Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Senator Joe Biden, B. Hussein Obama's Vice Presidential running mate has stated that Obama is not experienced enough to be President. The reason being according to Biden, is that when tested by the the first major global crisis that arises, Obama will not react the way an experienced leader would, nor will he take the appropriate action.

In 2004 when Obama took his seat in Congress, even he admitted himself that he "did not know enough" to be president. So what makes him think he knows enough now to be President? Seems that whoever, or whatever is behind him is pulling his strings, undoubtedly he will be a puppet president, with no real balls, like Jimmy Carter was.

An Obama presidency will more than likely be a failed presidency, and more than likely will make him a laughing stock for years to come in the same way Carter has been the butt of many a peanut farmer joke over the years.

This will make the United States appear to be weak, and ripe for attack!

You can bet his first big test will come within months of his election, and he will not be able to handle the crisis at hand as a good president ought to. This will tell terrorists all across the globe that it is time to attack America with more terrorist attacks, the results of which will be disastorous!

I think a lot of people should think harder about who their going to vote for in November, and they should wake up and realize what a huge security risk Obama is, and vote for John McCain instead.

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