In essence blacks shoot themselves in the foot every time, and this time is no different.

Attention Black Americans! How is this going to liberate you?

"The aim of the program was to restrict–many believe exterminate–the black population. Under the pretense of "better health" and "family planning," She used Black preachers to spread her deadly message to the masses of blacks in America, and they bought it hook, line, and sinker!

The Black Leadership, and Black America are much like Islam also in that they teach their Children to hate. Islamic children are taught to hate Christians and Jews, "People of the book (The Bible)".

Black Children grow up conditioned to hate white people! They are ingrained with a a black Marxist mindset that is at odds with the teachings to Christ that again states "love your enemy" and "Do good to them that hate you".

Both the Jew's, and Blacks in America have missed the boat because they have been looking for the wrong messiah!

Obama is NOT your messiah, and the government is not your hope!

Jesus Christ is the REAL Liberator! The True Messiah! and his Gospel is for all men no matter what tone their skin is. The answer to racism lies within the pages of the Bible, try reading it!

People all to often become their own worst enemies, limiting themselves by the obstacles they often see as impossible to remove, when in essence they are removed by a person's determination to better themselves. Black men and women have escaped the hood, they found hope because they knew there was more out there than just what they saw growing up.

I am afraid that the masses have forgotten how to think and reason for themselves. American's are sheep fit for the slaughter because they are tied to the boob tube, and are easily led around.

I pray people will see the light and change their minds before it's too late!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Gay Activists Threaten Violence Against Christians

WAAA! WAAA! We didn't get our way cause you Christian's voted against us in the polls!
We don't like loosing so were going to burn down you churches !

Well that's basically the jist of it, Sodomite's are PO'ed that People when to the polls in three states and passed amendments to protect the sacred institution of marriage from being trampled by radical liberals. These are not just run of the mill threats that will go away soon, these people are very angry and unstable and will most likely strike out in acts of violence.

Some 18,000 son's and daughters of Sodom ran as fast as they could to get hitched in California, now the legality their unions are now in question, and may be taken away from them by the courts.

World Net Daily reports on the threats that have been made against those who voted for prop 8 in California. Catholic's, Mormon's, and Evangelical's alike are now being targeted for violence by extremist cry babies.

The homosexual lobby does not want the people to vote on these issues, because they know that when the people vote, they always loose. They want to ram their agenda's through the liberal courts, and force their sin down all of our throats! Liberals yelled "states rights", "let the states decide", well the states have spoken, what do you think about that?

If Christians would simply take a stand against sin, starting in their own backyards, and then the rest of society, we could stem the tide of evil in our culture. The responsibility for the poor shape our society is in lies with the Christian church not taking the strong stands that it should have all along. Christians cannot hide behind the stained glass windows hoping things work out for the best. We must be militant in our faith! Militant on our knees, and in the Word of God, seeking him with fever and passion, till his power comes down upon us!

Undoubtedly we will see actual persecution in this country, especially since they got their boy Obama elected. Anti-American, Anti-Christian forces will be working overtime to carry out acts of intimidation, harassment, and violence against those who refuse to 'get along', and accept their wild arrogant agendas.

Keep the faith! Stand Strong ! Don't let them silence you !

Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama to Destory America's Energy Industry

Do you work in a coal mine? drive a coal train? Work at a coal powered energy plant?

Well then you should bend down, put your head between your legs, and kiss everything you've ever worked for in this life, goodbye!

Obama had promised to destroy the coal business in the United States by literally bankrupting the energy industry by charging millions of dollars in fines to companies that burn coal.

Many people make their living off the coal industry,train engineers,truck drivers, coal miners, equipment operators,power plant employee's, and others. If Obama wins this election, and if he gets his way, and he probably will if Congress is controlled by Democrats, thousands of people could loose their jobs, this will be disastrous for this nation!

Obama also stated that he wants to create "price signals" to 'force' Americans to "go green". Obama wants to raise the cost of electricity, natural gas, gasoline, etc. to ungodly levels in order to force you change your ways!

Obama's energy plan will cripple America in a matter of a few short months. No working man or woman will be able to afford the energy resources they need and rely on.

Your morning drive time will cost a small fortune!

If you think gas costs a lot now, just wait till Obama and the socialist democrats get done passing through all their radical left wing agendas!

Stop Obama!! Vote for McCain or Keye's!! Protect your freedom, you job, and your families future!