Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Obama Supporters Taking the Radical Approach

World Net Daily reports that radical leftist supporters of Sen. Obama are resorting to making threats of violence against a political group for running an ad that questions Obama's faith.

We are used to seeing some degree of viciousness coming from the left, but supporters of Sen. Obama are stepping over the edge. Obama supporters made hateful, and threatening phone calls to the people who created this ad.

I guess this is just the traditional way radical/communist democrat's behave in order to intimidate their political rivals.

In previous years democrat supporters have invaded a Republican campaign office in Florida and trashed the place just for fun. During the last election they slashed the tires of rental cars Republican campaign workers were using to get out the vote. They parade naked, they block traffic, they thumb their noses at the law, so what's new?

Today's Democratic Party is the Party of immorality, hatred, racism, and total chao's! It is the party of radical anti-Christ's! Radical anti-freedom!, anti-American ism!

Today's Democratic Party is the party of destructive and divisive politics aimed at overthrowing our personal freedom, and our American way of life.

Remember: Communism only killed one hundred million innocent people, not counting all the helpless babies they have helped slaughter here in America.

Why the HELL would we want to elect someone to office like B. Hussein Obama!!

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