Thursday, July 17, 2008


The American political landscape is a tainted battle ground where racist wars are fought. NO, I'm not talking about the war in Iraq, I am talking about the war within the nation for social and political control.

Today we have a war between political parties being waged on our TV sets, and in the pages of our newspapers.

I have noticed over the years how black people in America tend to support other blacks no matter what, even if they were committing a crime. In the eye's of many blacks in America, if your black, you can do no wrong. This shows how far down the toilet our nation is morally and ethically. People can't see past their own tint of flesh to see evil starting them in the eye's.

Case in point, B. Hussein Obama, Democratic front runner for President of the United States. The man is seriously under qualified, and inexperienced in government affairs, yet he is the golden boy of the democratic party.

Blacks voters are following him largely because he is black, they want a black man in the Whitehouse, something that has never happened before, and I would support a black man for President if he were a good conservative, and a qualified leader. In fact I was supporting Dr. Alan Keyes until he left the Republican party, and failed to gain the nomination of the Constitution Party.

One of two things, either black people are don't give a crap about moral values,ethics, and the Biblical family unit which is the cornerstone of this society. Or, they are so dumb like sheep they follow a false shepherd to their own demise, not realizing the fate that await this nation if Obama, or any liberal gets into office.

Obama is a slick new paint job, on a old, beat up canvas!

A slick packaging job courtesy of the liberal extremist democratic party. If you watch and listen close enough, he is as big a liar as Bill and Hillary Clinton are, he just manages to look sincere when he's talking.

If Obama succeeds to get into office, he will be nothing but a puppet dancing at the end of many strings. Some being pulled by the limousine liberals in Congress, others being pulled by the United Nations, the NAU globalists, and Islamic Radicals. A hired front man of the new world disorder, he has already promised that he will get rid of all the nuclear weapons world wide! YA RIGHT!

Some Americans are smart enough to resist this con job called Obama, they have sense of decency, and morality, and care deeply about preserving the family for the sake of the country. But for many, It's there big chance to elect a phony baloney liberal candidate that will do their bidding for them. Atheists, Homosexuals, women, and other liberal extremists see Obama as their big chance to overthrow America's Christian heritage, and strike the death blow to freedom,liberty, and the Constitution.

Yes white Americans are just as bad as black ones, but many blacks are backing Obama because he's black, and that's a very poor reason to vote for him. Obama backs the homosexual extremist agenda, and is sure sign into law any bill giving them special protection, and special rights that allow them to harass and intimidate everyone else. In the meantime he has made it clear that he does not support the constitutional amendment to protect marriage, a sacred institution, he will assuredly veto that bill.

What you can expect from an Obama presidency!

More of our money handed over to baby killing abortion mills which means more dead black babies since the abortion industry targets minorities first.

No protection for marriage and the family, and plenty of rhetoric to keep people in la la land while they pull fast ones behind all our backs.

Federal hate crimes laws that give the gender confused an extra legal protection, while all of our freedoms and liberties are stolen away from us, and our churches are eventually muzzled as well.

America's ability to defend herself stripped as messiah Obama orders all of our nuclear weapon systems be dismantled, leaving us open for attack, and unable to defend ourselves. in other words, NO MORE AMERICA!

Are you going to follow the crowd into the voting booth and vote for the false wanna be leader of the now free world? Or are you going to grow some balls and vote for a real leader with experience, who will not only say the right things, but will back them up with actions.

Bah! Bah!

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